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Brandon Chutuk Mar 2020
From the rubble of a sound mind
Comes calling the sound of songbirds
Drifting over inhuman air
Like a chorus, like reminders

So everybody stands and listens
One note and then the next
A symphony or a drama --
A comedy, perhaps?

Nevertheless a calm wind persists
Through waves of somber doubt
These birds persist in singing
In flutters and in toe

We look up to find their callers
And see empty trees around
No bird nor instrument
No motive, and not a sound

Is it winter or is it spring
Are the songbirds now listening?
Joined together in silent prayer
Like wardens of our cells

The writer keeps on writing
And the reader carries on as well
The singing takes over
It staggers then it swells

A crescendo of pitch and harmony
Only when non-observed
The writer finds his solace
Alone, in writing of his birds
Sometimes it's hard to hear the birds, when I'm so caught up inside my own head.
Brandon Chutuk Nov 2019
I hate that I hate you this much
My heart tells me awful things sometimes
And I know that it does it
I know that you're not all bad

Do you ever get that little feeling
When you think of an old memory
And it hurts you in a healthy way
And it burns you a little less this time

I showed up and I brought us dinner
Because I thought you'd be hungry
But you were empty in another way
And soon I would be too

But I am full of love, and I want to share it
I know I am, and I know I can
It'd be so easy to say that I hate you
But I want to be softer than that
Brandon Chutuk Nov 2019
With weight of lead
And sound of thunder snap
Words and meanings land
As whispers from days of past

What was here is gone for now
Like autumn leaves frozen
Reverberations through memory
Fast gone, those slow sins

And so I wake another day
Powerless and potential-full
Yearning, convulsing, sputtering
For what will please my eternal soul
Brandon Chutuk Nov 2019
I emulate those I look up to
But I couldn't be them if I tried
To live is the greatest blessing
And the saddest truth is that we still die

A little more time, just give me a better space
I have so much to live up to
Yet I'm still here in the same **** place

Trying to make sense of the feelings that I get
Like nostalgia for those that hurt me
How I am better than all this
All the people I could be
If I could only bring myself to try

Sitting, writing in self pity to keep myself sane
And I don't know whether to be hopeful or not
That there's a god out there, laughing at my pain
Brandon Chutuk Aug 2019
I could say when it started; I could feign confidence in this place, in the hour. The truth is, I could sail on the rolling tides of time and I'd still yet never move in a straight line. That's how it's always been - like a clock that lags a split second longer on even numbers, and pauses to scrutinize the odd. Like standing in a crowd, waving to a friend you don't remember meeting. Reading words that make no sense to anyone but their writer, or knowing those words are your own; my own. Words where meaning has been lost, a dying light I never got the chance to experience. One day, I will experience it.
Brandon Chutuk Aug 2019
And to speak of glacial pace; a moment to rest, but unsparing to change.
I have yet to leave, so I'll stay.
Brandon Chutuk Apr 2019
Deathless, she roars
"Undo this fire"
And so shall it be undone
Quenched, like thirst
For the rich
And for the bold
A wave's crest falling
Unfolding natural contrasts

Deathless, she was
Until deathless she was not
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