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 Feb 17 Brandon Chutuk
Find someone that will make
you want to hug yourself
 Feb 17 Brandon Chutuk
If your poem touches at least one person's heart, then it becomes more than a poem
 Feb 16 Brandon Chutuk
We met on a Tuesday,
Wednesday I became a poet
it has been said for ages that a woman
             could lead a man willingly to his demise
a song or a dance; a touch or a glance
              simple gestures could dumbfound the wise
these have always just been strange stories
               tall-tales or faerie-tales, even outright lies
until half a year ago. until the day that I-
                became so very lost within her deep blue eyes
it was just a simple look
                                ...that's all it took              
my heart missed a beat
                                    then.. it shook

and in that moment, I finally did realize
                     how very powerful they can be; a woman's eyes
January 8, 2015

begins in the mind
and finishes
when she does
You broke my peace,
I broke your heart
we kept breaking each other
until we fell


you pushed  me on a wall
was I a painting to  hang?  

y o u r  tongue  spoke m y
l  a  n  g  u  a  g e       y e t  
I didn’t  u n d e r s t a n d  

  what an artist were   y o u  
t o forcefully draw on me ?

with   your  ugliest paints  
  with your dirtiest d e e d s  

that’s  n o t  how paintings
should be drawn     b  u  t  
n  e  v  e  r            m  i  n  d,
blame it on  the   a l c h o l
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