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  Nov 2014 Bridget D
Ember Evanescent
Once again I wore my spiked choker and wristband today
I haven't worn them in a while
Because everyone thinks I'm depressed when I wear them
But I realized I don't care what people think of me
I'm not hollow like I was the last time I wore this
So that is all that really matters
This is my little symbol of rebellion
Against hatred
To say to those who prejudge me and hate me:
F!ck you
I'll do whatever the hell I feel like
Your approval is not needed
I'm happy dressed this way
That's all that matters
I encourage everyone to have a little bit
Of that "F!ck You Attitude" today
Just little symbols of rebellion
Draw a black X on your wrist today
In black ink
If you support
Being yourself regardless what people think
And through this little ink symbol
Though apart in miles
We will be united in spirit
Be YOU :)
I'm drawing the black X on my wrist right now. Comment if you are going to do it too. So we know someone else out there supports rebelling against hatred. ;)
The Rebellion Project X.
Look it up.
Ember Evanescent posted it, but who posted it is not important the point is uniting us as artists.
All of us poets are some of the most REAL people out there because poetry can't be fake.
To wear the black X on your left wrist in black ink is a symbol of your support of people being themselves and rebellion against society's judgments.
If you are wearing the black X know that at least three other people that I know of somewhere out there in the world are wearing he same symbol on their wrists and feel united in spirit through that.


Yeah, that's the link. Comment to let people know if you are doing it and repost it so more people are involved. Make people feel less alone and more supported. :)
Fight hatred!
  Nov 2014 Bridget D
Ena Alysopriono
είσαι όμορφη
σαν μια ανοιξιάτικη μέρα
είσαι όμορφη
σαν τη θάλασσα
και υπόσχομαι
ότι δεν ψεύδομαι
τουλάχιστον όχι στα ελληνικά
Yeah it's Greek. You can google translate it if you want to know what it says.
  Nov 2014 Bridget D
Maddie Sink
1st grade
She was called short
2nd grade
She was called stupid
3rd grade
She was called clumsy
4th grade
She was called fat
5th grade
She was called ugly
6th grade
She was called flat-chested
7th grade
She was called acne face
8th grade
She was called fake
9th grade
She was called a ***
10th grade
She took her life.
  Nov 2014 Bridget D
Suzy Hazelwood
When the breeze turns sharp
and trees begin to undress
when it dawns on me
my world is not the same
I see you
I feel you
as you were
when you were strong
before another chose to bring you down

How could I forget...

November skies tell me
how much I have lost
and remind me
of all the love I have known
and I don't know if
I should laugh or cry
Memories of mum and dad...wherever you are
Bridget D Nov 2014
Why do we hide.?
We hide our darkest desire
Because our pride always wins
the heart never.
something that I'm trying to understand...
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