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Nyk Aug 2019
Let's write a book.
Just you and I.
We can fill it with all of our happiest times.
Our luckiest moments.
You fill the first line with yours,
Then I'll write mine.
Mine is obvious, the moment you came into my life.
Yours is short and unspecific: "The moment he walked into my life."
We spent a lot of time putting life into that book.
And you lied about everything.
About loving me, about wanting me.
You let me go, and you burned our pages.
And all of my love, went up with the paper.
Nyk Jan 2019
Instead of sewing the pieces of our broken hearts back on, we stitched them to each other and when you ripped away I bled for days, while you stitched another.
Did we make a mistake? Or just do things the wrong way?
Nyk Aug 2018
You'll realize,
no matter how much you beg or how much you cry,
you have far less value in their eyes, so let it come as no surprise when you're never by their side.
Nyk Aug 2018
"Why God?" He asked, tears threatening to spill over. He picked at the metal of the train track as if it would fix his broken heart.
And then when he least expected it, God said.
"You'll never be enough, and for that, I am sorry."
Nyk Feb 2018
A Heart Is Never Fully Healed Until It Is Content With Never Getting What It Wants.
Nyk Nov 2017
Do you know how much it hurts to not be enough for anyone else?
Maybe it's because I'm not enough for myself.
I am hurt from the lacking of everything.
I thought you truly loved ME.
Too hurt to write.
Short, meaningful.
Nyk Oct 2017
You make me sorry for wanting attention
But I know you love me.
NOTHING could tell me differently with everything you've showed me.
But why do you get angry when I ask you to call? You told me you would....
And why is it that you don't want my attention?
You know how I am
Bursting with affection!
But still I feel the need to say sorry
Every time you say something that stings me deep down.
I want to curl up in a ball, regretting that I miss the sound of your voice like it's something to be ashamed of.
I want to forget the way that it stung to hear those words, how my stomach dropped and my blood numbed, just like it always does.
I'm sorry that I care, I'm sorry that I miss you.
But I truly can't be sorry that I love you.
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