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As day breaks the shadows appear,
Between the dusk and the dawn,
There is a strange calm
A fire that numbs the soul
Turning by blues into gold.
Dusk to dusk,
a trickle of a familiar stream,
flowing memories,
awoke by mourning,

Freedom came with a cost,
between the two,
broken by the seams,
couldn't hold onto you,

Letting go,
Like falling into anew.

Some things remain the same,
the sun lingering on an untouched skin,
Warming the gaze.

Shy bore all the whys,
curious began to grow,
In dark places,
And empty spaces.

Freedom came with a cost,
holding strength to your chest.

Time flowing endlessly,
our will started to bend,
selfishness left an indent,

lost in our tracks,
stumbling blocks,

Just as the seasons change,
Our lives will inevitably rearrange.
Hide me in the shadow of your wings
And wrap me in your warm embrace
              Take me to the light
      Burn me in passionate delight

— The End —