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 Nov 8 Black Petal
Zoe Mae
In the velvet sky
The Moon's smirk caught Leo's eye
Mona Lisa's muse

You're more beautiful
And more outstanding and bright
Than you'll ever know.

You're worth more than you'll know. Just a reminder.
In our silence,
a love blossoms once again
in these two hearts.
True love's roots burrow deeper
than any absence that has
come between us.
sometimes it is
almost obscene
how clearly I
say what I mean

sometimes my words
are so oblique
I might as well
not even speak

and when I give
the truth away
then that is all
I have to say

but where my mind
seems undefined
there's truth in why
I blur the lines
Featherlight being
To be driven by the wind
To temple of love.

Shell ✨🐚
Hey there Mr. Natural
With beady eyes, long flowing beard
How’d you get to be so weird?
Is it as bad as we’ve all feared?
Hey there Natch’, where’s your stash?
If I share mine, can I have half?
Perhaps there’s another path?
‘Turally, we’re all free
To be what we’re gonna be
So tell me Mr. Natural, what’s it all mean?
“It don’t mean ****, young man.”
I met Mr. Natural in San Francisco in the Summer of 2012. It seems the real guy and the comic book character came into being individually of each other, but right around the same time. Must have been something in the water. Oh, to be a comic book character, alive on the streets, in the 1960's.
They burst upwards

All around this evening

There and there and there

Trees, Trees, Trees

Smashing through soil

To a darkening sky

Limbs and fingers and hands

Trunk and twig

Coiling coronaries

Pressed to the sky’s last



Earths loud art

Not solemn

Not peace filled

This evening

Trees , Trees, Trees

Explode from the earth

Like Kraken from the ocean


Reminding us

Trees Trees Trees

Four hundred million years

Before you breathed

Trees Trees Trees
 Apr 14 Black Petal
You can only distract yourself so many times
before it catches up with you
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