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Bre marie Nov 18
Sounds of terror, sight of blood.

Flooding my mind a pool of mush, a child can only handle so much.
Bre marie Nov 15
Desperate for attention
I fear to be alone.
Craving your affection.
  Jun 17 Bre marie
Imran Islam
The moon shines on the salt rivers
but you don't smile at me anymore
The honey bee sings for the flowers
but you do not knock on my door!

The rain falls down upon green nature
but you don't look at my eager eyes
The yellow bird sings in a pleasure
but you don't fly in my dream skies!

I didn't wish your departure
I wanted your happiness
I don't think of my future
I think of your goodness!

You aren't with me, but I feel you inside
I don't blame you but feel a burning inside
You still have a place in my broken heart;
But I can't believe now we're so far apart!

No, you can't leave me alone this way
I know, you will miss my love one day
Maybe that day you'll find me in heaven
Darling, my love is true and it'll happen!
  Jun 17 Bre marie
Imran Islam
God, no one else is precious like you
even no one else is generous like you!
You are the one and only forever!

You keep gold under the soil
and save the crop in its veil;
You give honey in the flower.

The moon and stars kiss the night
The morning sun blooms daylight;
God, you roll the waves in the river.

You swing the clouds in the skies
and blow the winds in the trees;
Lord, you float the ship on the water.

God, you rush the heavy rain down
or raise the long drought often;
You make the morning dewy in the winter.

The sweet waterfall in the mountains
The full moon and pretty moonshine,
Everything is yours, Lord, you have no partner!
  Feb 2020 Bre marie
we all live inside mirrors
as mere reflections

with every touch it blurs
the image of our projection

just our outside figures
define most rejections

but its the weight of our fears
that fill us to perfection
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