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 Mar 30 Blade Maiden
 Mar 30 Blade Maiden
and I realised
everything I missed
like feeling her lips curl
into a smile or a kiss

I look into her eyes
while she stares into the abyss
her fingers uncurl just a little bit
and we fall asleep like this
When i first saw you,
I captured my soul with your gaze.
How beautiful that moment was.
 Mar 29 Blade Maiden
after Bukowski's "The Laughing Heart"

my life is your life
it was never mine.
omission of submission
leaves no way out.
what's an offer of forgiveness
to a promise of betrayal?
a lost shepherd leading the blind.
under a loaded sky
someone sang
"there is a light and it never goes out"
a marvellous truth that
has taken my heart.
there is light somewhere
but not in my eyes.
heaven can wait.
the gods will have to delight
in themselves
a little longer.
The version of me you created in your mind is not my responsibility.
I ripped my heart out
And put it on your silver platter
And all you can say is
“ I’ll text you later .”
I guess this is how heartbreak goes for some people.
 Jan 19 Blade Maiden
 Jan 19 Blade Maiden
The two things
I hate the most
Are short poems
And hypocrisy
Actions speak louder than words,
You wonder why I'm speechless.
Cold nights and frost bites
Make me want some cuddle fights
My heart feels colder
 Jan 19 Blade Maiden
Move like little bells
leaves in the wind
blown, plucked

bend aside, participate
shake the trunk
dance on clubfeet

stamp the beat
sway my hair around
pose and ruckle

with the smallest branches
and slightly ruffle
my carrot heels
“Toccare” (“Touch”, 1979, Ton Bruynèl)

Collection “org anp ark” #64
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