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Bougieambi Nov 2017
Bittersweet Toni's dream
An illusion I've fallen for it seems
An indentured slave I am revolting against this circumstance
A lot have been said but little reveal
Judged and juried by levels of nothing.
Bougieambi Sep 2017
The place I call home isn't easy to find,That place that is deeper within my mind

Slowly walking on thin white vague ambiguous lines
My social life becomes a spiral of lies that control my love for Him who died and rose as Christ

Only I will understand this place called home in my mind.

It's a tattered city with emulsified lives!
My week as been crazy and revealing as people know me in depth the only place I have to hide is in my mind
Bougieambi Jun 2017
Secrets are kept
Searched for in-depth

Motion for karma is expressed

Brave yourselves
This suicidal love hasn't exploded just yet!

Sun rays race through my window and blind my tears as the darken night disappears,

Despacito, Despacito My love  

Knowingly we fear the failure of what could be great

Our elements spoke about our tragic lost of love

Our end is still yet to come.
Bougieambi Jun 2017
I don't need diamonds nor jewels
Those just won't do;
Since I've met you,
No, no I'm not perfect but in the lonely 'our I need you!

There's nothing i can do, being helpless without you

I don't wanna be with out a YOU

The only person in my like that makes me feel like a king, prolly doesn't trust me because of certain actions I've taken it kills me inside
Bougieambi Apr 2017
Expressed are the pineapples of my dark lengthen, pink heading
Become'th  it's sweet juice;

Where the taste of glory is revealed with all its essence are the fiber of my child's naked truth uncovered,

whiter than snow!, Beeth my child;
As it's essential essence is released in wasteful endeavors.
i really enjoy a good imagery
Bougieambi Apr 2017
Me: I'll give you the world

with a broken smile,
i'll have a sandwich.
I've learnt my lesson
Bougieambi Apr 2017
Your name cuts deeper than a knife
pictures of his pass insignificant relation give me doubt

Covered by hay with uncertain emotions embedded in my concertina

For goodness sake!!
Hes still hits your phone up is this love i just hold the space of a ghost yet to appear

You don't make it obvious but i'm too blind with love to mention my lovely little pill is killing me slowly

I'm not alive if you can see me then your dead
don't like the way i look that much so i can't

it's impossible for me to

Most of these writing i'm fill with tears
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