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Sep 2020 · 843
Brandy Nicole Sep 2020
I’ll miss you
My love but it's best
we part ways
You've been my joy, my comfort
but it's hurts
more to stay than to leave
So I hope you dream of me
in the night and miss me too
Aug 2020 · 370
Brandy Nicole Aug 2020
I regret telling
them about
you back in
bringing you from the

Even with the looming fear
of your absence, I crave
your bitter affection..

I'm hooked
see the look in your eyes
and my name on your lips
has me dancing
with sin
Aug 2020 · 702
Brandy Nicole Aug 2020
Thinking about you
 And those words
   It burns like fire
    Thinking of all the ways
You never loved me
Jun 2016 · 490
Brandy Nicole Jun 2016
Let me drown in
a sea of
Let me die with
the memory of
Jun 2016 · 359
Smoke & Flowers
Brandy Nicole Jun 2016
Can we stay in a purple haze,
Tangled in sheets
Here in my lilac dreams.
In the smoke of your
For tonight you're
The only high I
May 2016 · 466
Brandy Nicole May 2016
Oh, it's killer

What is their for me
to do now?

This dance we've perfected
It's a nightmare.
One I don't want to end.

Oh, It's killer

What is left for you now?

When you dance around your
Darling can be you that way
When you touch my heart
as I look away

Oh, it's a killer

It took away my breathe
As you looked at me, and
let her dance you
away from me.
May 2016 · 756
Brandy Nicole May 2016
Can't stand the rain
Can't stand the rain

Not with the red eyes
Staring down at me

Oh I'd sing and play
A parade for you

Can't stand the rain
Can't stand the rain

No, not tonight
as we part in the chaos

Oh darling can't see
I can't kiss and tell

I can't stand the rain
Falling from your face
May 2016 · 833
Hearts in Despair
Brandy Nicole May 2016
What a waste
It is to say
I care.
How silly of me
to think you'd share.
I Can stare with you
For hours as
we lay there.
But without a care,
You whisper I'm the spare.
As your heart lies in despair,
Over a line of states.
Now I'm here with tears.
Wasting away
with silly little
Words of love.
Mar 2016 · 329
Whiskey Tears
Brandy Nicole Mar 2016
Where to hide,
But in a bottle.
For the night I long, could never
cover me.
Though even in my drunken stupors,
I feel a longer of that touch..
And with it carries a phrase.
Oh how you dared to throw me out
before a sound.
I long for the night,
the cold box of sanity I reach
for in the bottle with your name.
Jan 2016 · 293
Not Needed
Brandy Nicole Jan 2016
What of words?
If you only repeat,
and not seek of your
Dec 2015 · 309
Love me Dead
Brandy Nicole Dec 2015
I fear you're dead
long gone, away from it all.
I long to hear you, see you..
But even in the night my fears
don't hide.
And with those fears, I can no
longer hear your name
whispered in the wind.
Perhaps them is it me,
Praying for a soul who
isn't real?
Dec 2015 · 358
Brandy Nicole Dec 2015
to light the fire,
to swim in the words
from your mouth.
Oh it's something about
How you make me want
to melt and sink into the
walls of forever with you.
Dec 2015 · 344
Angel of Sin
Brandy Nicole Dec 2015
There was a time I fell
for a girl,
So beautiful she was in
her brokenness.
So far from innocence,
as she clinged to the idea
of love in the arms of another.
Oh she was angel, my
angel of sin, but to kiss her
a sin I wished.
And to her I was her
peace in the sheets,
when the darkness
creeped in.
Nov 2015 · 602
Brandy Nicole Nov 2015
The taste you leave
After you run away
leaving me,
alone in a haze.
Its like fire in my veins
A burning desire.
And everytime I reach for you
It's like grabbing smoke
I wish I could be done with you
Wash you away
Then maybe then
When the numbness sets in
and I fade,
then can I  finally breath
Nov 2015 · 277
F**k Boy
Brandy Nicole Nov 2015
I drown my sorrows
With a bottle of
alcohol and pills
Till your opinion of
me no longer matters
Sep 2015 · 927
Noticeably Deceased
Brandy Nicole Sep 2015
Look at them
noticing me,
I think they finally see
through the dark of me,
the demon inside.
I was beginning to
believe I was living.
Possibly breathing
But I was dreaming,
thinking they'd see me.
They believed me
Sep 2015 · 747
Brandy Nicole Sep 2015
My middle name was
Death, because I wrote
of a rose who grew
through blood
Sep 2015 · 582
Brandy Nicole Sep 2015
With scents of crimson
and emerald lace, I
remembered your embrace.
With your hand around my throat, the scent of blood as we collided.
You're all I know of love, and boy
I know you.
As memories flood I as held that torn dress, with scents of crimson and emerald lace
Sep 2015 · 423
Brandy Nicole Sep 2015
You were a cliché
Sinatra song, and
Like Frank you flew
Me to the moon.
Sep 2015 · 701
Dirty little games
Brandy Nicole Sep 2015
I wish I could say I'm shocked,
but love isn't us
Did you enjoy her bed?
Because your drunken call
sayed it all
Dear you can do
better than that
You forget I have friends
in this town too, and tonight
I'll have treat as well
Sharing my bed with
Jack and Crown
Aug 2015 · 889
Cradling Chaos
Brandy Nicole Aug 2015
Chaos rules your brain
living your days,
dancing with demons
in a clear smoked filled pipe.
Change can be uncontrollable,
but you're off the deep end, in love
with what you can't get.
As you sacrifice your soul
for a high that kills us all.
Placing knives in backs that
had yours.
Do those bruises make you
feel beautiful now?
Now cradle the lies you made,
Oh honey how does that
mediocre life taste?
Aug 2015 · 317
Brandy Nicole Aug 2015
Dreams of wicked things,
of me and you oh i believe
I've fallen for you
Brandy Nicole Aug 2015
Alien bride traveling back in time,
Such an odd thing to think.
Oh alien bride capturing my mind,
I'm living in the Cosmos of a
different mind.
Time traveling through thoughts
Of another, strange it seems.
But have you smelled the roses
of a distant world?
I'm an alien bride traveling
through time.
Jul 2015 · 1.4k
Dragon-Eyed Soul
Brandy Nicole Jul 2015
You've haunted my dreams,
and now have come into view.
With all flames and hellish crusades,
Why do this to me?
You dance around as though
a prize is to be won,
with your riddleing songs.
But they don't call to me,
I won't let this be.
Tonight your killing spree
ends with me..
Jul 2015 · 957
The Overlooked
Brandy Nicole Jul 2015
Nobody understood
the torture you observed,
what you lived.
A broken home
Mother sold you in
exchange for a quick high
Father saw you as a
substitute for your mother
In and out of psych wards even they thought you weren't sane enough to save
Years pass thinking life's f*ed up
Now your here
a picture of your dear mother
Selling your own,
now for that same high
In and out psych wards
look at you now..
A lost cause, on trial for ******
Nobody understood you needed love never hate
Jul 2015 · 934
Self sacrifice
Brandy Nicole Jul 2015
All that is said
is never done
All my thoughts stashed upon the highest shelf, and
my dreams of you confined for I'm scared to fly
My biggest trait is both my light and dark
All that is said
is never done
carelessly with care
I've cut off my oxygen and removed my wings
All that is me
Is but a dream
I've become a puppet in a box scared to breathe
Jun 2015 · 599
Distant Cries
Brandy Nicole Jun 2015
A distant girl who lives a lie,
Only to come alive as she
bleeds her stories upon
torn pages, hoping you'd
read her cries

