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Nov 29 · 73
Bubbly Ether
Marla Nov 29
Champagne champions begin to live again
as their entity imbibes dutifully
from fate's destined chalice of yore.

Their duties are but finished
and their bones have but withered,
yet they must reattach every splinter
before they can walk across the board.

Voices come through walls
of golden bubbles in cycle
as they face immortal heat
from eternity's ethereal retreat.

Once across, they are reborn
as those no one knows,
until all of them one day rise
to bring hope to hollow ghosts.
Nov 17 · 108
Silver Rope
Marla Nov 17
Little dreams with big appeal
strike a chord like a record reel.                                
The feeling's there and we all get chills                                                        
but it's nothing like being there for real.
Oct 19 · 473
A chipped facade
Marla Oct 19
Beware of forgotten pasts
that hide behind shallow masks.
Their masquerade is a treacherous game
meant to strip you of any and all chance.
A friend, a foe, a vision of lies;
give them your fortune
and see where they lie.
Et tu, Brute?
Marla Sep 24
If all life meant for me to do was smile,
I'd spend the rest of mine making coffee.
Aug 3 · 2.3k
the black saint
Marla Aug 3
i saw myself the other day
when my eyes met in the mirror.
past all of the sadness, anger,
beauty, pain, poetry, desperation,
laughter, hysteria, knowledge,
and kindness lays an ancient siren;
temptress of the forgotten.

call me a saint made of flames,
a fallen angel in witness protection,
redeemed by redeemers through
a wall of water and emotion
to be exiled for the rest of time.

our paths may cross sometime
and a purpose may be served,
but i am not of this space.

no. i am from pain and have
caused it in many ways, but
always for a good cause.
i am the parabellum of peace.

don't forget my name.
don't forget these eyes.
you'll never see them
in another life,
i promise.
Jun 12 · 2.4k
I am Bird
Marla Jun 12
I am so very broke, I can’t afford to pay it thought.
Fettered in a cage by poverty, left only to pray and rot.
The feathers of my soul have been tarred and stained by life.
So much so, I'm not sure if they'll ever again shine bright.
This Bird in my heart used to sing for my hopes and dreams;
Mourning every tragedy with requiems that gleamed.
A little Canary to be all mine until the very end of time,
Staving off this cold world and reminding me I'm fine.

This poverty starved her slow and deep, down to the very core.
Melodies that once remedied despair gone forevermore.
Nowadays, all I can ever do is reminisce about that yellow bird;
How she'd bring warmth to my life's cold hell of a blur.
The way our voices would harmonize on little notes;
Prophecies of a better future foretold from our nook.
That's why I still cling to the distant sound of her words,
Because they ramble on in me until nothing seems absurd.
I like to think she still sings sometimes, though no sound is heard.
That music of hope rings in my mind because now, I am Bird.
May 30 · 1.7k
Help is Help
Marla May 30
A lot of people in life will say
You owe them everything
You have because they helped
You get to where
You are.
Those are the kind of people
that have never been put in check.

So always make it clear,
Never get it twisted:
Help should always be charitable.
Help comes from the heart
of a humanitarian
and not that of a businessman.
Help is Help,
not a bartering tool.
May 28 · 3.6k
Marla May 28
Sometimes being real means putting the G in you aside.
May 15 · 2.1k
The Light
Marla May 15
People are like dense shafts of light
That shine from the heavens 
Down to our mortal plane.
Each individual a different collage
Made up of varied strands and colors,
All based upon their character and spirit.
Those who do good shine brightest
While the powerful boast flames
And the dying flicker.
Don't think your light can be changed?
All it takes is the will to shift the power 
With a deep well of might into the light
You want to be.

Then, let the rest be history.
Apr 20 · 5.2k
Pink Flames
Marla Apr 20
This flame grows higher
As the days march on,
It shan't ever tire
For it rages much too strong.
In my heart, yes, in my heart
The immortal heat yearns,
Bring thy kiss and start
A sensational sweet burn.
Apr 17 · 1.2k
Ninety-Nine to One
Marla Apr 17
To live life sat atop a plush throne,
You must release your inner pain.
Sweat fluidly and gather a flush tone-
No burdened toil shall fester in vane.
Apr 15 · 2.1k
Coffee Dipped Love
Marla Apr 15
Tinkling rhythms engulfed us
As we sat in a cuban bistro,
Surrounded by the populace
And having nary a place to go.

