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I ran with the longest distance,
And the closer I get to you
The farther you were to me.
I have been dreaming a lot about you these days, and it seems like spring has about to digest everything on me.

Your hand that lingers on my skin, your smile, your laugh, your voice, your face. I've just been thinking of coming back to you, and I guess I still can't move on with due.
And there I see,
Your eyes mended with the dull night
And I knew from that on,
You fell out of love.

And I hope you seek,
A love that's crystal clear
And for me to see,
Your happiness without me.
If you are ready and steady
If you can accept humanity
If you can set aside the cruelty of many.
I was a rose,
a mere rainbow,
But little did I know
He wished for a sunflower
And a cloud like no other.
You've got the moon,
Scintillate in your eyes.

You've got the sun,
Shining with your smile

You've got the world,
Embracing the depths of your soul

You've got the galaxy,
Uttering celestial words

You've got the universe,
Since you've held me tight.

You've got the heaven,
And then you fell for me, told me that it felt like home.
If I had given too much
Of a love
I cannot have.
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