Fọlá 5d
I believe in ghosts.

The haunting memories of nightmares past.
The spooky stories buried inside.
The life I thought I left behind.
The demons I thought I left in the past.

The scary torment of which I thought I was free.
The sins I thought were forgiven.
The bodies, deep; that I hoped were forgotten.
The creatures I thought were dead to me.

I believe in ghosts.

I see them taking form.
Circling, over a prey they thought was lost.
Rejoicing, that their moment has come.
I believe in ghosts.

I’m all alone in the dark.
A dark and creepy night.
Armed with nothing but the moon’s light.
I believe in ghosts.
Fọlá Jan 10
You set my mind,
Every time,
I see your smile.

You're a treasure.
The one I cherish.
You're a beauty.
A sight to always relish.

You are precious.
Rare. Priceless.
A standout of no equal.

You're a treat.
Sweet as berry.
You're everything and more.
The cherry on top.

You're a prize.
The biggest catch any man could find.
Every other thing is benign,
So long as you're mine.
Fọlá Dec 2018
'Happy New Year. . .'*

Happy new year.
I wish you the best for the year ahead.
I hope the year is full of bliss,
Full of joy .
I hope you find love,
I hope you find the one.
No matter the challenges,
Whatever the new year brings forth,
Don't worry, fear not.
I know you'll come out on top.


Fọlábòmí Àmọ̀ó
Wishes for the new year.
Fọlá Dec 2018
I doubt,
Therefore, I think
Therefore, I am.

I see.
I take in the colours around me.
The patterns, the lights, the rainbow.
I see the night, and the stars that glow.
I dream.
Therefore, I think.
Therefore, I am.

I smell.
The perfumes, the roses.
The stench, the rotten, the putrid.
The aromas, cooking.
The green, the forest, the trees.
I inhale,
Therefore, I think.
Therefore, I am.

I hear.
The noises. The people, the cheer.
The wails, the screams, the tears.
The rejoicing and happiness.
I hear.
Therefore, I think.
Therefore, I am.

I taste.
The sweetness, the fire.
The treats and savoury delights.
The sourness, the bitterness.
I eat,
Therefore, I think.
Therefore, I am.

I speak.
Short messages. Long speeches.
Quiet whispers. Bellowing noises.
I scream,
Therefore, I think,
Therefore, I am.

I feel.
The despair, the fear, the anguish.
The joy. The pride. The seething.
The envy, greed, and jealousy.
The cold, the heat, the shivering.
The pain, the sickness, the ageing.
I die.
Therefore, I lived.
Therefore, I was.
This poem is a spin of the famous saying by René Descartes. Enjoy.
Fọlá Dec 2018
'Wish You Were Here. . .'*

That special time of the year.
A time to merry,
A time to cheer.
A time of happiness.
A time to share.
Everything would've been perfect.
If only you were here.

By Fọlábòmí Àmọ̀ó
Fọlá Dec 2018
The right person is worth the wait.
Worth the near misses, the 'almosts', the delays.
Worth the struggles, worth the pain.
Worth all the tears on your face.

The right person is worth all the rejects.
All the mockery, insults and jests.
The right person is worth it, whatever it takes.
Worth it, no matter how short the stay

The right person is the one.
The one you've always dreamt of,
For so long.
The one to calm all the storms
The one to overlook all your faults.

The one to bring your sadness,
To an end.
Give you joy, give you happiness.
Give you peace for all the days you have left.
Staying with you, till the very end.

The right person is the one.
The one that would make you forget.
The right person is the one.
That would be worth it, in the end.
Fọlá Dec 2018
Together. . .*

Look into my eyes, What do you see?
Happiness unbridled, joy that can fill all the seas.
It doesn't have to be pretty.
It doesn't have to be beautiful
All that matters is that we're happy,
And that we are joyful.

It doesn't have to be glamorous.
Nor does it have to be a spectacle.
All that matters is that I'm yours.
And together we will pull through.
Never doubt these words, not a single bit.
Cause Baby with you at my side, the world is at our feet.

At the end of the day,
All that matters is the smile on your face,
The fruits that we've made,
And the promise, of your stay.
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