4d Brianna Love
Have you ever been lost, listened to Louie Armstrong while hooking a bluegill off your cane pole. Have you ever called a bream a brim, and no one understand the rippling effects the sun has on its reflection, after skipping stones like wishes made, making you sit that much longer till the bullies come cat calling singing a chorus. Can you start your day with eggs poached over red peppers and summer squash. Does the smell of a sweet  vidalia onion sizzling in butter call your name, the same way butter in the crust of your peach pie turns the corners of your mouth like a kid that never knew a damn thing about aging. Do your hands ever itch from twitchy crickets and green hoppers, or has the world changed that much.
God, I can't leave out Frank Senatra
  6d Brianna Love
Dreamy Stars At Night
Spooning Up To Me So Tight
Sparkle Lullabies
Could the sun be
    a hole up there—
    that if I could leap
    would enter that breach of light

   Throw me a line!
   Give me a reason
   There’s never enough
   in this life of breathing!

   Explain why dreams roll a soul
   toward the cliffs of day
   Wakes to ache
   then stuffs its mouth
   with necessary same
   button shirt—brush hair
   necessary glance in the mirror
   (yes, still there)    

A lifetime!
   in a shallow instant’s stiff clear water
   (Yeah— still there)  
   in endless caverns of tired eyes
   above mouth still trying
   to say SOMETHING!  
   from ever smaller eternities
   in the glass-flat empty....

Please! Someone explain!
   this draw of breath
   one forcing itself upon another's
   of beating —
   Violence in my chest!

Why hearts don’t sleep—

and I wind up watching
again and again—till
I am the voyeur...

...Morning lies
   in the mists of a humid whore
   who moans and sweats
   and boils her hips—
   and I wind up watching!?

“Will someone please…!"

   ...and I wind up watching
   bedspread, bed sore, death bed
   till you’re breathing easy
   when she sits and picks
   her collapsed bouffant
   damning the makeup
   that got crushed in the sheets


   with no expectancy
   both tired of knowing...

   ...The Devil lost his balance
   in my presence one night

...tired of knowing—


  ...walk away
   or continue to play

   I could open this screen!
   watch the world STEP BACK!
                                 SLAP FLAT!
   as trees and dwellings flush like quail
   to prop their tottering panic
   against the blue—

You—assume composure...
   compose assumptions
   Await my next—

Move like a spy
Why I don’t play chess or any other game
for that matter.    
“...and when you're really out there
the windows all have opened onto nothing...
Death having long since-- left the scene.
When you get really out there
it's all--
and nothing…”
Then  memory so
Like a day in the
Park taking
Of your three
Year old daughter
And son still
In diapers
Guilt loss and
Stood without purpose
That loneliness
Two times a month
I see them
And you know
A man
Is not supposed
To cry.
I melt
when your desire speaks
as you wrap yourself around me
like the night…

I lose myself
as I swim in the pool of your eyes
moving my finger’s oh so light…

Passion devours me
when you say my name
as it rolls off your tongue so very fine…

Ecstasy falls on me
like the sparkles of fallen stardust
covering me until I glisten and shine…

Delight fills me*
as I become mesmerized by sweet sensations
as eyes are blazing bright…

I melt
when your desire speaks
as you wrap yourself around me
like the night…..

I melt*
In the presence of your love…
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