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NotTheSame May 7
listen to my heart
it only beats for you

listen to my voice
because i speak the truth

listen to my apology
because i really mean it

listen to my pain
because only you can stop it

listen to my love
because i have no one else to give it to

listen to my tears
because they are meant for you
NotTheSame May 7
Baby, i'm sorry for what I've done
Baby, please, don't drag this on
baby, i know i've hurt you bad
baby, think about all we've had

sweetie, i know you hate me
sweetie, i understand
sweetie, i know i'm not easy to love
sweetie, you've been like an angle sent from heaven above

honey, i'm sorry for all the pain
honey, i know that you curse my name
honey, please try to understand
honey, none of this was part of my plan

Ahron i'm sorry for what i've done
Ahron i know you wont forgive me for any of it
Ahron... i still love you...
Ahron... i could never replace you
NotTheSame Jan 5
Hush baby
Don't look at them
The demons closing in
Don't look at the darkness
I need you to look at me
Just look at me

Hush child
you're safe here
Just don't look away
Don't look at the shadows
Just keep your eyes on mine
Look at me

Don't worry angle
I wont let you fall
Don't look down
Don't think about falling
Don't take your eyes off me
look at me

I'll be your anchor
I'll be you light
I'll protect you
Just don't look away
i need to look at you
Look at me
NotTheSame Dec 2018
Your safe in my arms
I want to make you feel safe
Let me protect you

— The End —