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Blackedpoison Jan 2020
she reached this ugly place
and found a dark trace
that captured the terror within her face,

the trace became like a hole
within her senses and heart
like a nasty big ball

she ran towards nothing !
like she was in an actual race
because, this dark lie!
put her in a dangerous case
until the trace shone again!
behind her, like a grace
and suddenly, stood up!
in front of her!
like a heaven base

she stoped, and felt sorry
when the evilness within the grace, was too sick
she licked its inner wounds so quick
until it healed, and its health became thick
but all of the sudden,
  she felt the hit!
on her head by a huge stick.

within this scary darkness
she left her breath with sadness
and about the evilness
that hiding within the grace soul
you can taste its gladness
Blackedpoison Jan 2020
after the doomsday
there was an actual poet from the hell,
who always had a knout
to torture their  pale faces
within huge dark fiery cell ,

he ruined and burned their compositions
and made them melting together
again and again  
in a very dark position.

when the god revive them for the sixth time
one of them wailed and said to the poet:
my dear destruction divine
secretly, let the heaven to be mine
and stop giving our thirst
this cursed brine.

the poet responded  and said
yes, i'm the real destruction divine
of course i will not give you a wine
but i will turn off the pine
to keep you close
to your final dark line
Blackedpoison Jan 2020
He hunted his devastation,
to mar it and make it worse
Like a perfect perturbation,
He cooked his body combination  
With his real obligation.
And he rehearsed
to let his body stalk
with its curses
And fell in love with
the death verses
Blackedpoison Jan 2020
I will drag your predation  to mine
to mix it and prepare it as a perfect wine.
I will not leave your line
until I make sure that our gloom is fine.
trust this dust-path and this shrine
of our love that will always mar the sunshine.
Blackedpoison Jan 2020
once upon a dark time
there was a dart
that came and made us apart
with huge different wills of arts
I write
when he likes to be within the plight
I draw
when he mars glow
I swim
when he likes to drowning
near to the brim
of our fancy dark dart.
Blackedpoison Jan 2020
she kept her death
within her breath,
she joined the destruction
with its half seduction.
until she fell in love with
its obstruction.

Blackedpoison Jan 2020
My lord
Show me the real love
And if you don’t mind
Send it to me
with an angelic dove.

— The End —