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Nov 5 · 64
RAO Nov 5
Watch your world flash by, Cap-size - dive in the rhymes, jack knife in the tide.
Feeling like i'm from a past life, ambition I revived and now existence seems dream like.
Shine bright as if i'm platinum or gold, laced with accents of chrome till my own senses explode.
Saffron in my roach, ash spitting smoke,  used to have rags for the clothes just walking this road.
The message is decoded. Half minotaur hands turn Holy silent rewinded time lines violently
So much so the climates be// changin - i'm bringing mayhem, with the cardinal roses 8 winds
Steps ahead with eight legs lowkey the main event we pay the debt and orchestrate the dead.
The Me in women and men, these things you overlooked in depth. I channel it through this gem.
And wrap the rest in charlotte's web. with cat eyes that dialate an edge. the sky is tactile with two faces to tread.
this new pace must bee kept. each new day and pre sent. Watch as they hallucinate at the message.
Each bar is stars connectin, each cell inside you is harboring this essence.
Society is targeting perfection, and you're hardly impressive.
Oct 21 · 191
Twin Souls
RAO Oct 21
Okay challenge the gifts, don't leave me to look.
The balance is shifted, and the evil is goodness.
A madness of wicked and the demons are wooden.
This labryinth so intricate even the fiends get tooken.
Cars too fast, you don't see the footage.
Whippin on my path, like easy does it.
No strings on me, but all I see is puppets.
See my nervous system don't seem to function.
Because you dont see the punches,
They started kickin the can, now they kickin a bucket.
Fry all these MC's to a state of kentucky.

You think you got it, but got it just don't get it.
Sep 25 · 69
Ouranos (Auron.)
RAO Sep 25
Red White Blue,
Left to right, west NYU.
Walking up like am I human?
I am Ouranos
This is my Ang-le save em
Style like a - day one
My mind tornados, like Hatred.
Spiraling my staircase of paper.
Ri-Ride this beat for jamaica.
Vibe like my red eyes got lazers.
Pop shot my chain and turn kratos.
Walk off this plank for my Gators.
Eyes on that land that wont wake up.
Stop in the air cause i'm made of it.
I stay with the Rings like one eight Hundred.
Aion my lane raw my AR reign richochets off the dang walls.
I set that pace like a pace car, aint even a blip on my radar.
I hit that stage like i'm ******, Rose from the dead and lept out the dang coffin..
I live by three eyes signed by "A Walker."
Sep 17 · 51
Plot Armor
RAO Sep 17
I can feel the vi-brations, shaking my head..
Might seem like i'm crazy, but what's crazy when ya dead?
I can hear the hesitation under yo breath,

Bet you feel so close yet, miles away
you tried to be so bold, that ya time was erased
Some people glow, some people shine and they fade..
Its all for one, verse one for all
In the end we're all dust out-lined in chalk
like a story book drawing from my spine, brain-stem thoughts
what am I other then a machine with a plot?
I try and assemble the pieces but thats for god.
I can only offer Ideas to improve upon.
I take each frame by frame like a collage.

My second wind hit like typhoon weather
Started seeing details on a "minute" level
Face to face with more rabbits than -Hue Heffner.
It's like trailin Hansel and Gretel.
Now im caught in the Spectrum
Aug 15 · 56
Sticks or Stones.
RAO Aug 15
Rose up from a Lake of Fire.
Turns out it's these flames that guide us.
Can you take me to a place I know?
Put the universe right beside us.
We'll sit on ju-pit-er, in the eye of the storm.
Wont feel no sticks or stones.
Your words broke sixteen bones.
Your claws done ripped my soul.

walkin on that,
inn-di-go - brick road.
inn-di-go - brick road.
Jul 21 · 55
RAO Jul 21
Never seen a limiter so I figure I was never given One
I've been rappin for a minute, yeah mostly for the pris'one'rs.
And its become apparant that life itself is similar.
ready to add+minister, unpredictable redicule
finishing blows that 'cross' dudes ANKELS with ANGLES that are perpendicular
Firing on all 'cylinders' yet able to 'triangulate' the 'winning route.'
Just a Ti-tan steppin on yalls "livin room."

