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E Sep 28
You'll always be loved
in the heart of white feathers
Let your heart simmer
in the arms of another

Exhale your thoughts
as I leave one last kiss
and let you flow into
the cerulean eye's
of the sea to set you free
What matters is the air you breath, the life you have and the love that may come. You deserve it
E Sep 27
If only you knew
My eyes would howl at the moon
Tears of crystal blue
That you were my only one
Before you fade in the light
E Sep 25
There is light in thee
from the darkest galaxies
reflects light in me
E Sep 23
Warm lights on the walls
beaming through every window
soft as a bear's hug
lights my heart beneath my eyes
a sweet taste of golden hour
E Sep 4
Habit by habit,
Just another white rabbit,
In this life's gambit,
E Aug 29
she hugged herself tight
she told herself ''it's alright''
cause the world couldn't
E Aug 17
Time is all I have,
To forget me in your eyes,
Till there's nothing left,
"My oh my" - James Smith
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