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Marla 1d
Some lemons are bought and some are used as garnish,
but lemons given out of love are the only ones for lemonade.
"When life gives you lemons..."
Marla 2d
Eyes are shut despite the love,
makes flesh want to self-destruct.
****** tears flowing through an aqueduct
as joy and virtue become an in-flux.
Feelings are like cinnamon floating on a wind,
they only enter if you let them in.
Marla 4d
Picture you and me, alone in our blue GT, as we ride out
towards the ends of our suns looking for peace and prosperity.
The winds we make seal our tracks closed
and their fiery chill keeps all actions predisposed.
Our hair sways free as your hand takes mine,
my feet on the pedals and yours to the leather hide.
I wish this now could be our infinity
and that our hearts should be together for now and eternity.
The stars swirl above us as we swerve into darkness,
drunk on our emotions and feeling more than endorphins.
You say you love me and I say it back too,
there's no one on earth I'd rather be with than you.
Marla 4d
A lifetime worth of angst and tears later,
I am still living as a black angel seething with anger.
Marla 5d
Every time someone calls me
I fizz away.

Whenever people neglect me
I calmly stay.

Mirrors line the walls
in every nightmare.

The only thing worse
than your stare
is my own.

Hold your breath
and sing.

Whisper your secrets
until a truth is heard...

You must die to return
the way we did at birth.
Marla 5d
Does God know we've all gone insane?
Does he know about that other god people worship in vane?
Has he ever been to a supermarket and bought a pair of shoes?
Do you think he knows the evils of corporate interest
and jingoistic capitalist world-views?
Is God a socialist, a legalist, or a nihilist?
I really can't seem to tell.
The good book says that we can own slaves without going to Hell
and that I cannot covet my neighbor's *** without kissing it as well.
Maybe we are all victims of divine intervention
misconstrued by the words of indignant men.
I say we all forget what we have been told
and figure it out one more time again.
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