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RAO Sep 25
Red White Blue,
Left to right, west NYU.
Walking up like am I human?
I am Ouranos
This is my Ang-le save em
Style like a - day one
My mind tornados, like Hatred.
Spiraling my staircase of paper.
Ri-Ride this beat for jamaica.
Vibe like my red eyes got lazers.
Pop shot my chain and turn kratos.
Walk off this plank for my Gators.
Eyes on that land that wont wake up.
Stop in the air cause i'm made of it.
I stay with the Rings like one eight Hundred.
Aion my lane raw my AR reign richochets off the dang walls.
I set that pace like a pace car, aint even a blip on my radar.
I hit that stage like i'm ******, Rose from the dead and lept out the dang coffin..
I live by three eyes signed by "A Walker."
RAO Sep 17
I can feel the vi-brations, shaking my head..
Might seem like i'm crazy, but what's crazy when ya dead?
I can hear the hesitation under yo breath,

Bet you feel so close yet, miles away
you tried to be so bold, that ya time was erased
Some people glow, some people shine and they fade..
Its all for one, verse one for all
In the end we're all dust out-lined in chalk
like a story book drawing from my spine, brain-stem thoughts
what am I other then a machine with a plot?
I try and assemble the pieces but thats for god.
I can only offer Ideas to improve upon.
I take each frame by frame like a collage.

My second wind hit like typhoon weather
Started seeing details on a "minute" level
Face to face with more rabbits than -Hue Heffner.
It's like trailin Hansel and Gretel.
Now im caught in the Spectrum
RAO Aug 15
Rose up from a Lake of Fire.
Turns out it's these flames that guide us.
Can you take me to a place I know?
Put the universe right beside us.
We'll sit on ju-pit-er, in the eye of the storm.
Wont feel no sticks or stones.
Your words broke sixteen bones.
Your claws done ripped my soul.

walkin on that,
inn-di-go - brick road.
inn-di-go - brick road.
RAO Jul 21
Never seen a limiter so I figure I was never given One
I've been rappin for a minute, yeah mostly for the pris'one'rs.
And its become apparant that life itself is similar.
ready to add+minister, unpredictable redicule
finishing blows that 'cross' dudes ANKELS with ANGLES that are perpendicular
Firing on all 'cylinders' yet able to 'triangulate' the 'winning route.'
Just a Ti-tan steppin on yalls "livin room."

I can do it no problem, take my pirate ship out the bottom of a bottle.
Tear spines up wether you're human or an open book novel'
"Threat level Philosopher." Fresh Cubans got me chillin on Andromeda.
Kick my feet up on the 'otto-man'. Minds Mecha Godzilla rippin out 'eso-pho-gusus'.
Escape pods at the edge of reality had me lost in em.
All I see is the Clock tickin..
They like thick women and big block engines.
Have to lift the world up cause, I dont fit in it.
Stick this key in the ignition and and kick it flip this whip till all they hear is rin tin tin tin.
Got a fire style, but this fire looks like liquid.
RAO Jul 13
How can you challenge the gods? look at how long you sat in the box.
They tryna 'switch gears' when they aint even a 'cog' I put the All in Ultimate.
With sequences like Ra, demons in my thoughts, Tryna play the hero? but I might be Zod.
Open these gates and all you see is bombs. If they kings i'll just leave em to scar.
We all call it greed but we just wanna evolve. somethings we can't ever reach is tommorow.
But I could break through plot armor. And the shakespeares like spartas.
If it aint here then it's onward, take us farther, because our strength is borrowed.
I left Fear behind and gained honor. I've shed tears until my eyes turned sovereign.
The years turn somber, and each day you ponder, so we try and converse our thoughts.
on the verge of lost. can't return the curse of the gods, still we try and reverse the odds.
for years we have rehearsed this song.


Where is it?
The place that I belong.
Who am I after all?
And, ..What is the cost?
When will I fall?
Why are they scared of the dark?

The Enigma of the symbols as simple as hearts.
They're sayin they hard like a 'GEO' but cant press start.
Drift an Evo evoked till I Prevoked the ecosystem with a mean flow.
And sacrificed all these tree souls, because I'm evil, I'm like three ghosts.
Switching channels faster than a remote, eyes red like a flamingos.
Bingo, I'll give it too you three fold. My Genes JNCO.
RAO Jul 4
These days they couldnt live up to my ink stains.
drippin sweat upon a page with a heat wave, I been meaning to ask
what happens if you beat Isis in freezetag? ..But the Free stags backwards; - "'gats" pointed right at ya'.
Steps ahead of the game throwin spiral staircases.
If they got fourarms we eight em,  Put so much metal in yo mouth you'd think you got braces..
Aslan to simba, smoke afghan and channeling it through my pencil, quick flicks of the wrist swift like kimbo.
**** an intro, seen a red range rover and limbod, couldnt even see through his windows.
They wondering whos the target, Beam these drunks up but not like a martian.
Breaking every single law like i'm free balling through parlament. take a ****** out with an arbalest.
Lord of the Jungle, so many horns on my head - 'Staggering' the best, batterin defences
Tom Sawyers calling his henchmen, Bobby boy you're not all that impressive.
serpentine a flow rattling beats in-cog-nito, invading cellular structure, punching amoebas.
While these hoes get more D then "Carlos Mencia".. in the space craft with amelia, higher then helium.
RAO Jul 4
Snatched thunders clash outta the sky and snapped it.
Cracked what they couldnt decipher, now it seems like i'm trapped in this.
Deme god, Demeter you don't have to listen.
Thoughts have me wishing to a genie beyond all comprehension.
This is what we call consequences.
Slip through tartarus targeting armageddon.

First you come alive and then you die.
This pressure you cant see is just a metaphor of fire.
I get it you're tired, the dreams you once aspired you left behind ya
Off the top of my snap back better pack ya a vizor
Hypnotized by this spiral cycle my ambition like and engine we can fly though.
Started from a low point so I gotta end this on a high note.
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