I can do it no problem, take my pirate ship out the bottom of a bottle.
Tear spines up wether you're human or an open book novel'
"Threat level Philosopher." Fresh Cubans got me chillin on Andromeda.
Kick my feet up on the 'otto-man'. Minds Mecha Godzilla rippin out 'eso-pho-gusus'.
Escape pods at the edge of reality had me lost in em.
All I see is the Clock tickin..
They like thick women and big block engines.
Have to lift the world up cause, I dont fit in it.
Stick this key in the ignition and and kick it flip this whip till all they hear is rin tin tin tin.
Got a fire style, but this fire looks like liquid.
Jul 13 · 62
RAO Jul 13
How can you challenge the gods? look at how long you sat in the box.
They tryna 'switch gears' when they aint even a 'cog' I put the All in Ultimate.
With sequences like Ra, demons in my thoughts, Tryna play the hero? but I might be Zod.
Open these gates and all you see is bombs. If they kings i'll just leave em to scar.
We all call it greed but we just wanna evolve. somethings we can't ever reach is tommorow.
But I could break through plot armor. And the shakespeares like spartas.
If it aint here then it's onward, take us farther, because our strength is borrowed.
I left Fear behind and gained honor. I've shed tears until my eyes turned sovereign.
The years turn somber, and each day you ponder, so we try and converse our thoughts.
on the verge of lost. can't return the curse of the gods, still we try and reverse the odds.
for years we have rehearsed this song.


Where is it?
The place that I belong.
Who am I after all?
And, ..What is the cost?
When will I fall?
Why are they scared of the dark?

The Enigma of the symbols as simple as hearts.
They're sayin they hard like a 'GEO' but cant press start.
Drift an Evo evoked till I Prevoked the ecosystem with a mean flow.
And sacrificed all these tree souls, because I'm evil, I'm like three ghosts.
Switching channels faster than a remote, eyes red like a flamingos.
Bingo, I'll give it too you three fold. My Genes JNCO.
Jul 4 · 281
RAO Jul 4
These days they couldnt live up to my ink stains.
drippin sweat upon a page with a heat wave, I been meaning to ask
what happens if you beat Isis in freezetag? ..But the Free stags backwards; - "'gats" pointed right at ya'.
Steps ahead of the game throwin spiral staircases.
If they got fourarms we eight em,  Put so much metal in yo mouth you'd think you got braces..
Aslan to simba, smoke afghan and channeling it through my pencil, quick flicks of the wrist swift like kimbo.
**** an intro, seen a red range rover and limbod, couldnt even see through his windows.
They wondering whos the target, Beam these drunks up but not like a martian.
Breaking every single law like i'm free balling through parlament. take a ****** out with an arbalest.
Lord of the Jungle, so many horns on my head - 'Staggering' the best, batterin defences
Tom Sawyers calling his henchmen, Bobby boy you're not all that impressive.
serpentine a flow rattling beats in-cog-nito, invading cellular structure, punching amoebas.
While these hoes get more D then "Carlos Mencia".. in the space craft with amelia, higher then helium.
Jul 4 · 64
Deme God
RAO Jul 4
Snatched thunders clash outta the sky and snapped it.
Cracked what they couldnt decipher, now it seems like i'm trapped in this.
Deme god, Demeter you don't have to listen.
Thoughts have me wishing to a genie beyond all comprehension.
This is what we call consequences.
Slip through tartarus targeting armageddon.

