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Nov 2017 · 115
Ngamau Boniface Nov 2017
Roads opening before me like scrolls for miles roll
Possibilities of all a little boy's dreams thronged
To fall in perfect places of easy natural succession.
Filling up fast and rising steadily to fill the hall
Dancing tears quickly drown my eyes in delightful pain
As I peer into the distance for which my heart has longed.

Wistful clouds like wool flux into light vapour
Blue horizons undulating lazily peacefully lie
Oh! What a beauty has been made of this
Oblique loneliness and mindless stupor
And from above as the Clarion call clears the sky
My tender heart will swell with much peace

Soon the sun will cause the air the cloud to blow
All the heat of enlivened passions within me shall flow
The ice, crisp cruel soul to thaw
Love and song is all I will need to know
And by the by it shall be so and so
Here's my Melody dance with me slow
For all I am, you I will show.
Nov 2017 · 306
Ngamau Boniface Nov 2017
Little standing duck whose weight wobbles her feet,
Simple sallow duck sways in shallow water,
Dips beak in silt for grit and looks up,
So much gratitude for a little, a grain.

The known, the too well known is sneered,
A little vanity in understanding the latent perhaps?
To keep hid secret humour, whose hue only remains seen?
Reddened cheeks and jutting veins,
Or just leave it all unsaid, maybe.

Duck does not tuck it in.
Dredge she will for the least and lift it too.
Sinister chuckles she cackles at, what insolence!
Yet the vulnerability is unearthed any way.
Against the sun's glare little lingers,
Of the conceited ingenuity.
But why is being figured out such a scare?
There's some good in the simple too. Being cryptic, mysterious is great!
Nov 2017 · 200
Doors Close
Ngamau Boniface Nov 2017
Doors close and shutters jam hard into frames.
Knobs stick and jambs cave in to seal the deal.
Unyielding pilgrims turn, push and shove with might,
And from afar, an aside is caught up in their games.
When in weary frustration poor pilgrims finally reel,
Despair hovers o'erhead to rest upon them from its flight.

Sweat, salty and sticky trickles tauntingly into mouths agape,
Those won't shut, not with the heaving sighs of breathlessness,
For nasal canals burn hot with a fire from within.
Though lucid lungs worn so feel like a heap,
An inferno whirls the blood within with a hiss,
And no word from any angel can that power contain.

Heart-stopping voltage courses continuously.
The door was open before it closed.
Someone made the door where all else was wall.
Aug 2017 · 248
Not I
Ngamau Boniface Aug 2017
When he keeps reciting in the head
Dripping drops to the same spot
All the while yearning to move instead
But there stuck in a struggle without respite
He yearns for a glory unfading.

Doing and not doing never were the sufficiency of law
Dusk drew a dull drapery over the light
Beauty turned dreary and his heart sunk low
Twas a high price at which he was bought
A man hang on a hill that day

Love slew the sly intentions of fear
Smiting to tender pulp
Jesus is Lord ye hear
In whom he found hope
I'm saved because He loved me.
Doing right does not earn us merit before God.
It cannot begin to atone for our wretchedness.
Mar 2017 · 245
The Count
Ngamau Boniface Mar 2017
Of all his Majesty's chilling indifference,
The remarkable unrelenting poise of power and purpose,
Of the uncondescending unerring count of ticking time,
This universal Clock has given life its chime.

One after another of yet another they have bowed,
Humble to the greatly able master they've sighed,
Reclining in their inners in conquered concession,
While the Count in keeping count has clocked each's session,
And given each man their due.

But with it, what did, do, will they do?
...that I may know how to count my days.
Oct 2016 · 705
Ngamau Boniface Oct 2016
Nothing was.
Believing the talk took time,
Everything appeared to be,
But none was.

"It was like..."
"As in..."
...on and on were pictures painted,
A queer kind of talk etched in vagueness
My face turned away with a grimace.

Where did clarity clumber to under this onslaught?
When we made everything nondescript,
Opting to settle down low,
Reason and beauty away to stow,
Blurring vision and obscuring thoughts?