She made friends with her words, but over time people turned their backs. Drowning as she pushed them away,
It seemed with every goodbye lowered a rope..

A distant girl who lives a lie,
Only to come alive as she
bleeds her stories upon
torn pages, hoping you'd
read her cries.
lives out her dreams in

She made friends with her words.
She never knew the day she
whispered her last goodbye.
As her feet hung above the floor
Jun 2015 · 539
Hitting the Wall
Brandy Nicole Jun 2015
She just sits and stares
mindlessly at the wall
Oblivious to the ****-filled sores
oozing down her arm..
Letting the wheels stop turning and the fog from her high cloud her mind
She sits and stares mindlessly at the wall
That dusty breeze from that worn down fan turning her hair to a messy mop
She sold her soul for a bag and a room to use
And there she sits and stares mindlessly at the wall dead as can be
How did get this far?
Jun 2015 · 1.5k
Mother dearest
Brandy Nicole Jun 2015
Mother of the year
they cheer
If only they knew the
skeletons you hide
with your rotting teeth and heavy bags
Mother of the year
What lovely kids
They cheer
Not knowing the silence is fear of her whip
and no food to eat
Oh mother of the year who stays high
Mother who gives drugs to your child for pure entertainment
Mother of the year
Not from what I hear
Not about my mother but about something else
Jun 2015 · 415
Brandy Nicole Jun 2015
Writing words
here and there
all with no care
Writing words
with no rest
till I truly
became unhinged
Jun 2015 · 935
Brandy Nicole Jun 2015
The girl of my dreams
fell in love with an ***
and that girl is me
Jun 2015 · 576
Freedom in Emptiness
Brandy Nicole Jun 2015
I fell into the unknown,
and let my insecurities
show, as a wave of
sincerity rushed over me.
And with that moment in
time. I felt completely
empty, completely free.
Written 5/20/15
Jun 2015 · 1.0k
Brandy Nicole Jun 2015
I'm too far gone
for even the angels
to save.
Jun 2015 · 336
Brandy Nicole Jun 2015
I knew then I had met my match
when the pain in your eyes
mirrored mine
We were wickedly broken
and wanting of love,
We ran so fast
We forgot to see
the coming scars
May 2015 · 457
Brandy Nicole May 2015
Now I'm sitting here
in that old chair
playing all those old tunes
They reminded me of you
What are you thinking now?
(I'm thinking of you)
Imagine dancing through
the night with you in my arms
just like you promised,
If you were only here
What are you doing now?
I'm spending my time
relaxing to that playlist of us
So join me when you're ready
(To make a new song)
Because I could listen to us all night long
Apr 2015 · 2.8k
Brandy Nicole Apr 2015
Take me back to where the earth smiled and my weird mind thrived
All I do is write words that make you cringe

