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  Jun 23 Bre Marie
BR Dragos
Some people eat dreams




and it's not even because
they can't afford food
Bre Marie Jun 23
Deep inside the pain can hide
lingers & thrives.
My heart unbinds, my mind unwinds.

Wishing I could go back
make you mine.
Hold you till the end of time.

My life's outta line as my heart unbinds.
Bre Marie May 2018
Burn my corpse underneath the sunset.
Sail my ashes down the stream.

Release my soul into the wind.
Set me free, set me free
Let my mind finally ease.
Bre Marie Dec 2017
Revenge is on my mind.

Running a knife deep through your spine.

Father I hope you know I've lost my mind.

If the needles don't get to you in time.

I'll be taking your life along with mine.
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