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CC Jan 9
I want to hop like a rabbit,
Shine like the sun,
Bloom like a flower,
Inspiring everyone.

But yet I hide like a hermit crab,
Or a turtle in its shell,
Burrow like a groundhog,
Deeper into hell.
CC Jan 9
They say after it rains
Comes a rainbow,
But when it rains,
It pours.

It’s been pouring
And pouring.
And pouring.
My rainbow sleeps
And snores.
CC Jan 3
Like cheetah with gazelle,
I only strike if you’re in my sight.
If you disappear,
So does my hunger.
CC Jan 3
It is much easier to ignore one’s presence
Than to fall prey to their shadow.
CC Dec 2022
The little feline stares at me,
Longing for food or play,
Or just longing to be?

She finds awe in the smallest of things
Such as how paper crinkles
Or how a jingle bell rings.

Her curiousness outweighs her,
Yet every time she falls
She still lets out a purr.
CC Oct 2022
I took a stroll through the unknown,
Expecting the truth to lay before me.
I know now that the beauty of the mystery
Is far greater than the satisfaction of its truth.
CC Oct 2022
pursuit of status can move rocks;
pursuit of knowledge can move mountains.

many rocks can build a small mountain,
but mighty mountains may hold many rocks.
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