Oh just a loser to modern time
A stranger talking to trees
living for strange thoughts and peaceful nights

Glued to a window the rain falls opposite of me speaks my pain
Days coming round where I'm cruelest to myself

Oh just a loser in your heart and mind
Even kicked by the freaks
What's wrong with me?
Why can't I be the same?

Grew up an outcast, a half-breed
Am I unworthy of love?
No luck of thing called love
I paint a picture of romance different from the norms
Unable to feel in the same cold manner
Call what you will
I'm a loser trapped in between lines, hiding to be sane

All I do is listen and pray to invisible words of the shadows on the wall
I'm a loser in between worlds, can't somebody take be home
Above those clouds and away from prying eyes
Thoughts inspired by bigbang- loser
Apr 2015 · 462
Delusions of the Mind
Brandy Nicole Apr 2015
There, There
Over There
Do you see the man upon the wall?
The one whispering my demise.
He crawls with a muddy face,
and eyes to ****.
There, there
Over There
Do you see the puddle of my mind?
Because only I can feel
the breathe of death
upon my neck
Apr 2015 · 3.2k
Psych my ass
Brandy Nicole Apr 2015
Please no need for meds
I swear the voices in my head only try to help
You see I can't stand on my own two feet
What's the matter with me
******? Well maybe
But who are you to judge me?
Oh your degree, I see
Well that maybe
These voices say such delicate words and you care to tune them out
Well Doctor I fear the meds are better suited up your ***
Mar 2015 · 1.3k
Dotted Paper
Brandy Nicole Mar 2015
As the moon grew full
so did the sorrow in her mind,
the night she picked up the knife
instead of the pen
For the drops on the floor were more poetically true of
her innerself than her open ended words on that paper
could ever be...
Mar 2015 · 330
Thoughts in the Afternoon
Brandy Nicole Mar 2015
A thousand times I've said
A poet I am not,
A writer I am not
So repetitive I've forgotton who I try to convince,
the world or myself?
Perhaps both
Perhaps neither
You can decide on that
After these are all just
words on a page with the little meanings you pull through the lines
Mar 2015 · 19.4k
Brandy Nicole Mar 2015
with no tomorrow
with no desires
your only passion
with your last breathe
as the darkness hums
your name
Mar 2015 · 348
Above [10w]
Brandy Nicole Mar 2015
Never high
yet she speaks
of words
above the
Mar 2015 · 883
Faded Floret [10w]
Brandy Nicole Mar 2015
Flowers upon
my page
as I
doodle my
life away
Mar 2015 · 2.2k
Brandy Nicole Mar 2015
Crude lines
that held no
meaning till
she wept on
crumbled pages
Mar 2015 · 684
Brandy Nicole Mar 2015
Walks in silence like a ghost
Never to be seen nor heard
The voices swirling around her head like a vortex consuming her every thought.

Wishing for the chaos to cease as she
reaches for your hand
But you can't see he pain you cause
or the ghost by your side slowly going mad
As she alone wanders the world, without  a place amongst the living
Rewritten piece from a year ago
Mar 2015 · 598
Brandy Nicole Mar 2015
Cold as ice
a sin unto herself
the devil unto others
A very random poem written 1/03/15
Mar 2015 · 2.7k
Fool's Dream
Brandy Nicole Mar 2015
I had a dream last night
that we were perfect, happily loving each other

Then i awoke from the dream
to find you aren't mine and I'm
just a fool with a beautiful dream
of you holding me tight.
Older write
Mar 2015 · 790
Words [10w]
Brandy Nicole Mar 2015
Say grand with
little words
Say little with
grand words
Mar 2015 · 975
Ink Stain
Brandy Nicole Mar 2015
Just a swipe of the pen
and a turn of the page
Your heart shatters
as her blood splattered papers
Reveal the monster inside
Just a swipe of the pen
and a turn of the page
You find you're just an
ink stain in the book
Mar 2015 · 2.0k
Mirror Pain
Brandy Nicole Mar 2015
I'm an *** this I know,
No need to tell me twice
The mirror tells me everyday
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