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Stars in her eyes,
Constellation on her cheeks,
She's as bright as a diamond,
Her structure, small, not weak.

Her soul holds the power,
to control universes behold,
Yet she keeps it within herself,
Within her heart icy cold.

Planets beyond bow to her name,
Meteors stop at her sight,
For her emotions sometimes turn dark deep within,
The darkness is hers, there is no light.

For the galaxy gal can be a mother

But one wrong move,
and you're dead and gone.
Hello guys! This is actually inspired by qinniart's paintings. Go and check her out on instagram! She's really good. Any feedback?
What's the point of waiting by the phone?
If your messages are dry and you are alone.
The person that you want so much to message back,
Is ignoring you and you're about to crack.

All the bottled emotions in your head.
Are a step away from exploding, then you're dead.
There is just so much that you wanna say...
But so many obstacles all in your way.
I'm falling from grace
I'm all over the place
I feel like the smile has been permanently removed from my face
Hatred filling the void that's in my heart
Everything in my life is falling apart
God is not there
Satan is here
I went from having a halo that was gold and pure
To having horns and a tail with ends like a spear
Darkness consumes
The song of death is the only tune I hear
It seems that living my life is my biggest fear
I cry and cry
Then blood appears
I'm drowning in all my fear
How am I to survive here?
I'm falling from grace
I will fall until I'm removed from this place
Everything in the world is Black and White, not Gray
Depression kills you on the inside in every single way
Parents don't hear their children cry in the middle of the night
Don't notice the scars and wounds from the battles that they try to fight
Teens are forced to attend prison, a personal hell
Zombies throughout the day, controlled by multiple bells
Going home to the drinking and the screams
Yelling that they're worthless, won't achieve their dreams
This is a rough edit...There will be more hopefully
It's been a while
Since I last logged on
Seeing my poetry with a smile
And wondering if my subscribers are gone
I'm back!
Why do people assume they know what I am feeling?
The only reason I am like this is because I am healing
  Apr 2015 Allison Wonderland
What if you think life isn't worth it?
You're just standing there.
Nailed to the ground.
Looking at your past, with your back to the future.
Trying to find a purpose in life.

Is life actually worth it?
Walking around with a smile on your face.
Trying to hide your pain.
People who think you're fine, that you're happy.
Till you collapse.

Life isn't worth it.
You just wait for the moment where you snap.
Where you get pushed over the edge.
One more step, one more thought and one more breath.
And then you're death.
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