We spoke of many things
That curried the other's favor,
Then I noticed her silver rings
And decided I'd wait no later.

This stranger that sat before me,
Blue curls atop her pretty head,
Observed my hand steadily
As it dropped off the table's end.

I reached into my bag and withdrew a rock,
It's complexion of gold and plaque shining silver.
Her reaction was that of pleasant shock
As I wished her congrats on turning a year older.

Now, a year and some days later,
We've both reached a special place.
Day to day I get to face her
And feel my lover's warm embrace.
Apr 12 · 1.1k
IcePick to the Eye
Marla Apr 12
Atop a hill facing north after a night of celebration,
Made my way home did I with mounting anticipation.
Flooded though the roads were and slickened by rain,
I ventured off towards a manor in search of needed aid.
Its lawns were well-kept and her fountains a-flowing,
But the garden was unkempt and the moss overgrowing.
My perceptions felt off alas my heart stayed keen
As this was not the first predicament in which I had been.
Drunkenly, but with haste, I departed my carriage
In order to make my way towards the front passage.
Nearing the door, a simple creak I did hear,
Approaching from behind and arousing my ear.
Proceeding as normal, I walked for a while.
The footsteps sounded not on dirt, but on tile.
As my mind attempted to explain with consideration,
I could not determine the source of causation.
With a spasmed shiver and a hearty kick,
I spun around to expose the trick
And floored myself upon the ground, hitting nothing.

Behind me,
The seasoned wood door opened
And a hand emerged as words were spoken.
Turning on my heels as I recovered
The face of my new host was uncovered.
His eyes looked inverted as color swapped white
And the smiling mouth beckoned with hungered delight.
With bidded caution did I draw near
As my heart sped with raw fear.

Everything faded pitch black
My memories refuse to inch back.
I awoke in a chamber, disrobed and chained,
As my limbs were pulled apart with great strain.

I plan on executing my great escape
From this ghastly inhospitable place.
The bed I am strapped to is made of wood,
I know escape is mine if it breaks as it should.
With a pull of the arm and a crunch of the ab,
The feeble frame could not withstand.
My eyes are blinded as I take off the mask
By both the harsh rays and my impossible task.
Through the door and out I go
Only to slip on the ****** floor.
Gallons and gallons all around
Anymore and I'd likely drown.
As I got on my feet, a gift I now witness
A mobile chair with ample quickness.
Sitting down and orienting the apparatus,
A gaze I threw heeding my coming status.
Four demons on horses approach me from behind
And I know now is the time to run or die.
I swing my arms violently as I try to withstand
The strain and aches of my tiring hands.
As I was about to tire, a miracle did come
Through the door I bust and tackle freedom.

Twenty years later,
I recall hazily that stormy night
And yet don't know if it was alright.
My mind recalls not what happened before
Or what had intoxicated me that fabled night of yore,
But my mind is crippled and these eyes feel sore.
Apr 12 · 1.7k
Trauma in the bay
Marla Apr 12
Boats arise in me
A need to escape.

The loud thud
Of collision
Still jolts my psyche
As I lay restless at night.

I didn't see his soul leave,
But I knew it was too late,
Even as I prayed
Through shocked tears.

That day;
That face;
That fear;
They haunt me
Apr 6 · 1.4k
Marla Apr 6
My first glimpse of
Operatic joy occurred
March 12th of years past.
In their foolishness,
They allowed me a go
At an open vehicle of
Two wheels
that went as fast as I wanted,
Where I wanted,
For however long I wanted.

I would bike away in my dreams
As they mounted assaults in life,
I couldn't help but feel invulnerable
Upon my nimble ride.

Yes O yes,
I still cruise to this day.
My freedom is mine
Forever to behold and make.
Apr 5 · 1.1k
A Pearl is Born
Marla Apr 5
You think the world hates you.
The current always pushing,
The worms always digging,
And the fisherman taking your friends.

But the world thinks nothing of you.
Because you're an oyster
In a sea of oysters
And nobody can see what's inside.
It could be a pile of dirt
Or the sea's prettiest pearl.

