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Uzzie Dec 2018
I hate summer days
My joy is placed on rainy days
all covered up
laughs in disguise,
tears seem to hide
With one tear drop
All I can do is step aside.
Uzzie Oct 2018
If only I could sing
to only express myself in  melodies
breathe in my tune and dance in your ears
With background beats
plugged by foreign instruments
which every artist can play but me...
Maybe its my disability to wording that each and every time I gather my words , my expressions built to sentences
I am never heard...
so allow me to be an artist today
let me express my words in a melody
I won't stop you if you can relate
but if it goes deeper
allow your soul to dance to my rhythm...


To a woman who lays cold without pulse , dead, because of her sexuality.
To a woman who was taken advantage of because she was not in her right mind.
To a woman who stares in front of the mirror doubting herself because she lost her sight in miserable visions.
To a woman who lays in bed at night waiting for him to arrive and fill her with bruises because of his mistakes.
To a woman who depends on the streets.
To a woman who looks forward to darkness to fill her worth.
To a woman who's waiting for her beauty to be validated by a man...
love , its time to know your worth.

To woman who drowns herself in erasing stretch marks
I see you behind those make-ups
as much it breaks you
collecting pieces of your worth.
I understand that you are broken
crying silently.
I understand you cannot express yourself coz you fear jugdement from flesh just like you and I.
I understand that you just enjoy being numb to your feelings
Its what hugs you most.
Woman , you need to know your worth.

I see why you seek recognition
I understand you want to be heard
You want to explain yourself in words that you too dont understand
but you looking the wrong way for acceptance.
You need to understand that a woman was not meant to be understood
A woman was not meant to be just curvy, skinny, light
SHE can be whatever the hell she wants to be

You are more than a "WOMAN"
You are Gods precious gem
You are the walls that make a home stand
You are the daughter that God took time to carve
Prepared you for different seasons
You see,
my kind of woman dusts herself after falling
she smiles even when tides turn
she understands that beauty isn't about her physique
my kind of woman needs no permission to be herself
My woman makes broken look beautiful
She needs no fixing coz perfection is enhanced by her imperfection...
she dances in her imagination allowing herself to live in her dreams
has her own melody
and she's poetic in her own rhymes.
My kinda woman is an artist
creates her own tune
expresses herself and dances to her feelings..
Now that's my kinda woman.
Uzzie Aug 2018
Just like I would paint a picture in your mind and making you see the way i want you to see it, You will never know me.
I would take years and decades describing my favourite food, how amazing it would taste and how decadent I prefer it to be,
You will never know me.
I could express my emotions of love, pain, past, dreams, motives and all there is to be emotional about
Tell you what i most yearn for
how I want to be held
And play the woman you want me to be
whether its being a wife
Mother of your kids
Your one night stand
or your psychotic rock of emotions
I would invest all of my time
My energy explaining myself to you
Telling you how my day was , trying to acknowledge my actions for the day.
You will never know me.

How I cry
sleeping on your chest
Making you believe
The love that we share would FOREVER exist
Having you hold my hand
Watching you lead the way
Checking whether the street is safe for me to cross
our Souls meeting through our palms
The warmth of our blood meeting the touch of our hands
the senses, the feel's between us.
You will never know me...

exchanging our DNA's
exciting adventure that we love embarking
****, how we look foward to these moments
Passing "I love you,
You are my everything.
I don't see myself without you.
I will never leave you!!
You mean the world to me!!"
Trying to make you understand my heart and mind
Wondering what the world really means.

I don't know what life means
I don't know what my interests would be in the next hour
whether my favourite colour would still be black
Or it will swiftly change to pink.
You will never know me coz I'm still getting to know me too
Uzzie Aug 2018
The thought of you scares me
Reminds me of how fast time is ticking
And how many close to me have encountered you on their journey.

You remind me not only to dream but to act fast on what I desire most.
The thought of you makes me value relationships
cherish the moments I have with my daughter
How I enjoy combing her hair and telling her what an intelligent and beautiful little being she is.
Yes, because of you I have to raise an independent woman
because, I too shall meet you one day
hope it won't be soon enough.

I have learned to make the best out of every moment even if its on my worst days
Even if it were to be my last day.
I wake up every morning just to check if my alarm will still go on
If it does, I know I'm not yet on heavens gates.

I wake up early to make morning calls
reply to last nights texts
Just so they know you and I have not yet met.

Because of you I asure my mother how much I love her and how grateful I am to be the woman I am today.
I worry less about what is thought of me
And work more on their last thoughts of me
Obviously I want to be remembered as the bubbly, cheerful and beautiful human I was destined to be.
I not only forgive easily but knowing that you'll take me by surprise
I avoid grudges OR unresolved fights coz I do not want to leave anyone with a broken heart.
I now know somethings are meant to be and some are not coz My forever lies with you.

Whether you take me on my crippled days in bed
whether you take me on a sunny blissful day
No!!! Don't get it twisted
I do not FEAR you
I just fear leaving them without words
And the memories of my smile...

The thought of you makes me appreciate those morning smells of coffee
Don't really mind how green the grass is or how blue the sky may be
I just appreciate them more coz soon I know
Uzzie Aug 2018
Paint me with the slight scars
that appear with insights of
incidents that took place
with nature's intention to groom my strength.

The beauty spot
on my lip is not an
Edit but a feature of difference amongst
millions that exist.

If possible, make my
dimple stand out 'cause
It's my symbol of my joy.

With your painting of me
I'll carve stars that'll shoot
to endless nights of happiness.

Paint an image of me that represents
Our love.
Uzzie Aug 2018
So I asked " what will I be to you when I'm gone?
Will I be the dead one?
Will I be the cut on your heart?
What will I be to you?"
Not intended to leave with unfinished tasks
But I intended to fall in love with you
Will I still be your lover?
Uzzie Aug 2018
If my lips would reach for yours
Would you meet me half way?
My breath so fresh  and warm
But after it all would you accept me?
The scars on my face
The beauty spot on my bottom lip
The crooked smile I have.
Love to be unwritten and carved into man made stars.
Would you still love me?
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