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Bee Burnett Jun 14
**** she a fatty,
Absolute circle chonker,
I’d pat that fat ***.
Chi ur so fat but I love it r/chonkers
Bee Burnett May 25
Bathed in amber light,
You’re the sun in my sky,
A clammy hand I hold with great might,
As the years pass us by.

Pink cheeks, pink nights
Flora floods your room,
Drinking games and fights,
We wash down our gloom.

September solaced,
Strawberries and sugar,
Ice cream sandwiches and
Sushi roll dinners.

High on the cliffs and watching the sunset,
Laughing at nothing with you,
Watching people we’d forget,
Sleepy bus rides and tunes.

I hope you know,
I’d follow you through torrential rain at serpentine,
To a wonder-wall beach scene,
Through cold London weather,
To be there whenever.
To my best friend
Bee Burnett Jul 24
To peel back your skin,
To sink my teeth deeply within,
Nothing between us,
Just flesh juice and core,
Treat me to what’s yours.
Forbidden fruit
Bee Burnett Jun 19
My bed swallows an
Outline of me and I
Find it hard to breathe.
I wrote another haiku very similar about my depression but this version I love equally :) enjoy **
Bee Burnett Jun 19
A circle so soft,
I wept tears of happiness,
Finally I’m home.
I’d never felt so loved
Bee Burnett Jul 24
What if I had one more eye?
Noble with clarity-
A superior eye.

It would see tomorrow,
Not yet set in stone,
So set apart from the world I know-

Distinctive and discernible,
I envision a procession,
Of time trailed before me.

Enthroned on my brow,
The lone eye would crest,
Possessed with its profound unrest.

Clairvoyant, cunning, beaming eye-
Perched above organs of trivial nature,
Adorned, a crown that never cries,
It knows no regretful quakers.

How magnificent!
It would be,
To see so clearly,
To amend early,
To haven from horror,
To have an aura,
Of the triumphs yet to unfold,
If only an eye that bold,
Were part of me.
A collaborative poem with Godfrey Ndlovu
Bee Burnett Jun 19
Deep down inside,
Your love is ****** to my core,
******* feel so good.
Bee Burnett Jul 24
You are the flower,
I can not crest in my hair.
It is just not fair.
Bad religion
Bee Burnett May 18
My finger tips pour into the indents of your ribcage as I hold you tight ear to chest,
Your heartbeat pounding against my eardrum like the sea spilling from a conch.
Lacing fingers plucking at your skin like a harp.
We share the same air in this tight pocket of intimacy.
Your lungs expand as mine contract, a silent exchange.
You fill my chest with thorns it hurts to breathe, choking on the heart making its way into my throat.

My bones ache with sweetness, decayed by the sugar you force down my oesophagus.
You're such sweet poison.
Bee Burnett Jun 19
Do you see me?
When I look at you, and my hearts beating fast and my breaths caught in my throat
Do you hear me?
When I'm whispering softly into your sunny hair and against your smile
Do you feel me?
When I trace your skin with my fingertips wishing I could sink into you
Open to interpretation :)
Bee Burnett Jun 19
And my loneliness will follow me through
A garden of faces,
And fingers weaving through the bramble will touch those high places,
In the trees.
And when I am unstable,
darling would you be able,
to carry me;
To the sound,
To the sea,
And just bury me.
In sand. In salt. In sorrow.
And maybe I'll borrow,
your empathy;
And your heart,
And your mouth,
And your lungs and teeth,
And place unto your tongue,
The words to speak,
Beauty, love, desire.
The words to take me higher,
And to touch the trees.
And when I am unstable-
Lover would you be able,
To carry me,
To the sound of your voice,
And be still with me in a moment,
In a song in a symphony.
Mental health in love.
Bee Burnett May 17
Her body lights up,
every nerve and fibre of being shiver.
A caffeinated corpse.
Highs and lows intertwine like lovers lips,
They marry a blue flame, scorching under skin.
Unfulfilling desires creep under her temples.
Give in-
it serenades softly as she sinks into her seat.
Heels burrow into dirt in attempts to ground the soaring impulses.
She is possessed by this heat.

My flame flickers,
Put your hand in your knickers.
My inferno insists,
Slice your wrist.
My blaze bellows,
Substances mellow!

When the wick wears thin, down cools her skin.
Like the sea crashing into cove, she sinks into deep blue,
An icy numb hollows her chest,
Laced with convoluted breath.
Freighted by the weight of a heavy heart, she sighs as tears linger in her eye.

The cold is calling,
I feel myself falling.
I wrote this about what I experience during a manic episode and the adrenaline rush and impulses.
Bee Burnett Jun 4
In my bed you see
swallowing mattress leaves
An outline of me
Based on Tracy Emins bed and my lows with depression
Bee Burnett May 17
I can't shake the feeling,
The feeling of submission in my own body.
A creature has slipped through the cracks when at my weakest,
It's burrowed under my skin
Latched to my core.
You can find it:
Buried in my flesh, eating at me.
I feel it.
Swimming through my bloodstream, pumping poison.
I hear it.
Crawling in my thoughts.
Drinking my joy, spitting melancholy
my vision is dark, Shrouded in misery.
have you ever felt unsettled,
alone in the dark, but not quite.
Personifying depression as a parasitical creature.
Bee Burnett Jun 4
Sinking low
To the ground
Is where
I’ll be found
Carpet prints
On my skin

Sinking low
Till I spin
In my chest
Soft and slow
A dull thud
Begins to grow

Sinking low
Here I’ll stay
Pinned by pressure
Here I’ll lay
And sweetly ache

Sinking low
Limbs heavy
Shallow breaths
Mind unsteady

Sinking low
Here I’ll lay
Breathing dust
Fade away
Low moods get the better of you
Bee Burnett May 18
I am an empty vessel
Swaying in the water,
I am a still pool
Under summer heat,
I am a willow
That feels no breeze,
I am a sun
That never rises.
A meal never eaten, a song never sung, a rug never beaten, a bell never rung.
A railing never held, a stair never troden, a river not sailed, a sponge never sodden.
Not reaching full potential or amounting to something

— The End —