So you can wait your whole life
Expecting someone to come
And crack you open
Or you can find your own light
Make your way to shore
And bide your time outside the ocean.
Apr 4 · 1.8k
Marla Apr 4
Charming and quaint,
These monuments to
Stylized antiquity sit
Parallel a seashore.
Cars of forgotten pasts
Line their facades,
Defending them from
The sea's subdued gaze.

On the streets below,
A crowd as energetic
As the stars themselves
Becomes one with their nature.
Not a beat is skipped,
These pretty pastels
Make the world as
It should be:
In a state of colorful glee.
Apr 1 · 1.3k
V for Victory
Marla Apr 1
Fear not your next downfall,
For it will become you all the same.
Instead, plan out your next triumph,
And all evil shall collapse in your wake.
Mar 14 · 1.2k
Life's A Deck
Marla Mar 14
When we are born,
All of us are dealt a deck.
Some are obvious,
Some are mysterious,
And other's are unlike any before.

Many years ago,
I thought I could read mine.
The symbols looked foreign,
The pictures were strange,
And my mind was too young
To understand the grandest of deceptions.
So when they told me
I was a man,
There was no room for persuasion.

Every glance in the mirror
Affirmed their lie,
But it never quite felt right.
My love for women
Was undeniable,
Yet many saw me queer.

Little did I know
That after all the pain
And hardship
Would come a great love
To shatter my soul out
Of it's crystal cage.

But once I broke free,
My mind and body
Were able to embrace the femininity
And joyous beauty
I'd always chased after.

Love was the key
That let me finally read my deck:
A Queen of Hearts,
A Queen of Clubs,
Three Jokers,
And a bottle of Jack.
Feb 23 · 1.3k
A Beggar's Lullaby
Marla Feb 23
Life is as inviting
As she is intense,
But don't be put off
By her indifference.

She will make us all martyrs
Before we're left diminished;
Leading us to slaughter
As we bask in our innocence.

So fear not her wrath,
For she is not shrill.
Their only directive is to ****;
Live before you've had your fill.
Jan 30 · 1.2k
Marla Jan 30
Empty pockets
Spread threadbare,
Growling stomachs
Ached despair.
Ain't no money to see
In this mess of a reverie.
Cold winters kissing me,
Smokey wind upon my door.

If only I had one...

I'd be all set,
Chaufer driving me
To my charming jet.
My honey and I
Would always kiss sweet,
Never having to worry
About what to eat.

If only...
life weren't so grim.
Poverty & cheap thrills
Wearing my spirits thin.
My charcuterie is plastic,
So is my base lifestyle.
I'm dreary eyed with things drastic,
Trying to chase a break for a while.
But my blues are static
And they're charging me up
Just to drive me wild.
Jan 30 · 1.0k
Angst in Requiem
Marla Jan 30
Days of angst
Pursue me through
Awkward moments galore,
The hangover to my prior life.
Middle school bells ring
In the corridors of my mind,
Harkening back to a time
When sharpened pencils where More important than rent.
High school bells bring me
A cold comfort I can't explain,
I guess not enough time
Has passed for me to smile.
If only these tears
Could be wiped from my face
Without the slow hand of time
Quelling my soul's embrace.
Perhaps I'd smile with heart.
Jan 29 · 1.1k
Lost Words
Marla Jan 29
Hollowed corpses
Left on hallowed ground,
Lacking the depth
Of what was once profound.

Rip my heart to shreds
As your empty words
Entomb me.

For your light is-

The love in you-

And your soul...
Jan 20 · 1.7k
Green Cracks
Marla Jan 20
A wall runs low against a dirt hill,
Made of cracked stone
And shattered granite.
Leafy greens climb up the wall
From the low side,
Creeping into its crevice.

A visit to the hill
Was not in my thoughts
As I was reminded by
My nightly sigh.
Perhaps it'd be better
To roll up the grass
And murmur musings
About my beloved.

So I turned away,
My shirt collar to the dirt.
Wind parting my hair as a
Whisper wisps by my ear,
"The green cracks await, my dear."

At a click,
My heart stopped.
Ecstasy poured through me
As my world rocked.
It was her:
My Queen.

