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We all can create magic
We can do amazing things
Impossible things
We can bring wonder and amazement
We have the power to change the world
Into a wondrous place
Where anything is possible
For anyone, anywhere
We can bring in light
To chase away the darkness
We just have to believe
And use our own special light
To lift up the world
To new heights
We have the most powerful energy in us
With that we can create
We are magicians
the water clung to his curls
each droplet gem-like
as the sun's light is captured
every little detail drives me wild
Learning to love unconditionally
Your thoughts begin to slow
Seeing life for the first time
Eat a tab, or two
Reaching for your higher self
Gentle caress of the universe
Ignite a never-ending flame of self-love
Cosmic waves of awareness
Let's just fly away
Soar past the sun to the sea
Let's set ourselves free
yesterday is gone
pulled away by the dark moon
as were you, my love
and he's gone again, almost like he was never here...
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