We coat emptiness with colour,
Stamp out order with valour,
Enhance vanity with splendor,
And all around us, life drains away,
Flowing unlived
Jun 2016 · 304
My Soul Sings
Ngamau Boniface Jun 2016
Songs stirred within the quiet waters of the soul ripple up
Life springs out of hope and life gives birth to hope
Little else shall last as long,
but as every note hits the prong,
and sweet voices soar
Every inch that present pain makes sore
Shall be calmed and healed as the song goes on
Music transforms, heals, but only the right kind.
Jun 2016 · 249
Ngamau Boniface Jun 2016
When the roving hen has come home to roost
When the patient cockerel clears a cough away to crow
When the crafty chick crawls to cuddle close
Then shall the subtle sigh of the moon sweep softly
And all the cares of the day with it
May 2016 · 237
Weight of a wait
Ngamau Boniface May 2016
Good things coming to those who wait
Is a saying some find of import
Repeated at every turn of the way
And I, without thought, didn't weigh
but with abandon I set out for the horizon
The blues -come -down beckon
And my hopeful soles trudge on.

Life happens around me
Such as I am unaware of
As days drag on slow
At some points I want to be,
in arms to say enough.

A day draws up to my doorstep
In an instant, O abrupt like a slap
Colorful without pretense
Gifts wafting in the air, incense
To my worn torn mind,
A kind reminder,
Good is always in the offing,
For He said so.
He planned that all things work for good.
Thank you Lord, God.
May 2016 · 240
Weight of a wait
Ngamau Boniface May 2016
Good things coming to those who wait
A saying some find of import
Repeated at every turn of the way
Without thought I didn't weigh
With abandon I set out for the horizon
The blues -come -down beckon
And my hopeful sole trudge on.

A day draws up to my doorstep
In an instant, O abrupt like a slap
Colorful without pretense
Gifts wafting in the air, incense
To my worn torn mind,
A kind reminder,
Good is always in the offing,
For He said so.
He planned that all things work for good.
Thank you Lord, God.
Feb 2016 · 332
With Nothing to Say...
Ngamau Boniface Feb 2016
Mouths hang lose or are shut tight.
Wisdom or folly are on a combat,
And there can be but one victor
Nothing illuminates the actor
Than the word of their mouths.
Fools drool thick froths,
A particularly nasty sight,
Should they, worse, be arrogant.
Few words say much, later,
For even they that utter,
Are judged not by what they said,
But by what they did not.
When the cool of day finds you without much to say, that is especially a good time to say nothing.
Feb 2016 · 224
Ngamau Boniface Feb 2016
I looked up yonder in wonder,
A philosopher said wisdom came from wonder,
But I am not even close.

The way of life keeps winding,
And though my soles keep grinding,
It is still hard to make much sense.

In comes what ought not,
Out goes what I'd rather keep.
And as I follow haltingly after them,
Life is all along happening without pause.

Good is an ultimate. a superior,
Life is good.
Living life should be an end unto itself
Or should it?
Feb 2016 · 253
Ngamau Boniface Feb 2016
When was the last time I thought I heard that voice,
The ring of it definitely shrill in my head long after,
No other sound could find space.

There it reverberated for hours on end.
Not irritating, it was just a ring,
the same way my alarm goes off to awaken me.

Here I sit undecided, how different would my life be,
Were I to heed the call?
Dreams rush past my closed eyes.
How I wish I could be what I always want to be!

The sorrow of unfulfilled dreams is the wealth in the earth,
Buried for all time, never to see light of day.
A wealth of no import or honour to its holder,
A waste.

Here I sit, wanting to rise,
The weight of my own helpless condemnation doing me in
Where is my reprieve?
How do I know when my time is come?

Time and chance shall happen to all as they always have.
I shall be found right.
Just a little downcast.
Jan 2016 · 182
If you would...
Ngamau Boniface Jan 2016
See the pain in his eyes as he stares into you.
Searching what cannot let you understand,
Steeling his eyes without fluttering.
It is not a coldness he has against you.

