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Aug 4 · 433
I want to trust
Butterfly Aug 4
Eventhough I'm a bit young, I just want to feel loved for once.
Jul 26 · 712
No filter
Butterfly Jul 26
You blush without the red face.
Cleaning out my drafts
Butterfly Jul 26
After that night I've never felt comfortable again.
Could've stayed because you had no reason to leave.

You were to selfish to give me a part of your happiness
Dyed my hair black, cut bangs and now I look like Edna from the Incredibles. No regrete
Jul 26 · 145
Butterfly Jul 26
Sometimes it's nice to be lost in your own thoughts.
But I've been lost for to long.
I bought a cow bag. It's legit a cow plushie as a bag. HE NEEDS A NAME, SUGGEST SOME NAMES IN THE COMMENTS??
Jul 26 · 178
Another dream
Butterfly Jul 26
I was laying down, lost in my thoughts.
"Hey.." appeared on my screen
I woke up sadly
wished relationships with friends could last longer.
Jul 25 · 108
Not mine
Butterfly Jul 25
These emotions don't belong to me.
Jul 25 · 664
Darkgrey air
Butterfly Jul 25
The sound of the raindrops coming down from the sky calms down my mind
I've been fighting alot with my parents, lucky the rain calmed my anger a bit.
Jul 14 · 422
Butterfly Jul 14
Curtains closed, old cups on my desk
Brightness fills my room
"Goodmorning baby"
A smile on my face, and motivation for the day comes my way
What the **** is this
Well what do you expect when you don't write for 3 months.
Apr 29 · 305
Butterfly Apr 29
While rain pours down on the rooftop,

I finally feel calm
it's terrifying
The unknown can be terrifying
Stay safe and don't forget to eat a cookie, you derseve it!
Mar 29 · 300
Circle of the mind
Butterfly Mar 29
Let me escape.
Even if it's just for a few seconds.
I need to be away,
Just for a few seconds.
Give me what I need,
Just for a few seconds.
Break my mindset,
I posted???? For the first time??? In weeks???
Okay but wash your hands and stay inside, just do it please
Feb 23 · 160
Tv controller
Butterfly Feb 23
My mind is on standby
I'm sick helppp
Feb 17 · 234
I feel good
Butterfly Feb 17
Every motion that you make,
Will lift me of the ground.

I'm so happy that you're around.
My latest poems kinda ****.
I'll come back when I have some good ****.
Feb 16 · 273
Across the room
Butterfly Feb 16
Your smile makes my mind go wild.
I got into a relationship AND SHE IS SO ******* PRETTY *** SOMEBODY HELP ME
Feb 8 · 506
Back to life
Butterfly Feb 8
What if I came back.
What kind of impact would that have on you.
I thought about it many times.
I don't want to distract you from your happiness.
Feb 8 · 140
A little hope
Butterfly Feb 8
In life you're the main character.
The main character doesn't die.
Unless you're a anime called banana fish.
That's show hits different ****.
Anyway, I don't like this poem at all, bc it sounds like an pinterest quote but I gotta come up with something.-.
Jan 31 · 735
On repeat
Butterfly Jan 31
It just keeps happening

I can hit the pause button as hard as I want
But it just keeps on repeating
I should be a sleep
Jan 31 · 1.0k
Pillow full of tears
Butterfly Jan 31
Push your face into your pillow,
while tears come down your face.
Stop making heavy breahting noices,
your parents will hear you
I'm giving you a look into my life
I'm not okay anymore
Jan 18 · 101
Against nature
Butterfly Jan 18
I used to be a butterfly
But you turned me into a caterpillar
Ur going against nature bro, that **** ain't cool ****
Jan 17 · 2.2k
Goodmorning beautiful
Butterfly Jan 17
The sun shining through the curtains
A line of sunlight on your face
Then I woke up
Ahah I said sike
Jan 17 · 188
Lost pieces
Butterfly Jan 17
We will find all the pieces that are gone.
Put them all together,
Squeeze your eyes and they won't see the scares.
I wanna be called Ray:)
It's pretty and it suits me
Jan 2 · 93
Spacing out
Butterfly Jan 2
Just living
Not really doing anything
Just vibing
Dec 2019 · 276
Why that picture?!
Butterfly Dec 2019
You said that you still have the picture of me.
And the only thing I wonder
That picture is the most ugliest thing that exists
That thing should be burned
I wanna laugh until I can't breathe with you
But I know I'll cry until I can't breathe
Why the **** is the poem here and not above
Dec 2019 · 112
What should I do?
Butterfly Dec 2019
It's sad but true, I'd go to hell and back if I could go there with you
- Tate McRea
I love her voice too much hehe
Dec 2019 · 100
It's all broke
Butterfly Dec 2019
One moment I'm broken and then I'm fine.
It's all all mess in my ****** up mind.
I wish I could respond to you but as soon I try, something rips inside of me
Dec 2019 · 191
Perfect picture
Butterfly Dec 2019
I want those late nights, staring at your ******* smile.
You're making me fall harder than the first time.

