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900 · Feb 2019
Ray Feb 2019
I live in a bubble
It protects me from the ash and rubble
My own small bubble
It keeps me out of trouble
I live in my bubble
But now I’m in danger and see double
Who popped my bubble?
260 · Feb 2019
Ray Feb 2019
What is Darkness?
It’s that monster that you thought was your light
The monster that blinded you with the fake sun
Consuming your soul and life for fun
172 · Jan 2020
Ray Jan 2020
I yearn for you.

I'm stuck in a place I'm starting to regret.

Everything is starting to feel dull and blue.

I kinda wish we never met.

Because here I am in another person's arms.

Wishing for your tender touch.

I couldn't help but fall for your charms.

I just miss you so very much.
Wow I'm hella sad and I wonder if you're ok like I'm going crazy because I want to talk to you and things are getting worse and you probably won't see this... But maybe soon we could talk again if things hit the fan. Idk I'm just being angsty and confused and angry and sad and aaaAAAA
163 · Feb 2020
Moonlit Dance
Ray Feb 2020
Our moonlit dance
The gentleness of it’s light as we flounce around
Moving in perfect harmony

The stars twinkle in your eyes
And your voice smooth like honey
An angelic laugh emerge from your lips
I’m happy for our moonlit dance

But clouds roll in
And the moon is gone, leaving us in the dark
Suddenly it’s empty and I’m all alone
Our harmony coming to a halt

The clouds disappear, the moonlight coming back
And there you are
Enjoying a moonlit dance with someone else
79 · Aug 2019
A moment of guilt
Ray Aug 2019
An emotion so small
Yet so destructive

The pain I felt when I saw you cry
Or when I left for another guy

A feeling I don’t know how to portray
When all I did was run away

I thought I was okay
Until I saw you look at her that way

But you’re not mine
Maybe our stars were never aligned?

But all I wish is that you’re happy and well
I’m sorry I only have 3 brain cells

Even though things can’t be the same
Hopefully we can still play video games

(Hi you know who you are, I’m sorry this is a sucky apology but wowie emotions and anxiety, maybe you won’t see this because only god knows if you’re still active but... I’m sorry, you don’t have to accept it. Just know I admit I treated you badly and I’m so sorry things ended like they did, but I just hope you’re happy and healed ok)

— The End —