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CWolff 2d
Lips as sweet as honey,

Hair as dark as night,

How can you be for real,

To my captured heart's delight,

But then I see you pale,

In silver hazy gleam,

Your truth is fading with you,

That you are my perfect dream.
CWolff 2d
You had thought me gone,

Like dust in the wind,

Your tears for me have long ceased,

Your heart guarded,

To never love again,

So I watch you from afar,

The woman I once knew,

Whose sweet smile,

Made spring buds bloom,

And whose laughter,

Made song birds jealous,

But winter has now settled in your eyes,

Knowing me only as forever gone.
Long lost love.
CWolff 2d
Shards of luminous crystals in the abyss,

Are you watching the same stars as me,

In this moment,

Wherever you are,

Are we sharing the same cigarette,

In pensive solitude,

Thoughts of you wrap around me,

I am drunk on your love,

So I eagerly drink my fill,

Until reality has become no more,

And blue lightning has run its course through me,

As I lean back,

Watching the stars,

Smoking my cigarette,

Wherever you are.
Wherever you are....
CWolff 2d
With you by the river,

Shrouded in lush green,

Secret moments stolen,

As playful hearts chased,



In radiant splendor,

Golden light embracing,

I held fast to you,

To your eternal understanding,

Youthful wisdom your rare and precious gift,

Our souls sweetly sighing,

Colored like wild flowers,



Our innocence blossoming,

Bearing the fruit of love,

So with setting sun,

Now our foe,

We part in body,

But not in soul.
CWolff 2d
You have slithered into my mind,

And coiled yourself around my doubts,

Only to sink your fangs into them,

Spreading venomous thoughts of suspicion,

Coursing through my veins,

Weakening my reasoning,

To find you innocent.
CWolff 3d
Brave you are to keep the fight,
Warriors to the people's plight,
To be a light in somber times,
Your heroic deeds will always shine,
Among the ones who have been touched,
By tender hearts who've given much.
To the Doctors, Nurses and anyone who have help others in this time of covid.
CWolff 3d
In the darkness of the night,
I lay awake,
Like the wind outside my window,
Forever searching for you,
You have left my arms,
But your warmth still lingers,
Come back to me,
To the soft warm glow of our love,
To the sacred moments heightened above all,
Where have you gone,
Have you returned to your prison,
With lying mask grinning,
I have seen the pain in your eyes,
And the passion in your heart,
Come back to me,
I will be your light in darkness,
As you are mine,
Now I must quench my thirst with patience,
Rather than with your sweet lips,
In the darkness of the night,
Sleepless for you.
Being without you.
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