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  Feb 10 Alieu Bility
My world had turned small for some time. For a while, I had a great deal of things that scared me. It was at that time that I and Paul met and become close buddies. I was afraid of dreaming and trusting. I was afraid of giving more and ending up in an inescapable, disheartening web of *******. I was afraid of commitments. He had the same fears. Through the tales that brought about these fears we connected, though I would have done anything for the people I loved even back then. I was blind and overlooking, cuddling with my own insecurities. Things have changed a great deal as I have got on to my next phase of life. Slowly my fears are leaving me. I'm not afraid to give people my all. I'm not scared to love. I'm dreaming with open eyes with only possibilities in mind and a belief in myself of getting  all that  i want. I stand strong for people I love and have comforting words for others too. Upon meeting him after such great changes in my life, I couldn't help noticing how small his mind and heart are for even the people closest to him. I can't close my eyes and overlook now. I don't like him anymore. I might seem like a ***** but I hardly care.
  Feb 10 Alieu Bility
Luz Hanaii
Changing our circle is helpful to advance.
Most avoid the naked truth, but dress it up.
They tell us what we like to hear.
"There, there..., you are so wonderful..."  
"Why, thank you!, so are you!"
We resort to ego stroking
We fib and stretch veracity
therefore we stagnate.

Sometimes life will push and kick us in the rear
specially if we're too comfortable,
that we may learn and grow.
  Feb 6 Alieu Bility
Sudeshna D
I know what ensues.
It's a bitter fact,
Pain, hate and abuse.
It hurts me to say that
You're monstrous.

Just how can I hate you?
You were my hero once.
I cannot erase you,
You're the air in my lungs
But cancerous.
People we're attached to are sitting on a golden throne in our heads. The conscious realizes the toxicity, the subconscious has been dwelling in it comfortably for far too long to withdraw.
  Feb 6 Alieu Bility
How is it possible to love and hate someone at the same time.
  Jan 23 Alieu Bility
I am
In love with
When your looking for peace, Iam easily found.

On the beach, where the waves make that lovely sound.

In the darkness on the edge of town

When you walk alone, your feet in the sand.

Just think of me and youll feel my hand.

Ive left so much of myself on that beach,

That there Ill be forever, always within reach.
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