Please, read this with the thickest southern accent you've ever heard. It's my language. It's my home...

Hee Haws on the TV
Chicken's fryin' in cast iron skillets
Taters and maters scent mama's clothes
no AC
Papaws in the bacca field
Granny's sippin' on sweet tea
The law stopped comin' here they say,
Back in '23
The fruit's ripe for pickin
daddy did that last week
He said the Apple brandy
Tasted perfect,
bitter sweet
The moonshine makers meet
When the crickets sing at night
they pass around mason jars
'neath the moon
and southern stars
The wine stays burried till fall
other than strawberry
the very best kind
The yanks
buy it up
Its funny to watch 'em
they can't handle their stuff
The Demory Mart stays busy
oh Lord it's so much fun!
When the moonshiners play pool,
till the rising of the sun
Momma don't like it,
Lord she gets so mad!
But she puts my church shoes on me
and I know she still loves dad
But now the still's turned green
as copper always does
There are no moonshiners left
Time has passed, just 'cause
Papaw's gone
the fields have grown up
there are no moonshiners left
it's all store bought, mason jars
have turned to cups
Demory Mart is Yankee owned
the church has indoor plumbing
But late at night, I hear the banjo's
and the stills, copper humming....

Do you want me to grab at your heart then devour it, because I can

My love for you is just as strong as your love is for me

Just not trying to be lost or vulnerable

Not trying to lose myself again

Sometimes I feel like Im the only healthy rose in the bunch, but does that mean I have to wither away and die also

Or can I stand alone and look down on all that has not prevailed

Give it back cause its no longer yours to abuse

Breathe it's all over

New love darkens the doorway

Again running towards a little difference

Its fragile now, how much more will you put it through

If this fails it's your fault

No problem with letting love rest


A breath of fresh air

Eyes wide and alert, gazing

I have awaken, Love Life

Short but meaningful

I decided to do nothing other than write.
Throw my loneliness into a place where it could be understood by like-minded people.
My mind has never asked for much more than to be understood.
How do we understand somebody? What makes somebody easy for us to be around when we shake at the mere thought of interaction with an outside world?
What makes it so easy for some of these people to just make us happy? That one person that just makes us, free.  
For once we can breathe without thinking about it, for once our ribs are not tied together by our minds and a bloody wrist is no longer the way to feel alive.
To look into their eyes and feel your heart beat is the only thing you need to feel alive. To feel understood.
To feel the anxiety cower into a corner, and for once you smile. You smile until the depression creeps back in, and slowly, so slowly you walk away, leaving behind a lifetime of happiness.

Am I  perceived as this beautiful bombshell that has yet to explode

I have laid dormant for many years but yet you fear to hold

What is it that you fear, death or you being wrong about me

My smile shows you that I am kind and my sweet embrace shows that you are my fate

Lively soul, yes that is I
Life of the party, yes why shall I lie

My enthusiastic nature paints a picture of devastation

But to get to know the power gives the energy to see if there is more to the image being painted

A wild nature does not mean a wild soul

It was always funny to you to see me in tears

I tried to express my fears, you made the situation seem weird

I held my hand out asking for help, you slapped it back and said help yourself

You were suppose to be my all, my everything

I thought that was the reason you brought the wedding ring

Time has passed and mines have cleared

I have moved on and found a new reason to cry

And yes it is a new guy and I cry because he makes me feel like everything is going to be alright

Love is always
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