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 Feb 2020 Blackedpoison
You have forsaken me
in May,
now I know that every
love is prone to decay
 Feb 2020 Blackedpoison
Could I take hold of your smile
Take a picture if you'd like
So I can put it in my pocket
And pretend that you are mine
For a day or two only

Can I borrow your talent
To impress with your words
For a day or two only
So I can make you love me
Bottles like bulimia

Heartbreak like ******

And together

And alone

Thought it was Friday
it could have been Friday
I opened one eye and it's
still feels like a Friday
no way is it Tuesday
want a stewards enquiry.
i'm tongue tied and pretty out of it
i wish i could care even a little bit
my heart feels like northern nunavut
it's like frozen for the fun of it
there's no flow, just frozen words i chip into again and again
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