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Nov 2021 · 250
Bre marie Nov 2021
Sounds of terror, sight of blood.

Flooding my mind a pool of mush, a child can only handle so much.
Nov 2021 · 530
Bre marie Nov 2021
Desperate for attention
I fear to be alone.
Craving your affection.
Jun 2019 · 954
Bre marie Jun 2019
Deep inside the pain can hide
lingers & thrives.
My heart unbinds, my mind unwinds.

Wishing I could go back
make you mine.
Hold you till the end of time.

My life's outta line as my heart unbinds.
May 2018 · 1.5k
Bre marie May 2018
Burn my corpse underneath the sunset.
Sail my ashes down the stream.

Release my soul into the wind.
Set me free, set me free
Let my mind finally ease.
Dec 2017 · 1.8k
Bre marie Dec 2017
Revenge is on my mind.

Running a knife deep through your spine.

Father I hope you know I've lost my mind.

If the needles don't get to you in time.

I'll be taking your life along with mine.
Sep 2016 · 332
Body mirror
Bre marie Sep 2016
No matter how long I stare the  
  mirror seems craked.
But when I walk away
The cracks seem to stay...
On my body they lay.
Spreading scars each and every day.
My mirror is not broken,
but my body's surely cut.
Sep 2016 · 2.7k
Bre marie Sep 2016
Oh why, oh why do we all have to die?

Accident's and suicide is it really all that better on the other side?

Car crashes and burning buildings, now we are all dead;

Jumping from not so safe buildings and playing with not so toy guns;

Chalk outlines and splatters on the walls.

My oh my, what has happened to us all?

I see my death before I die with my very own eyes.

I'm just so done with watching my death a thousand different times on rewind.

And ever night I scream inside and in these dreams my skin is bleeding and my face is pale.

The water's flowing and sirens are going.

I'm hanging there with rope tied around my throat.

And in these dreams I replay a thousand times in my mind I always end up dying.

In reality I'm only sitting there crying.

A wish to come true after I'm through with high school because a pact was made to save my life,

But now I've been slowly dying.
Sep 2016 · 5.8k
Mary Jane
Bre marie Sep 2016
Oh Mary Jane
  how you whisper my name.
   **** away my pain
  make me feel sane.
   Mary Jane
   Oh Mary Jane..
 Whisper my name.
Aug 2016 · 2.8k
Bre marie Aug 2016
My brain was clouded with all of the smoke.

I took another **** laughing at the stupid jokes.

Forgetting the promisees that we had once spoke.

I felt as if something was broke...

So I took another ****

To forget we ever spoke.
Aug 2016 · 1.3k
Bre marie Aug 2016
Only if they knew the pain I've gone through. I could be me without all the lies, no more worries not a tear in my eyes.
Ear to ear my smile appears... The unseen stitches that have held together my smile and all my tears. Wishing away all those painful dreams; I slay them.
Aug 2016 · 5.9k
All in ny head, so I don't
Bre marie Aug 2016
You may see colors and a world that is free. When I open my eyes everyone is expecting good things from me. I struggle to breath in this cage without a window or door. Black and white, white and black-I feel as if to be under attack. Do I wait for one more year to pass or attack back? I want to be me but then all of a sudden there's something wrong with me? I seem so sad, I look so depressed. I'm okay, I'm not under any stress! Laughing in the back of my head because being me rather than the person I set up in their heads make them all think I've lost my sanity instead!

NoT yet hAVe i GonE mAD!

I have not ripped my memory's to shreds! I don't need more meds. Am I really seeing all these things or is it just in my head? Attack! Attack! Knock down the cage walls white and black! Black and white! Depressed in stress I wear a bullet proof vest; they strap me tight in the jacket without care, lock me up and watch me disappear.
Aug 2016 · 852
Bre marie Aug 2016
I Wish
I Wish I may
I wish I might
I wish upon every candle stick tonight.
I wish I was happy,
I wish I was bright,
I wish I was normal,
I wish I could put up this fight.
I wish I was able to have my mother hold me tight.
I wish I may
I wish I might
I wish to much in this fight.

— The End —