It frosted good and hard last night
for it was twenty-eight degrees,
heat and humidity are now gone
so we’ll welcome the snow and bare trees.

But today the sun was shining bright
high in the November sky,
there never was such a shade of blue
to delight my searching eye.

The Burr Oaks dropping their golden leafs
no more Maples a fiery red,
the quaking Aspens are flattering maize
a warm quilt, to put the earth to bed.
A morning of snow and icy roads... For those of us who live in a place where we experience all 4 seasons fully, it's time to brace for the long months of winter, look past the cold and see the beauty that is placed before us. Remember, the new birth of spring is right down the hill, through the forest and right around the corner. Best wishes for a warm and safe winter!
Been a
Small player a
Bit part actor
One of the cast
In an off Broadway play

Been a
Smart *** a
wit less loser
One of the bell
bottomed long hairs

Been a
Lover cast
Aside useless
broken a piece of

Been a
Where is
my next meal
Coming from beggar

And I've
Made it here
Where I grasped
saw seen realized
it's never been
About me

So I have
Been a
lifter up a positive
Force in this seemingly
hopeless universe

    town down a corner
turn at the stop sign
see the new blush
          of rust Orange
high upon the top
leaves one breathless
  Oct 20 Brianna Love
a scintilla away an atom a breath
hair a millionth or million miles
between try to touch her it's
impossible though i feel
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