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Fọlá 4d
Yesterday is gone.
Tomorrow isn't sure.
Today is a present.
Don't let it past.

Seize the day.
No matter the challenges,
The present presents.

Seize the day.
Whether tomorrow comes;
Or not.
Give it your all.
Fọlá Oct 6
In the stables, or in the wild.
In the winter, or in the summertime.
In the shadow of the sunshine,
In the darkness of the cold night.

The Stallion must ride.
The Stallion must ride. . .
Fọlá Oct 4
The night is still;
Punctuating the silence.

In the dark,
I see your silhouette.

A beauty,
A Goddess;
Heaven Sent.
Fọlá Sep 24
In pursuit of happiness,
Or some semblance of it.

From the pain and sadness,
But I am trying to cope with it.

Away from the darkness,
And any thought of it.

For that slice of goodness,
Or just a fraction of it.
Fọlá Sep 20
You can't live without me,
You said.

You used to preach,
That life without me,
Wasn't one worth living.

So, tell me.
Why do you still draw breath?
Why am I on my own?
And you're not here!

I thought we would be together.
For eternity.

In this life and the next.

I miss you so much.
Why aren't you here?

I'm all alone.
I need you, please.
I can't do this by myself.

I know you have a new life now.
A new beginning.
A chance to start afresh.

But the day you decide,
To take a trip to the next life.
And be with me;

I will be waiting,
Right here. .  .
Fọlá Sep 8
The night is dark.
The path is long.
The monsters are out.
In the shadows, they lurk.

Take my hand.
Let us find our way home.
No matter what comes tonight,
I promise to never leave you alone.
Fọlá Aug 30
Write a story, she said.
You have a way with words.
Write a story just for us.

Write a story I would like,
A story that would make me smile.

Write about our first night.
That magical night.
A night of passion,
Pleasure, and delight.

The night I made you mine.
The night you made me, yours.

Kissing me in the right places.
Lingering, at the right spots.

Your touch,
Sending the right messages.
Oh God, my heart wouldn't stop.

That night was great,
One like no other.
The moon has come out to play,
Let us make this another.
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