First you come alive and then you die.
This pressure you cant see is just a metaphor of fire.
I get it you're tired, the dreams you once aspired you left behind ya
Off the top of my snap back better pack ya a vizor
Hypnotized by this spiral cycle my ambition like and engine we can fly though.
Started from a low point so I gotta end this on a high note.
Jun 28 · 55
Living Ammo
RAO Jun 28
Left castles in shambles, I'm Livin Ammo.
They put me on the cross like a **** scarecrow.
They stuck in the underground, i'm going airborne.
Pathogenic flow like a pheromone.
Turn a Magic Carpet into a gyarados
Yo I'm paranormal, shoot you with my **** vocals.
I've been opening minds, but they want some **** closure.
Broke into the nasa control room, just to hit bruno mars with the space rover.
The way I handle staffs, one second "abracadabra" and "****" it turned into a dang cobra!
Jun 21 · 51
RAO Jun 21
**** I woke up like Walt Disney,
Shaking the frost' bite off' of my own kid knees.
Shot 'Casper' in the head with Mia Kuniz, and a bottle of Jim Bean
stalked And robbed me a 'Wendys', while it was "windy,"
This is the Order of the Thistle.
Mortors and pestels, Morbo formin the next level.
Got a morse code pencil, and it's more of a Dojo in my temples.
And theres a go pro in my bedroom. Sorry if we smashed yo rental.
I ******* Tom Hanks extra, because Jenny was heavy on my *******.
Burned out bill nye the science guys eyes with hydrochloric chemicals.
And **** pixar, with my six arms - rip two of em off n call me 'Kin-taro?'
Invade tin hats, now you need tin armor! Are they huffing these markers?
Onyx-plane-able just like these starbursts. I should teach in Harvard.
CU Tommorow. for a plate they pop shells like escargot.
dope lines slash bar codes, last time I turned a key the car exploded.
And I dont think Harvards open, but stay with me for a moment, atleast until the bar closes.
eyes low like a garden gnome is choking on the roasted peanuts Xena was holding for me, Am i Glowing?
Walt Disney AKA POTUS "President of the united states." Oh ****.
I went to pride rock left sayin my god. They talkin like Mein Komph.
Nice drop, I fly by with ni-trous, They think i'm a Psy-duck.
I think Someones behind us!
Should warna brother, Warner Brothers, i'm busy watching these mortals suffer.
in an immortal bubble. I'm real fly but I sorta Hover. these aint even starbursts boy theyre gushers.
Gluttony starving oh this hunger enough for me to ****** stab me a scavenging buzzard.
Better get back to the castle so I can get me some mustard.  
Wonder why I feel like a Youngster
take hoes back to the hotel and **** em.
Jun 11 · 61
Golden Ichor
RAO Jun 11
They on the 'effigy', **** an animated bar, I got the SMG.
Bad-***** like Nefetari telling me everything.
Kick MC's down stairs, so they're finally a few steps ahead of me.
Saw a Wall and went AWOL! and even slayed gods.
They've been reading me wrong, must not be the same Font.
Half Godzilla.. Half Jamesbond. Story climbing like King Kong.
Worlds behind us, so keep walking, I live that greek knowledge.
So I don't speak novice, already reached solace.
Or whatever we call it, Ante up we all in.
We at the table, tectonic plates on this page so if yall bet yall dead.
I shine like Vega,  Pen Jots like an F45 outta the 'Hanger' sun.
I'm too fast too danger-ous. Who's that?...  'Made you look.'
Berry your body in the back woods with that Kush.
And its so good, Snoop doggs probably hiding in that Bush!
With woodstock just for a little taste.
I tackle lines with hooks While Henry Winkler says Gatoraid!
Sound like Bobby Booshay with so much rage while attackin these 2 bar 2 face cages
Putrid bars, these fools cant take it. Styles super fly Eyes red like Hades.
Kraken flow, arms going 8D, rolling so low I can touch the dang street.
Golden ichor drippin from my Fanged teeth.

