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  Feb 17 Brandon Chutuk
If your poem touches at least one person's heart, then it becomes more than a poem
Life's a zoo, you know?

This one's an engineer
This one's an architect
This one's an addict
This one's a preacher
This one's a lover
This one's a teacher
This one's a crier
This one's dead
This one's a scientist
This one's a mathematician
This one's in a bad place
This one's a helper
This one helped too much
This one's lying
This one's working
This one's watching
This one can't move
This one is sick
This one is singing
This one's a dreamer
This one's a doer
This one just gave up
This one took that one's place
This one's building walls
This one's building infrastructure
This one's lonely
This one's destructive
This one's blind
This one's deaf
This one's fine

And this one is writing
She was a bridge
Built of her own design
No water could stymie us

But soon people came
To use her as a diving board
And she was much too fragile
To handle that burden

So she crumbled away

Cupid can go **** himself
Doesn't he know that arrows are for killing?
Does he even have a hunting license?

What was he thinking
When he shot
This hole
In my heart?

Was he trying to make me bleed out?
I don't own a gun because
Too many of my friends
Would take a bullet for me

And when I fall in love
I fall like the bomb of Nagasaki
Where everyone gets the flak

So, whoever is out there, answer me:
Is the enemy of this war myself?
and so it goes
another morning in bed
and another night looking in the mirror
wondering if
i'm a start or an end
if love is one big game
and i was never told
how to play
just sold the pieces
and scolded
for not putting it together myself
but maybe
this beer will tell me
how to build
a heart
from the pieces i was handed
and this **** cycle
will break
and i'll go to a place
where love is not of ****
and trust is a fact
and not a prelude
where i'm not
spending my nights
and writing
of dead ends
and dead dreams
that still cling to me
and really
in the grand end
i just want to be loved
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