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Anza Sep 2020
When I see you smile I ask myself what am I gonna do now
I never told a lie but you still believe rumors that flies
I watched our love fall apart and I admit inside me I lost a part
I stood up all night trying to find a way to prevent something I'll never control
Even if I open up it wouldn't help much were just young and dumb
It's better to walk away but you chose to leave
I've been scared of telling you your mistakes and I praised you and that
How can love be materialistic or I wasn't enough
I only learnt now that the best I gave you to you  was just just
I gave you something you can't hold but memories are tattooed to your heart
You looked at me different but mentally I was nourishing us
A smile is not happiness so you shouldn't have promised me your soul now you walked away with mine
I thought you'd be better, you just needed time but it's out of my control I'll never be enough.
Anza Sep 2020
Take my heart mistreat it like it's the one that brought you stress
Here's my life make me suffer for trying to be the best you ever had
Here's my all, feed me lies like you don't know my intentions
Here's my hope make it dissappear like fire flies when the sun sets
Mock my love, it's probably the only joke I got left
Take my heart, take my heart, make it hurt like it stabbed you on your back
Take my arms they're the only materialistic things I can give
Call me names like I just wanted you on my bed not for forever
Watch me fall apart, break down with the remedy in your hands
Make me suffer like your ex did
Show me you don't trust me and let go of all we got
Show Me your worst, I'm ready to take all the beating till you're empty
Treat me bad, show me all the pain that he caused you
Anza Mar 2020
She loves the sound of the morning birds when the sun is setting
When she blink the world experience day and night in seconds
Her voice makes me feel like she hang around a lot with angels
She slept on my chest I felt like I woke up next to a different person, I still don't believe if her beauty is real
When she kiss my neck she slowly takes away my breath
If I'm not careful she can **** me with her perfection
It's not that she doesn't talk too much, she just doesn't like attention
I remember the first time I saw her, I still can't believe I held her arm
Like a thief in the night, I'll always sneak into her heart
She's so majestic she makes hearts melt down, it took me minutes before I could have the strength to pull my jaw up
I felt it when I was laying on her chest that the storm is over now
I know everything about her she doesn't really like so sleep under a dimmed light
Anza Mar 2020
You left me frustrated and you go around town and tell everybody I'm normal
You make me a fool but I always fall for you anyway, I feel like your disposal
You said I'm useless, I heard you in person that's all your words in total
I took care of us when life was moving slowly now that now when I'm at my low you start taking walks
I did you wrong by trusting you but letting my guard down was worst
I'm proud of what you've accomplished but if it wasn't for me you'd still be nothing
I'd rather be a killer than being a statistic cause not everyone is loyal
I can't say I gave you a life cz that would be disrespectful to your mother's womb but I taught you life's circles
I won't tell what you gave in return but you still act like a spoiled person
Anza Mar 2020
We had a notion to stay happy for years
I wasn't honest but losing someone like you was all I feared
I thought you'd take advantage of my love if I showed you that I really care
Being with you was better but walking alone welcomes gallons of tears
You were by my side a second ago now you're not here
I'm slowly breaking down and what I need is clear
I broke all my promises I hope it didn't touch your heart my dear
Our trust was broken like a misplaced chandelier
Our loyalty faded like it was something to spare
But the truth is, the real us was all I feared :
The pain in your voice is something more
Anza Mar 2020
I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself my love
I've been up and down in my feelings and i
And I've been having sleepless nights because of you my love
You always walk away tell me what I did wrong this time
My heart is tired I think it's your turn to fight for us
I don't mind being hurt for the reason of love, you and i
You've been distant, tell me who am I supposed to hold these nights
I only ask myself what's happening to us, once I stop fighting for us there's no more us
My fuel has depleted but you're to lazy to lend a hand
Or am I the one who loves you and you don't? My love?
And i
Anza Mar 2020
I got issues I got to see a seer
They said I used to be polite, now I ain't sincere
These days the person I talk to is the mirror
I act brave in your eyes but deep down I got fears
My emotions are out of order I'm sorry If I've hurt you my dear
Happiness come and goes like seasons, it's like the end is near
I'm sorry I used your smile to cancel all my fears
I do get tired of living on my knees when I'm a non believer
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