Whisper in my ear:
"I'll never lose you."
Iewh another love poem
Dec 2019 · 324
Another dumb teenage love
Butterfly Dec 2019
From one conversation to your lips on mine.
So called you mine.
Biggest mistake of my lifeee
Dec 2019 · 209
I ran away
Butterfly Dec 2019
Every new connection
Brings pain and no happiness
I dislike this poem, idk why I  am posting it
Nov 2019 · 418
The goth
Butterfly Nov 2019
I stare at the mirror one again.
They only seem to notice the empty face and the black clothes.
Part 3 of Stereotypes! If you want to check out the other parts, they're all on my page!
I really like making this serie, not gonna lie. And alot of people seem to like it too, it's making me really enthusiastic.
Nov 2019 · 788
Butterfly Nov 2019
I ended all chapters.
But when will the book finish?
Part 2 of stereotypes!
If you want to check out part 1, it's called artistic kid and you can find it on my page!
Nov 2019 · 241
slow motion
Butterfly Nov 2019
Everything is going slow.
The only thing that gots my attention
is ...
Idk what to fill in
Maybe leave a comment if you have an idea!
Nov 2019 · 992
Artistic kid
Butterfly Nov 2019
The only art I'm good at, is the art of being lonely.
I painted something at 3am in the morning and I don't want questions, only compliments.
Nov 2019 · 107
Very sporty
Butterfly Nov 2019
People call it "******* up your mental health by doing to many things at one."

No it's called stretching your mind and running a marathon 24/7.
Nov 2019 · 381
Pushing to hard
Butterfly Nov 2019
I'm tired but let's do another day to see if things change.
I said I was coming back but sike, you felt for it.
Oct 2019 · 268
Owh it hurts
Butterfly Oct 2019
I walked these streets in October and it hit different then it did in November.
Maybe it's because I've changed
You were my good days.
Let's hope that I get over you in December.
You really took a toll on me but
you were right, it wasn't meant to be.
I think I'm back with making poems!?!?
Oct 2019 · 269
But it keeps hurting
Butterfly Oct 2019
It doesn't stop
Yes, I'm done
But still I keep coming for your smile
I haven't been posting alot lately, sorry. My mind is a mess and every word that pops up in my head seems wrong.
Sep 2019 · 680
Just press delete
Sep 2019 · 528
Come back
Butterfly Sep 2019
I had some beautiful words in my mind but the disappear like your love has left my life.
Sep 2019 · 306
Stuck in a circle
Butterfly Sep 2019
You can't control feelings.
Feelings control you.
I thought about this while I was eating a whole cake by myself and I have no regrets.
Sep 2019 · 418
The feeling of your touch.
Butterfly Sep 2019
A feeling
That will never be the same.
I want your hands on my hips and your lips on mine.
But it will never happen.
Sep 2019 · 158
Take my feelings
Butterfly Sep 2019
I know it is me.
It is my fault.
I loved you so hard, for so long.
But I've known.
There is another one.
Another person,
Who is making you feel better.
More than I could.
If I was home right now
Then the only thing that was home,
Was my body.
My life doesn't have a purpose anymore.
How did I get so fuckt up.
I wanna talk
But I know
That I won't control myself.
So that's why I stare at te white wall infront of me.
No emotions
Just me
But who is me?
That's a question that no one can answer.
I feel like running away to England.
The best thing is that I actually could.
So If I'm not online anymore
***** I'm drinking tea with the Queen.
Sep 2019 · 89
Future plans
Butterfly Sep 2019
20 Sept 2019: I don't know
This will be changed whenever I feel like it.
Sep 2019 · 302
Don't worry
Butterfly Sep 2019
I'm not even hurt.
I'm not confused.
I'm happy, because of a person who is not you.
Thankful for my bestfriend LMAOO.
That *****, I love her
Sep 2019 · 276
Butterfly Sep 2019
My words make sense in my head.
But not on paper
I'm crying because of some serie AND I NEED TO STOP ****
Sep 2019 · 398
I'll leave
Butterfly Sep 2019
If I'm only something that's in your way.
I'll leave
Sep 2019 · 580
Old emotions
Butterfly Sep 2019
I still feel the anger of the fight I had 7 months ago.
I laugh at it now, even though I probably shouldn't.
lol anybody wanna chat?
Sep 2019 · 948
A single heart
Butterfly Sep 2019
I wish that I could reach out to your heart and hold it.
But your heart is an earthquake.
Just like mine.
I feel lost and I can't use Google maps for mental health.
Sep 2019 · 447
Wrong words, right feelings
Butterfly Sep 2019
All these emotions,
all these perfect feelings to put on a paper.
But still nothing seems right.
I hate this more than myself lmaooo
Sep 2019 · 512
Butterfly Sep 2019
All the words that I wanted to say,
a re gone
I need to take a deep breath and calm down.
But I can't.
The look in your eyes are drowning me.
I can only think of one thing.
And that is pressing my lips against yours.
I'm such a **** hiihi
Aug 2019 · 364
Butterfly Aug 2019
Me: hahaah you should dye your eyebrows blue.[jokingly]
My gf: sure[serious]
Two days later..
gets picture of blue eyebrows
Aug 2019 · 431
Rubber band
Butterfly Aug 2019
My mental health is like a rubber band.
If you pull it too far, it will get tight.
Until you pull it to hard.
definitely not one of my best
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