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Bobby forget Jan 2018
Just because I said so do as I say,
The law is the law tax payers so pay,
Don't try and make a dollar of your own,
Because without paying the man,
How can you know what you know.
In the land of the free,  
Nothing is legitimate if you don't pay a fee.
Just because you've learned Alot in life,
You better think twice,
Before you speak advice,
unless you've paid the agreed upon price,
Do you really believe someone is eating today because you logged hours in on the site freerice?
The powers that be,
Will never cure cancer or ***,
Not following policies,
Put in place by the pharmaceutical company,
Protected by money and greed,
Corrupt police run free,
Get a slap on the wrist,
Influenced by Green.
Just because we live in the land of the free,
Nothing will change,
If we don't grow a voice,
And take the time to fight back the powers who say,  do as I say you don't have a choice.  
Let's bring on the destruction of corruption,
I'm tired of our justice being obstructed.
I'm sick of being told just because I said so about anything.   Policies put in place by ignorant corrupt people because money is running the show and we the people need to stand up for our rights before they are all taken away
Bobby forget Jan 2018
I want to be better than good,
Exceptional to the highest exponential,
Still a diamond in the rough,
I got potential,
Obstacles and struggles are part of life but if I never give up,
Essentially are inconsequential,
Even if it rains cats and dogs,
A light shower,
Or perhaps terrential,
Not to downplay a downpour,
But life is a roller coaster,
With more ups and downs,
Than the Dow Jones,
Never give up in the face of adversity,  
Invested in the future,
I'm in it to win,
Sometimes struggle happens,
And failure too,
But if you can learn from your mistakes and dream it,
One day you'll go far kid,
Believe it then achieve it.
Life is falling of ups and downs, but the difference between a success story and a depressing story is that a successful person never gives up
Bobby forget Jan 2018
If I can I'll make you smile again,
Your pain is deep please help me understand,
The hurt you feel,
Just won't heal,
Unique as you are please tell me what you need,
To hell and back I'd walk with you hand to hand,
If that's what it takes for me to comprehend,
I'm more invested in you than a banker,
Her pain is my pain as my heart mends ill thank her,
If still she's lost I promise ill wait on the edge of the horizon,
With a Verizon,
That horizontal line that represents inner peace a symphony of beauty,
A secret place only some will find,
When they pacify the beast inside,
And make still the calamity,
Our destinies are intertwined,
I'll wait with you forever for a hero to come,
But he's already been with us all along,
That hero is Time.
Sometimes the only thing that can take away the pain of great loss is time.   It hurts seeing someone you love with pain so great your helpless to help and sometimes the best you can do is just be there for them and let them know you will be there for them.   I hate this and wish the beast was a monster I could slay with a master sword and have that be the end of it but life is not ever that simple is it
Bobby forget Jan 2018
All I want to do is sow harmony,
But try and bring harm on me,
Or my friends and family,
And ill give you what you seek,
Just because I'm kind don't mean im weak,
Leave you in pieces like a puzzle,
This is a warning so you're not puzzled,
Big dog indeed tread carefully or get muzzled,
I strive to live in the light,
But my dark side won't retreat from a fight,  
Come and conquer me napoleon bonoparte,
Be left in the street more like napoleon dynamite,
Left for dead and torn apart,
Praying to depart,
So check yourself before you wreck yourself,
Come at me bro or get smart.
Perfect dark.

You've been warned.
Self defense in a scenario that requires you to unleash the monster within against someone who wants to ruin your world t
Bobby forget Dec 2017
Superman on kryptonite,
Why because it makes me feel alright,
Like rocky Balboa going into a fight,
As a try to save the world I die,
No obvious signs I'm hurt alone I cry,
I fight to survive but don't care if I die,
If in the end no one cares why even try.
It's a new day today,
For the first time I feel better than okay,
An uphill battle still lies ahead,
Yet im smiling thanking god that I'm not dead,
Round 15 I'm still standing with a chance to win,
Anything is possible if you're willing to go the distance
Life hasn't been easy and Id all but given up which was freeing in a way because I wasn't afraid of death. I never gave up though thanks to a couple people who never stopped loving me and now I feel like anything is possible
Bobby forget Dec 2017
What works for me might not work for you,  
In college I used to get high,  
Read forums on higher thoughts,
And get high marks,
Smoking ***,
Adventure time let's spark and embark,
Analytical and logical,
Like the square root of 2 irrational occasionally,
I like to escape boredom and get crazy,
The difference between right and wrong sometimes hazy,
Skywalking on life,
A king looking for a wife,
Should I join the dark side,  or stick to the light,
I'm either going to end up in an asylum committed,
Or end up helping people talking during
A commitment.

— The End —