And so we laughed
While we hung beneath a tree,
Two with nature
But one with me.
Jan 4 · 1.1k
Pitch as Night
Marla Jan 4
The bells rang vividly through the cold misty evening as the carolers passed by,
Their serenades intoxicating the air with more and more of that red-green aura.
Busses, cars, and even an old man with a rickshaw zoom down the street,
Promising themselves they wouldn't let up the eve someplace away from home.

A silhouette emerges from the church carrying something wet and shiny.

Two cars topsy turvied and the passengers fell asleep.

Three men point exploding pipes at each other until they all fall down.

Four women braid each others' hair with clenched fists as the red mists paint the white brick wall.

Five people, all in a row, collapse onto the tracks of an oncoming train and decide to let go.

But the omniscient presence in the domed cloud sees all as a musing, for what are we but inklings?
Dec 2018 · 1.1k
Marla Dec 2018
Crying alone
On the bathroom floor,
A barrel to my head
And a stock to my thigh.
Maybe I'm drunk,
I don't feel very high.
The extractor rains steel
As I prepare to stop the feels.
My life is a bitter lie
One I can no longer conceal.
Baby hold me tight,
My heart has no seal.
The blood is spilling out
While my veins grow cold.
Two lovers we once were,
Now it's just you and my bones.
Dec 2018 · 1.2k
She Croaked
Marla Dec 2018
Naked, destitute, confused;
My soul bares itself-
Empty to life's troubling ruse.

Mongrels snarl and scream
As I am chased away from-
Tattered dreams.

Misfortunes cast out
Like fishing line to a sea;
Empty woes hollow and prim
Opine shallow heresies.

Poverty and paradise bellow-
Deep through the glistening
Shaft of temporal demise.
Time is a tempest of sorcery
Fueled and filed by wild mages
Scrawling these white pages
Like a shaman on tenement walls:
"Forgive my kiss and forget my lips,
Death's call has me after all."
Nov 2018 · 1.4k
'Tis a Blessed Day
Marla Nov 2018
Merriment upon merriment!
What parceled eyes are these?
Latent dilations that sting:
Bungled African bees.
You say as I-
Bid the fair day;
What tame a lion are you
To proclaim the error in my ways.
Leave you in a daze I shall,
As your ego suddenly croaks.
For hell hath no fury like yours truly
Who raps upon the door softly,
that you choke.
Oct 2018 · 1.4k
Marla Oct 2018
Murdered egos run sullied
Down your streets.
Dreams lost to misfortune,
Hoping to catch a beat.
There are no big breaks here,
Only small miracles.
America has taken my fortune.
I give and give
But never get to take myself.
You're my everything
Because you've taken everything.
Why am I still nothing to you?
The Land of Opportunity for the many who aren't you or me.
Oct 2018 · 1.1k
Marla Oct 2018
Why can't I just wake up there?
Why must I wake up here?
Too young to stay,
Too broke to leave,
Feels like all I can do is bleed
My bitter disdain for this place.
It's here that I slept in my car
Hours after becoming homeless.
Here that I was dejected
By soughtless dreams.
Here that I suffered a miser's
Having lost my family.

Then again,
I found love here.
In a place so vile
She somehow made me smile.

Maybe things aren't so bad,
Maybe I'm just spoiled.
Regardless of what I want
Yours truly most toil.
That way one day
I can embroil myself up north
And stop soiling my clothes
In this lemonade sunbelt
Of a South.
Sep 2018 · 2.0k
Clarity's Sorrow
Marla Sep 2018
Eyes having opened,
They were met by an infinite blue.
Deeply rich and sapphire-esque in tone,
The sea rushed into the mouth that was held agape
By both marvel and fear.
At first instinct was the will to resist,
But then came the strange comfort of allowing the passionate Blood that once boiled
Chill itself to a painfully distant frost.
It was ecstasy and torture coexisting within
A circular harmony of sensation.

This order of solace was short lived.

With a shimmer,
The once reserved and vibrant sea of blue transformed
Into an abyss of clarity.
The briny and familiar taste shifted in nature to something other. Something potent, something repulsive, something sinister.
At once,
The calm oasis turned into a scathing hell.
His inferno incarnate.
A body that at past times swam with jubilance
Now sank to the fiery depths,
Having already lost both the spirit and the ability to fight.
The corpse felt an enormous pain.
But the mind felt none for there was none to speak of.

— The End —