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In Need of Distraction Beware the Temptation
Chasing Such a new
It Seems Unreal,
For Some Reason She Makes me Feel,
My Heart she Wishes to Steal,
Ive Known her a While I Remember I Liked her Smile,
Enough to Make my Words Mumble into a Confused Pile,
But Sadly I Must Run a Mile,
Turn the Other Way stay on the path I'm Already Bound for the Love I First Found,
I was Offered a Differnt Life,
But I Will Remain with My Son and Wife,
You See its Them that Stuck by Me through all My Strife;
So as Happy as She Could make me be
And Even though her Words Helped me See,
I Love Anougher So my Love is Not Free,
I'm Sorry But I'm Sure if It's meant to be then Anougher Day I May Belong to Thee;
 11h EEVEE
 11h EEVEE
Rain Drops
Flip Flop,
Thunders the sky,
Clouds Meet
One Another
Closer Together,
Creation Of
Love Begins,
Then comes their child Lightening
The World Brightening,
Dear Family Rain,
Live Happily
Before Sun Arrives.

Fathima Ruhee
Eyes wide but life-less,
she stares out the plastic window
of her sealed box house
like someone depressed,
glassy eyes watching  a tv
that may or may not be turned on.

In her back is a key hole,
a mechanism to animate her
in some pseudo-human way,
to speak simple words of need,  
shed tears of frustration and sadness
that she must depend on another
for what little life she has—
a toy taken out, then put away
at the whim of someone
who only wants to play, or worse,
merely place her on display.
 17h EEVEE
i can't say i won't cry
because of you
but i can say i smiled
because of you

and i will never
forget that.
even when
you forget me.
 18h EEVEE
Lilly F
you are sweeter than pure sugar dancing across my lips
you are made of the sweeteners of life
the flowers in the garden of Eden
the foundation of the Earth
from the lands of milk and honey
to the land we stand on
to the air we breathe
to the sun that warms us
made with God's very hands
the heavens must have been proud after creating you,
the closest thing to a human angel on earth

an old poem i recently found
You were the plot twist
in this young man's story.
-Ikigai Poet
Everybody needs a plot twist, no?
The dangling moon
behind the ornate gate
waits for beheading.


Indeed I had
called you in dark to change
the name of slaughter.


Blood tastes salty,
when words were sweet, slicing
the white lilies.
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