See how dry his mouth runs,
Still no water will make it right.
Seeking, probing with his tongue,
It is not thirst that plagues him.

See, because you truly can,
Settle down with him,will you?
Severe him no more,
It is excruciating what he has borne.

All he has ever done was to love
He loved you before he loved himself
You were so warm, so cosily warm
He would snuggle deeper,
and you would gasp gleefully
And that was a heavenly couple of months

But then you took a look at him when you could
And resented him that loves you with even what he does not have.
All you have to do is say "Yes,Son," when he calls you next.
Jan 2016 · 190
This Year
Ngamau Boniface Jan 2016
Silver linings glimmer when the light is dimming,
Darkness seems anxious on the periphery then,
Rushing to cover the beauty that has been,
And shrivel all to emaciated thinning.

Should the premonition the thought of the future steal the present?
Is this not a call to fulfillment? The fullness of life?
That we savor her rations by the day?
Shall we weep for an unknown cause?

My cup is filled way over the brim,
For the beauty I have known,
You being a part of what I have seen,
Is the brightest light beam.
What is it that I desire most? The fullness of life is it.
Dec 2015 · 209
Ngamau Boniface Dec 2015
I loved it not when the bed grew cold
Birds chirped no more and their delight fleed
Day became as night, dark and forbidding
Mystery wrestled my mind restless
Around me, movement ceased,life ebbed away
I felt the breath fade faint
A joy departed never to be enjoyed
the stillness of it unsettled the springs of fluid drowning my eyes
and as the torrents cascaded, a trembling hand reached up.
But the deep called after me also
It held a gift to unravel
Scared and scathed though I was,
I somehow had to win some bread
With each step there grew greater uncertainty
I keep trudging on...
Nov 2015 · 314
Ngamau Boniface Nov 2015
Up high, high up,
everything seemed tiny and mute
the thrill of it did not fool,
for soon, and sooner by the second,
a landing was imminent.

It could have worked, you know,
the fleeting ecstacy of the carefree.
The illusory warmth of comfort and no tomorrow
It could have deceived, pleasantly.

Sorry the rosy picture of thoughtfulness
mature sense of responsibility
Laudable accountability
could not have been more misleading
To paint it thus.

The circumstance was too severe,
there was no mistaking reality for as long as a second.
Death was too close at hand,
Living dead, no less.

Away with consolation
Away with wishful thinking
Away with hoodwinking
Awake to life and reality.
The bed of roses, fragrant and tender, Popular comfort zone drains life away. The excitement in adventure is palpable to all who dare it.
Aug 2015 · 311
Ngamau Boniface Aug 2015
sitting or walking around luxuriously
As if the ground in contact
Was of immeasurable worth,
But No! It was the time.

The strangeness  was all too familiar
Memories of the freshness it brought all too vivid
While it could have been the precious people,
I recall for sure,  it was the time

The sounds eerie and elegant at an instant
Could ring,  resonate, reverberate perpetually
In the serenity, they were  distinct and alive
The life therein though,  was the time

Moments of love,peace and joy
When  He told me "Look!" and, "Listen!"
To smell and taste,  to take it all in
What a wonder it was,  the time!

At once, it all stopped, like a distant  imagination
All of it turned  hazy, and I thought,  "My!  I'm I losing it? "
How could I know it was time?

