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Seeking help
Losing ourselves
Unable to find
That which defines
The belief we had
In the power we hold
To support eachother
To cure one another
A tie that binds
Standing on enemy lines
Mistakes made
Words spoke in haste
This life we are living
Seeking peace
If only to release
This hate inside
Fueled by a lie
Loosing this fight
Say goodbye
Im tired
Im done
**** this life
Cant understand how people can just be done with someone they claim to care about. If good people are so hard to find how is it so easy to leave them behind?
I fell in love with candlelight-
in my darkness, she shone so bright.
She danced the breeze, lit up the night,
her glow consumed my very sight.

But wax and wick both burn away,
and candlelight just cannot stay.
As sure as night turns into day,
that fickle flame will go astray.

But for a moment, through the storm,
she lit my world, she kept me warm,
then flickered out, as is the norm
for candlelight, its fleeting form.

I fell in love with candlelight,
for but a moment, all was right.
Her glow, her dance, consumed my sight,
and faded out at end of night.
Broken Echo Jul 30
Their lips touch
Creating a spark
Igniting the flame
Burning deep within
The ultimate sin
Fires burn
Losing control
Flesh on flesh
Lighting the soul
Flames dance
In rhythm
Fueling the fire
Little ***** of gasoline
Right on time
Opening hells gates
The fire escapes
Flames light the midnight sky
Lighting a cigarette
The fire slowly dies
So theres this guy
  Jul 28 Broken Echo
the way you love
says a lot about you

but the way you break
says a lot about where you came from
don’t work no more.

need some kind of distraction.

**** it, might as well try writing

bad poetry.
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