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These suburban skies fall
So we're covered in blue
Underneath the rain, roses are blemished red
But then again so are you...

These tulips stole the color from your halo
But you're still heavenly.

These deserted suburban streetlights faintly glimmer,
So we're covered in decaying yellow, the ghosts of their shadows.
Underneath their dying glow, the concrete is mellow
But then again so am I...

These love-stricken lilies have stolen our memories
But we're still a cursed treasury.

These long-winged suburban clouds bind us
So we're covered in ultramarine and beryl
Underneath the rain, I'm still that very same devil
But then again so were you...

This pencil clock sketched us together from the start
But we're still two separate pieces of art.
suburban sadness is one of my most complicated and maybe misunderstood pieces yet. However, I'm interested in what you think so let me know what comes to mind when reading this.
I'm the tethered tail of a lonely bird
The stray feather that refuses to fall.

I'm the white sheep covered in black wool
The heart of the flock that pretends to be the wolf.

And as you finger paint me in the darkest of blue
Know I'm the girl you can't see
Even when you claim you love me.
One of my more shorter pieces from an anthology I put together called the blue diaries. Let me know what you think!
I want to be magic.

I want to be the sparkle

that comes with the colors of the wind.

The kind that touches your soul,

The kind you fall in love with,

The kind you feel but remains unseen.

I want to be magic.

I want to be the light in your iris,

that makes your pupils grow.

The kind that warms your heart,

The kind you grasp at your fingertips,

The kind you breathe in and are left wanting more.

I want to be magic.

The kind, you want to wake up to

and sleep beside.

I want to be your magic,

The kind your dreams would ride.
Tell me, does she know
the way you look at me
like summer is dim and I stole all her glow.

Tell me, does she know
you’re laying next to me
smiling as you glare with your midnight eyes.

Tell me, did you tell her?
tell her that you’re drawn to me
like the night sky feels the pull of the moon.

Tell me, did you tell her?
tell her I’ve got the scent of magic
and alluring taste of sweet malice.

Tell me she heard
heard that I feel violently tender in your hands
like crashing tides against your fingertips

Tell me she heard
heard that I’m the woman of your sand castle dreams.

— The End —