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  Jun 19 Bee Burnett
When a feeling becomes your god.
That empty feeling becomes who you turn to and who you return to.
  Jun 19 Bee Burnett
I may
be soft
but at least
I’m not
of my own
Bee Burnett Jun 19
Deep down inside,
Your love is ****** to my core,
******* feel so good.
Bee Burnett Jun 19
And my loneliness will follow me through
A garden of faces,
And fingers weaving through the bramble will touch those high places,
In the trees.
And when I am unstable,
darling would you be able,
to carry me;
To the sound,
To the sea,
And just bury me.
In sand. In salt. In sorrow.
And maybe I'll borrow,
your empathy;
And your heart,
And your mouth,
And your lungs and teeth,
And place unto your tongue,
The words to speak,
Beauty, love, desire.
The words to take me higher,
And to touch the trees.
And when I am unstable-
Lover would you be able,
To carry me,
To the sound of your voice,
And be still with me in a moment,
In a song in a symphony.
Mental health in love.
Bee Burnett Jun 19
Do you see me?
When I look at you, and my hearts beating fast and my breaths caught in my throat
Do you hear me?
When I'm whispering softly into your sunny hair and against your smile
Do you feel me?
When I trace your skin with my fingertips wishing I could sink into you
Open to interpretation :)
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