Jun 6 · 51
Three Eyes
RAO Jun 6
Took life by the horns, man handled it.
Swore an oath to the Lord and the Devil started dancing in.
I was on the Cibola Road, sayin **** the gold - flows - woke, "Atlantean."
Walking through Van Goghs canvases, just for a little taste of insanity.
Wondering if god planned it, or if I was just chasing this fairy tail dream.
Maybe (S)hes just too **** busy to deal with all of the 'living' due to all the 'killing.'
Spilling my guts on the floor please forgive me.
Pop thy whip with so much torque, I'm doin wheelys.
We all got our escape doors if you feel me.
It's not where you from, it's what you made of and thats real g.
tryna elevate everyday, So when I jump off a page, I tear the roof off the building.
Can look right and left at the same time.
All this mirroring.
May 10 · 44
@Eminem It's me Stan
RAO May 10
Yo eminem it's me Stan, I heard you were lookin for these hands,
I'm the dude they were missin in oblivion grinnin like lee cameron,
Decepticon flow on optimus prime mantis, Arms broken, Arm bar hold it, **** dont panic,
I'll let you go now so you can stand up, latley you been starting to sound like adam lambert.(Baa)
I'm too cool the fan works, verse like cancers, but you dont even 'C the Answers."
I heard you were in missouri call it kansas, Triple Hero with the super hero landin..
Are you the real one of just the stand in?, ya cant miss it, am I my **** like **** richard?
**** yo millions, why arent you at a billion yet?
No excuse Jay Z and Beyonce already did it yeah.
And thanks for that fitted cap for the kid I didnt have.
styles liquid plasma this is the prelude too Ashura.( the Tenth Day )
renew of asgard, saw through the stacked cards, reboot the black arts.
want a preview? I'm actually a martian, you're like alex jones actually *******.
Last name carter, but I'm an ******* cartman, have you falling through trap doors I'm sorry.
You'll need 'Meni me''s army Half your age and better than you, pardon me.
kick you into a starvin tree on a stage in mortal kombat III
**** those three eyes, instantly spark lightning, i'm taking steps larger than a titan.
My game have you spamming Right clicks like you got tourrets spittin bullets out a rifle (****)
I really just didnt consider you a rival, Lol
May 7 · 43
Champions (Decipher)
RAO May 7
I could be your puppeteer
I wont hurt ya
Baby there's nothing to fear
my souls perfect.
Sip upon a Grey Goose,
Raise the bar with paper nukes
Different mood, bustin through my limit too.
Talkin bout a vision of truth, I'm in the middle of suits,
Stuck in the riddles tryna widdle - down the clues, of our en-ev-it-a-ble doom
(It's just me and you.)
Spit these arcs on that convenant, so much i'm hoverin,
Boarding the mothership, And ride through valleys of death as the
Six Hundred did.
I'm stumbling scripts tumbling, lugging burdens around with my troubles
Poppin magic truffles, just wondering where this all ends,
(Is it all just in my head?)

The way it began, it was a dance,
as quick as the sand, imprinted the canvas,
Big steps in the game going gargantuan,
All my friends are aliens.
This is the Battle-cry of champions.
RAO Apr 26
It was infact purple.. no gold printed circles to search through.
Mar 10 · 169
RAO Mar 10
A L|E N / A Lion "RAO"
Mar 1 · 125
RAO Mar 1
A B C D E   "F"   G H I
1  2  3  4  5     6     7  8  9
J K L M N   "O"   P Q R
1  2  3  4  5    "6"    7  8  9
S T U V W   "X"   Y N Z
1  2  3  4  5    "6"    7  8  9
RAO Feb 7
Wrote the Blueprint with roses, Till my arm exploded.
Three eyes in my mind controlling me.
These thoughts keep visiting
First play first act first scene
Caught in the jaws but this rose has teeth..
L'm No king no preacher
Worlds apart and I cant reach ya
I'm Armored like E-ze-kiel
Eyes Star-lit like Me to urs..
Feb 2 · 378
RAO Feb 2
I'm gripping my sha-dow, holding it Dear
Lived through the bat-tle stricken by Fear
Down the Rabbit-hole just to swim through the Tears
I was lost walking avenues and then you appeared

