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 Jan 19 V
Brielle Byrne
This addiction 
has the worst withdrawals.
They leave you feeling
completely empty and 
until you get
the next hit.

Shaking in anticipation,
preparing for the next fix.
Face forward, inhale.
Hear your heart race through my head.
Pounding anxiously,

the collision creates a moment of pure ecstasy
in my addict body.
Pressed in close
to confuse your heartbeat
and the motion of your lungs.

The worst withdrawls,
but the best high.
 Jan 19 V
Sadie S
I'm addicted to you
And everything you do.
All the pain you put me through.

It's like a drug you put inside me.
Trying to keep me same
But instead your driving me insane.

I stayed up late last night
All because you started a fight.

I'm addicted to you
And everything you do.
All the paid you put me through.
It's all because I stay with you.

I hang on by every word you say.
As I inject you straight to my veins.

The way you kiss me.
The way you move your hands around me.
It's so seducing.
I can not help but wanting more.
Without you I can feel my withdraws.
Breaking all of the laws.

I'm addicted to you
And everything you do.
Even with all the pain you put me through.
I just cannot be without you.

The words of your mouth.
Hatred and anger.
The touch of your hand
Sends me a tingling sensation.

I keep going back to you.
Even though I say I am through with you.
As I inject you.
Withdrawls without you.
Is too much pain to handle.
I'd rather be with you.
Just hold my hand.
Please understand.

I'm addicted to you
And everything you do.
All the pain you put me through
I still come running back to you.
My boyfriend I keep going back to. Even through all the pain he's put me through for five years.
 Feb 2021 V
 Feb 2021 V
here i am
trying to answer
still unanswered thoughts

just a randomness
night filled with sadness
mind in endless wander

wishing to be with the stars
my mind is the universe
the thought of you is the limit

you’ve finally alienate my heart
i could not feel anything
more than how you make me feel

guess i’m in love?
jus adding up some thoughts
 Jan 2021 V
Seven Nielsen
 Jan 2021 V
Seven Nielsen
Sincerity listens
but does not hear
when arguments lie
in hate and fear
 Jan 2021 V
 Jan 2021 V
i'm so sorry if anyone has ever made you feel like its hard to love you
i love you
 Jan 2021 V
j a connor
 Jan 2021 V
j a connor
D  eliver

E  ach

S  oul

T  hrough

I  nevitable

N  atural

Y  earning
 Jan 2021 V
Chani Goldstein
Our Love
 Jan 2021 V
Chani Goldstein
Although I have
Nothing to say
I still want
To sit quietly
By your side
And take in
Our love
 Jan 2021 V
E McNamara
To be worthy of him,
All I had to do
Was nothing,
Because I am everything
The way I am.
Never change for someone else.
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