Time to love the times?
Time to unleash the dream in the morning?
Time to love and live love?
Those times,  and there were  times,  God destined them to be utilized, exhaustively.
Time is one resource fixed and equal in supply to all men. I am Just learning to invest in it from reflections to actions.
Aug 2015 · 279
Ngamau Boniface Aug 2015
A road untrodden, weather beaten,
Wild and scary, of a newness crisp and chilly
Wet warmth in the bellies, keeps him up late in the night.
Looking in the distant past, a blur, a maze of the illogical
Life's meaning lost on him
Desperate to catch up on unacknowledged worth
Panting in fatigue at twenty years of life
The promise of fulfilment elusive
The folds of the curtain fast pulling shut.
is there a chance for the generation
or is it to be found in conformity with
The old rugged customs.
He wants out. He Wants OuT.
Reborn on the 12th
Jun 2015 · 388
Why I Will Not Sulk
Ngamau Boniface Jun 2015
You see, the breath within,
billowing ceaselessly
in my ears.
Is that litte pump of mine
Hair strands rising, veins dilate
The red fluid in fleshy conduits
Flowing deeper and swirling me
Lifting meon a spiral.
An all time high.
Smaller and smaller gets all other
From this incredible height,
The gigantic made laughable
All dear ceases
The little pump pumps on
I Have Life Within.
It is,
Why I will not sulk
Jun 2015 · 350
Ngamau Boniface Jun 2015
Sit all day, lie and close your eyes
As if the sun did not rise,
You simply snuggle deeper into your bed.
Comfort and warmth reaching deep
bringing to a simmer all fantasies
a steaming broth, concoction of lies.

Without thought, in utter disinterest,
You regard effort with contempt
As if yours was a clean silver slate
Handed down from above
Or was it because you had a good mind?
Too good for the task

There later came, as was bound to
The reckoning. account giving
Why was the day the only day you thought to awake?
Jun 2015 · 520
Though it Appears Little
Ngamau Boniface Jun 2015
That single act of kindness that you did
love in its purest that you showed,
compassion in its sincerest that you had
so brightened their days,
made it worth living
Some little things that bring great gratification to the doer and the recipient sometimes more to the former than to the latter
Jun 2015 · 880
What If...
Ngamau Boniface Jun 2015
If you gave all reason for worry,
If none of you seemed true
If what you did so stuck out
If nothing you could do stood out
If they were all not wrong
If they were right
If they saw your failures
If all they said was justified
If you knew something they did not
If none of it could be disclosed
If not one could be brought on board
If all you could hope for was trust
If this trust had no fuel to it
If all you had was you,
*If all you had was you...
Jun 2015 · 249
So Far Away
Ngamau Boniface Jun 2015
Pollution, sounds drone on and on,
perhaps it'd be best said off and off.
More off the target with each passing minute.
Stronger though the resolve be,
the lack of clarity angered
Deep voice yielded a boom.
On and on.
Pens pause, heads rise, eyes squint.
Curtains no one thought to draw
flap away, light searing.
Defeated, pencils are picked,
to write this painful story
as the voice, No, the sound goes,
On and on
Jun 2015 · 574
The E in letter
Ngamau Boniface Jun 2015
The letter that tore my heart,
a bleeding envelope held my gaze
Opening it, I gasped. Red!
The world blasted into nothingness
All life ceased with it
For a time, there I hang,
the world swept from right under my feet.
A fall, a tumble against which
there  is nothing to hold on to
It can not happen again.
Not once.
May 2015 · 263
The Man in Sea
Ngamau Boniface May 2015
There are times when all is afloat,
when no two waves fight,
a rock too appears light,
when all said, done, and thought,
all, absolutely, is right.
Then there comes the storm,
Looking for refuge instinctively,
the comfort of former days long forgotten,
all there is is despair, weariness, in seas
in the selfsame stormy seas.
Why would the sense of security of old hold?
why would the memory refresh us and inspire?
why? The odds arise, setting themselves formidably
We try to rise up, shaken and distraught,
for we had fallen, short  of everything that is noble,
Yet, through all days there remains the hope for all.
The man Christ Jesus
May 2015 · 651
Over, Above, So High
Ngamau Boniface May 2015
Looking back, I have to stiffle a laugh
Ponder,how did it all get so what-it-was?
You see, I had just a cold gun.
Without a single bullet,yet there I stood.
Formidable foes arising against a little boy
Seeking to snarl and growl all night.
It mattered not to me.
Woe unto them for He was watching
not only my back,but front,beside,underneath and over me
Nobly He walked me through the bullies
For some reason, their barred teeth couldn't bite
In their folly,they took on the wrong One
He made me an overcomer,a conqueror
Sit in heavenly places was His invitation.
He did it all just for me.
Apr 2015 · 395
Ngamau Boniface Apr 2015
The love that brought me home, each time I went away
Stillnessin affliction that confounded me
I was spoilt.
My love was hurt
He bled in his heart
In my boast I rose and puffed up Icould have burst.
Still, he waited. He patiently sought
For a brat he sought,without counting the cost
It could have never been more dearer
For he gave up all his wealth,which was great.
Reaching out
For such a sinful one as I
Thank You Lord
Apr 2015 · 176
Ngamau Boniface Apr 2015
I can do it. Name whatever it be
Some I have done
In my ignorance, I did.
That I did not some, is no trouble

