Say good
write better
do best
take little
give big.
any person investing faith in goodness could be a saint.
Have you heard about them?
   (felt the magic…)
They are
the essence of love      
they hold
the beauty of life
they are all around us shining bright.

It's a whisper
of love
that floats 
through the trees
ruffling every leaf
of a breeze.
It’s a hint
of a fairy tale
a maiden
a white knight
a love
blessed by the stars
tenderly held tight.
A love that                  
grows stronger
as hearts became whole
for the love
them comes deep
from their souls.
From the very first moment
love shined
bright and  warm
casting out
doubt and gloom        
even the worst of storms.
It’s a whisper
of love
that floats
through the trees
a promise of eternity
on the sweet scent
of a breeze.
I built you a home
on an island in the sun
Life goes on all around
Dark skies and stormy seas
But can't quite reach your
Island in the sun
Here hope is lush
Just like the trees and green
I see a glimmer
devoid of all things bitter
Here is where
we'll choose to linger
My sister isn't doing well....but I am still praying strong.....choosing to stay positive and linger in the hope
Did I just hear that right?
Always there for me you say
Showing your relentless might
Then why forbidden is your tray?

Confused? Just grip yourself tight
Well, speak the truth if you may
Pushed me from that beautiful height
There am I buried yet here I lay

But didn't you know I'm a knight
Grew stiffer in the inferno this clay
Dont worry, I have found my light
Mendacious were you, so was your bay

Hope none collides with your deceitful kite
Lacking no love, but for you ill pray
Boasting thy selfish sacrifices with pride
Bewilderness lies, now in your hay

Off the cake of wisdom, take a bite
For your actions you will have to pay!
The river takes its course
Following bends and curves
Carrying  loads
And silt
Not , all beautiful pebbles
Rolled over the river bed
The river moves on
Always serene and pristine
Not all days in life as proposed
The river moves on and so does life
Just something
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