..Hit me like a Landmine
Sweep me off my feet in this Landslide
When the darkness in me becomes the twilight
These Harmonys can't Hide
Feb 1 · 118
White Rabbit
RAO Feb 1
Interstellar never on my level
I get my Jewels from Extraterrestrials outta this nebula
Cloud 9 7th Heaven 3 Edibles
Jan 16 · 179
RAO Jan 16
Wont flex average
Turn Rubberbandman into Mr Fantastic
They told me to stick to my steel like magnets
X Caliber M-M-Magic
Firebird lookin sick out the ashes
Mono Chrome Addict
Buried the Needle into a casket
Climb Bean-Stocks like NasdaQ
Dec 2018 · 154
RAO Dec 2018
Now what's a King to an Emperoar?
with all of these keys I could enter any door
and all of these memories to me are like a fortune
I'm high off the tree but shine brighter than any ornament
Dec 2018 · 106
Ether 2
RAO Dec 2018
Never cuff a chick it's catch and release
and every succubus loves £uckin with me
Goin a hundred and ten, bucket seat like ET
I'm on a whole other level juilius caesar..
Dec 2018 · 166
RAO Dec 2018
El o El o..  V. E .
Even with a Tele-scope, you cant see me.
Disconnected Tele-phone, you cant reach me.
I been in the Eleanor, Mustang GT.
Nov 2018 · 439
RAO Nov 2018
I'm awake i'm alive.
Cant help but feel like i'm dying
Is this a windmill for my wheel of fire
All this pressure in disguise.
All these Reckless Desires in my mind.
I Want Every-thing,
I want it all...
,..feel the grounds Pulse.
Until you hear it in your skull.
Screaming from the walls
Do you feel a purpose?
I'm screaming to the Null
Are you nervous?
Am I really here at all?
Oct 2018 · 378
Casual Swim
RAO Oct 2018
I Been Feeling Like a God Yo
I Seen The Crossroads with my eyes open
Sun Dial on my wrist like a Iphone
Wrap this up in hiero, Wanna see the world Shine, Glow
My Silver Lining been in the Veins
prospect of the page ionized throughout the ages.
Every movement is sacred.
This is Onyxeptable
Penticles on my arms laced with chemicals
arsenic reticle 5 Headed Hydra? or just my tenticles?
some one send them a medical team Happily Happily morph into half league
baffling the masses
my styles easter like iraq is.
wrapping time like an arachnid
have enemys crackin scales higher than feminine dragons
Drives better than average sleeping on me? i bet its extravagant
river styx no boat im savage kid. i seen the toll man and his palace is big.
Oct 2018 · 1.2k
RAO Oct 2018
Everything has a rhythm.. it doesnt ma/tt/er if it was wri/tt/en.
your heartbeat is sound-proof of your existence.
"T" ha "T" which you seek is not even trying to be hidden.
Some of us are Gifted.. The Fundamentals of Religion.
Fayth in something greater than oneself.
Welcome to a World Where Everyones Already in Hell.
Millionaires and the wealthy, Billion Dollar Lottery people screaming help me.
im outta this world need a LZ you want a storm yo ill make hell sing.
all i see is hella Greed. you hungry? thats gluttony, dont **** with me..
Poetry was a competition for the Gods you beating me's when hell freezes.
ill have sub zero on his knees kids..
im faster than hermes you aint even seen distance.
I got a S on my Chest like Satan im different...
that spark of life blatantly tricking them.
burning down yo world like a ciggarette.
ya you're cool but im like winterfresh.
they dont even bite my bars they chew it saying im excellent.
you aint even the exhibition everything has a repetition
the eyes dim they see with less vision/ manufactured hypnotic images/ started from the bottom limitless super hero affliction
Aka how to save everybody. how we gonna wake up everybody?
cause we aint just anybody.ill take over the world **** a country.
We all Want One Thing..
I'll Sail the Stars at One Speed
Going forwards is backwards its One String.
Infinity inside the Ink
Mimicry to the sighs of trees
Filling my eyes with signs and demons
angels on both sides screamin what were you guys thinkin?
Theirs no blame its just you're all weaklings.
I Channel the lord easily.
flipping the channel war repeat
am I getting warm? sun im like a heatseeker.
you gotta beat me to reach her
grim reaper slashes with clean cursive
bodys rewining on pages im re"hearse'in"
We Perfect. We Earned This. The Plumed Serpent
Goverrment flashing there curtains.
Captain ******* doesn't even know how to work em.
Just Being alive you gotta work for it.
some show respect some horde it
im boiling I been underground like the soil been.
get ya oil lit I coil scriptures/ think aluminum foil hats on wizards
I've been Chillin like December but off the record? I boss this sector
memorize coffin measurements. off the reservation like a ******* president got you hesitating..
Oct 2018 · 171
The Coders.
RAO Oct 2018
The World Ends With Hue Smiling.
RAO Aug 2018
2 Liters Width this Bottle Neck had her Thirsty when i Pop Off.
"Hes Got a Unique Meter!"