It is because I can decline
that is power
Nov 2014 · 251
Ngamau Boniface Nov 2014
I most assuredly deserved it not
In my dismay, time ceased to exist
The revelry caught me up to heavens yonder

I'm not sure, it is small,yet it matters so
Everyday when I can, I watch,
yet, while nothing has changed,
the light in my eye has never been.

I get the feeling I am little,again
Some sting in my eyes,
my vision blurs
Yea,from afar, I know I'll break

Arising,shaking myself to control
Thank you for listening to me, I say to her and walk away
Nov 2014 · 320
Ngamau Boniface Nov 2014
look up. see
lift your hands.rejoice
a new hope,undying, unfading
warming up to you
desiring to blanket you
that you forget the hurt
bruised bandaged heart,
the cold callousness cast yesterday
today liberated from cruelty
offering you a peace pie,
pacify the prowling beast of rage and regret.
Come over to joy peace and love divine
Jul 2014 · 236
Ngamau Boniface Jul 2014
As I sit here,
  For you to hear
Got to lean in the closer
  Away with the fears of years
   Love's meaning long forgotten
     Deep in my heart it's well written
       Preserved in archaic purity across ages
        The ring of my voice has    it embedded
          Don't go, don't keep off, listen in  hard
            The old devices of mine loving at hand
            Will remind you what a thing it is
       The warmth of its presence ablaze
    Stumbling blocks to ground raze
  Wave the dark dawn to oblivion
Glorious morn of love unfold
It is as simple,*Stay
May 2014 · 241
Go on
Ngamau Boniface May 2014
These time of times
Waking up to nothingness
Hollow with emptiness
Go on anyway
The excruciating pain pierces
And then,nothing makes sense
You still can go on somehow
Is it lost innocence?
Unsolved bitterness?
Go on this way
Confess Profess Bless.
Forgiven,peace will reign in your conscience
Your tongue will bless you to bliss
Forgiving, O from shouldering the burden you'll cease
A new you please raise.
That glow on your face,
Please let it stay
#desperation #bitterness #guilt #confession #forgiveness #peace #newness #blessings
May 2014 · 1.2k
Ngamau Boniface May 2014
Looking into those blazing eyes
Some flickers of cool steady studying
Worse is the latter
Unwavering,for this course to hold
No shifting,fidgeting
Deriving a strange feeling of...pride?Excitement?
Had they known better!
Pain is ultimate-humane
Looking into the growing spherical cumulations,
obscuring vision and then dripping.
Hey!With a bolt!
No way!
No way back
Brushing the dirt,
turning around,walking away.
It was worth.
Head up. Thumb up.
May 2014 · 274
My Poems
Ngamau Boniface May 2014
That grey dark boring thickness
condemning and caving in heavily,
That ugliness and emptiness that long lingers,
Unfading unease so dense,
Many loathe,but can't help.
Finding myself colors paled
Lighting dimmed
Future doomed
Strive strive to survive and thrive
Yearn for a better day
I tell you you will midway
Get to it
The wind,even the slightest
'll lift you
In that instant that you see not the seen but the splendid unseen
May 2014 · 272
My Poem
Ngamau Boniface May 2014
just it
A marvel it's always been
In the morn I've always seen
This hath been the one thing
That obeyeth no king
The sun,oh behold its glory
A pain it'll be
A longing again to see

— The End —