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Adam Black Dec 2019

The water feels up to my neck,
It caresses my nostrils
Chest tight from the pressure,
I almost can’t breathe,

then I wake up.
Adam Black Dec 2019
The family I have
Doesn’t seem so family to me
The family I have
Is broken, as one could see

The real family I have,
not bound by blood
But by bond
Is the family I have
for me
Adam Black Dec 2019
A tender touch on my skin
A chill breath down my neck
My last thought is hardly in
My mind
My body
He takes my hand
Down a path
A path I can not see
He takes my hand
Down a path
For all eternity
Adam Black Dec 2019
His eyes tell what others don’t know
There’s only one he wants;
to lay by his side
He can not go to him,
for the living don’t belong
in graves
Adam Black Dec 2019
I can feel it inside
Clawing up
Plotting in its mind
I have no control
Can’t give way
For this thing inside

it comes loose
I run and hide
my very own friend
till the end of time
Adam Black Dec 2019
this hole in my chest
sinks deeper
and deeper
I scream but my lips are sealed with a smile
A laughter
Reach in and see
See what’s inside of me
This hole in my chest
Adam Black Dec 2019
A fire burns with freedom
Something I have in common with thee

The thing about fire and me
Is that we both require the same energy
we need space to move, to express

One thing I know about fire and me,
Stomp on me,
Restrict me
from the air we breathe,
Fire and I will wither away,

— The End —