Thinkin outside my Thoughts Manipulate Face hands off my Clock Box a Movie Theater
Soft Drinkin my Equilibriums "DAnkh"...
Hook up The Bracelet of Anubis Call it my I Watch
Achilles Heels turning red and blue takin on a Dog WALK
no roads better to cross Sapphire bird " Call that a Cold ****¡!"
from a "Pacman" in Paris Pans Panning Labyrinths A Mazed running on music like Tha Rock whippin better then jimmy Neutrons Stovetopper
... Style makes Our Classic Modern Eighties cheatah?
UhDDuz(UDDERS+ADIDAS) "GODDARD" "SkyWalker" Call that Harry Potter at the Roboxer smoking bud from jimmy Wonkers GobStoppers.
give that a D +
Oh Gosh *** in CVS / HoMâge/ Po-ca-hon-tas chair gifted like Op-rahs-Hola-no bras vuela-ar tuoi o-Yâ aur-revior no-mas Veteran Indi-En Sit-in on ma stick shift of Mua Cö-Brâ..... engine Knocking sicker then Jehovah with pneumonia
Can we get every Ticket so i can load the Super Bowl Comon!
Makin her Jaw Drop ready to turn Dragon Rude into an tan Dra
Dolph-in ima RAOBAWT fly fishin Santa Cla₩§ Idle Hands Examined n Exposé Gods
lips im here to naturally Lift I'd Volunteer for Slavery if the Hills were rich like Jessica Albas Exposed ***

yo problems in the street
I get hi on Florida Keys You a Hero Touch Down!
Stranger Danger in my End Zone
RAO Jul 2018
Can Be Read Many Ways.

Consequences feel like I got trapped in a worm hole.()
Or trampled by some buffalo while gettin jumped by Rogue pianos.()
Nevermind thats a skit Key n Peele wrote.()
I just wanna see collaborations gravitational strings pulled.()
Triple the average hero rubber band Pistol, stick up Philip But Banks Door Bell take the Ring Home. ()
From Philadelphia to Tokyo singin Oh EE Oh EE Oh EE Oh!()
Like a ****** 69 Lyricals Neo with the sleek Code. {}
One Green Throne We All Roam Feelin Like A Eagle.()
Style like Venezuela! had to meet a Supernatural Savior to make us the Reincarnater the Origin of Paper.()
Arizona Phoenix dreaming of the feathers while Dreamin on Fire.()
****** and four tire irons, crawlin in an impala sometimes thinkin we can drift spyders. ()
Crowbars of Onyx Polished on White Tigers.()
Go hard Mozart flyin Symphonys with outta License!()
Rap high as a pilot()
Practitioner of Righteous()
Haiku your eyelids! (^)
Take the fuze out isis painted A muse called why do we feel like this.()
Kickin it at the river styx watching the death tolls Increased prices.()
Plant trees on the moon just to say im hidin it.()
Diamondless wrath silent heart sounding like were celebratin life again.()
Fightin this against myself reflecting my iris as an Irishman. ()
Will of Lava hotta then Baka Barakas when im disquised in Violence Vibration of a Stradivarius Violin aint tryna win a Oscar.()
Even though i make ya go bonkers, start in the crowd blowin clouds at my own Concert()
im the King of Queens Crowned Clowners()
Im Sorry for Forgetting my own Power, to empower' bowzer, Turtlin like a Coward.()
Shake sour patch of strange flowers you thorn a bouquet into a shower of Arrow on my hours Tick Tock gettin Louder.()
The Pies a lie i decyphered, puzzle pieces with a piece of pizza makin Cheese Cake seem Rounder()
free little debbie downers!()
guide the way i said i'd die to finda answer cold blizzards whispered with a RedLight Dancer, Warning Shivers i put the Bing in yo Chandeliers Chandler smoother than a bringing sander to Adam Sandlers Evening Sandles ()
Underdogs handler minds a Gong screamin Black Panther ()
Fossilized Tree Rezin in the blood of this Opposite Bird in Amber()
I Got the Cure to Answers in stanza()
"Rabbit Speed dual weilding Twin Guitars i've named Axe and Anamalia()
Rappin Sphinx Mood Swinging Penguin Sledding in Hamanaptra i put the ALL in Ultra()

— The End —