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Black Lips Oct 8
What has the world come to
The people in charge are cowards
I'm also a coward
But a more open minded coward
Fix the system
We're living in the mud
Black Lips Jul 20
Why can't we just get along?
We can't keep living life like this
How did it come to this
All I see is a pool full of gasoline
With a candle right next to it
Black Lips Jul 13
I'm out of it
I can't take this ****
I'm not the stronger man
You don't see
What you always do to me
You make me want to curl up in a ball and die
This girl is all that's left of me
Black Lips Apr 19
I'm sick of looking at your page
Like I always do
You are so beautiful
But of course you don't see it
The guy you let slide
Is not worth your time
Come give me some of that good stuff
I can never get enough
Black Lips Feb 15
Hey I just wanted to let you know
I've had something on my mind lately
Can I trust you?
Will you understand?
They said it was a phase
Just a cloud in the night sky
I don't think it is
Should I talk to someone
You of all people
I think I should trust
But if you don't understand
I might turn into dust
I just took a quiz
It made me feel akward
To mark down one opposed to the other
I want to be the other thing
Please don't hesitate to ask
If I'm feeling okay
Because the answer is no
I'm a perfect disarray
Just draken my eyes
Slap some blood on my lips
She might look a little different
She is the same inside
If you don't understand
It will ruin my life
Black Lips Feb 15
What can I say
No one cares if I stay
Maybe when I leave
Then they will miss me
Maybe when I'm gone
They will feel temptation
You better cry
You insensitive ****
This is what you did
I hope you're happy
Happy that I'm gone
This Valentine's Day is going to be one you will never forget
Tell the rats to bang the gong
Black Lips Jan 4
I want to play a little game
Don't need you talkin bout your fame
I'll put your heart inside a frame
I'll put you in my hall of fame
You burned down a building with people inside
Do not try to run there is nowhere to hide
You killed nine people all under twenty one
The things that you did can never be undone
Burn half of your body to see how it hurt
I wonder if your husband knows you're a flirt
All you have to do is take that gasoline
And cover yourself from your toes to your waist
Then light a match
I think you know what to do
No need to cry yourself to sleep
I really hope you continue to weep
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