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  Oct 2019 Patrick
Alex Smith
She became my drug.
But all she wanted me to do
Was sweep my feelings
Under a rug.

And from the moment
She used the word "love"
I never could hear it enough.

And then,
Like I predicted from the start.
It fell apart.

Buildings of our design
Falling to rubble
And now sparks trouble.

So I keep myself calm
On surface level
But inside I'm not settled.
Patrick Oct 2019
Dressed in colour to hide away
Even though today is my day
Because on this day I am free
And so are the hundreds like me

We hide from sight until the night
Our colours show in the moonlight
Our faces masked to hide our pain
Disguised that none may know our name

We gather but are still alone
Our voices are an endless drone
But we make the most of this night
Don’t shy away from others sight

This is the night we can be free
Those who are dead inside like me
We ignore our state of decay
Pretend we aren’t dead for a day
Patrick Oct 2019
I’m fire that dances around,
Sparkling and shining out,
Drawing you in but making no sound,
I’m fire that dances around.

You are water that cools the skin,
Running and crashing down,
Swiftly you come moving in,
You are water that cools the skin.

We are two things that shouldn’t have mixed,
Boiling and snuffing out,
But you won without a doubt,
We are two things that shouldn’t have mixed.

Now I am ash cold and afraid,
Shivering and cooling down,
Gone is the beauty that I once displayed,
Now I am ash cold and afraid.
Patrick Oct 2019
Like snow I gently fall,
Cradled by the shifting tides,
Happily I feel it all,
Caressing me from all sides.

The shimmering light slowly dies,
Sparkles fade to deepest blue,
To that light I say goodbye,
As I give myself to you.

The salt heals my broken skin,
The source of life holds me tight,
Draws air from within,
And to the world I say goodnight.
  Oct 2019 Patrick
Leslie Withers
that breaking moment
when you find your soulmate
in the eyes of someone
who doesn't find his in
it's not much i know but i hope some people might relate to it and know they are not the only one's who are suffering from a heart-break <3
Patrick Oct 2019
I should just go to bed
Get you out of my head
But you’re stuck on my mind
And I can’t leave you behind

I should just go to bed
Or do something else instead
But instead I’m clinging to my phone
Because I can’t bear to be alone

I should just go to bed
Get rid of this dread
But I’m drunk and insane
And only have myself to blame

I should’ve just gone to bed
Gotten you out of my head
But I’ve made some mistakes again
And I know tomorrow will be the same
Patrick Oct 2019
I spent too long looking at the world through glass
Watching as time just seemed to pass
Until one day I got ****** in
And started to explore the world from within
Everything I saw was cracked
And with my every single act
I tried to fix the world I saw
But everything I touched became worse than before

With every caress the world would crack
And nothing I did would put it back
And then I tried my best to
Escape and reach into
The world I had known
But the cracks wouldn’t leave me alone

My touch no longer broke
But instead it was the words I spoke
So every so often I return
To the glass in a hope to learn
The truth of what I should do
But whatever I do it always seems to hurt you.
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