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2d · 12
Betty H 2d
A mini-sphere ruptures
amends untold lives for all time
abandons those close to devastation
the angel of death executes her calling
upon a still warm body
a man whose depression pleads for her to save him

Those left behind
remember the decimation
demise, hollow
only dark memories float
angel of death clinches him
at once, they bolt into an unknown space of her choice.
6d · 162
Betty H 6d
Alone, in springtime, I cultivate my garden
***** my finger on a pink rose stem
a slight smudge of bright red blood
trickles to my palm
a blemish, no distress
resembles a red tattoo

I recall as a wee child
I would shriek at the glimpse of blood
time being I kiss the rose
grateful for its sugary fragrance
which edifies my spirit
Oct 15 · 37
Betty H Oct 15
My eyes convey the turmoil

for the rest of me hides it

one day my smile

will comfort

as soon as the sheath disappears
Betty H Sep 23
Opposites entice
surge of the season
heat scorches the golden sand
swim towels scatter, soda pop cans astray
smell of suntan lotion and seaweed
trickles of waves bubble to the shore
last idle days of summer

sun's energy pales
beaches hollow, beseech sunbathers, walkers
footprints of Sandpipers scamper
scents of salty waves swell near the beach
bright red faces fade, scabby skin

Brand new flavor bursts in
muffled breath of cool air
slight breeze swings one's hair
refreshes the core
hints of red, yellow, green hues
alight on leaves
sun glowers
fall beckons
Sep 9 · 30
Betty H Sep 9
Rain pours down on my broken core
my nerves pulsate from the soak
still I quiver, though I dry myself
in the warmth of the sun
darkness besieges within
as the world passes me by
my comfort lay in the blackness of the ocean
lifesaver that has its absence
only fleetingly

I find solace with the sea creatures
I am lulled
they greet me with an enduring glance
no pretense in my sanctum
voices of my sphere
who empathize with my pain
and, as I exit for a time
I deem unsavory
the colors of the detached world, onerous
I totter after my soak, rattle with unease
my repose is dark, as I yield to the inkiness in peace
Aug 31 · 36
Betty H Aug 31
Dandelion white seed cloud
ticklish to my nose, giggle
as it was when a young child
puff the airy seeds
whiff, only the stem remains
years ago, I rendered a wish
longed for it to come true

At present I am an aging arthritic
As I walk routinely about colorful fields
near my house, I pick these featherweight belles
say to myself "Am I too old to realize wishes?"
I ponder, and given that I am a sentimentalist
I go for it!
Blow and tiny seeds flutter and alight on me
I believe it is a good omen

While I walk I discover a bench, slightly hidden
behind a broad oak tree, all the while I hold the stem
sit, eyes close with ease
breathe the scent of freshly cut grass
slowly submit to a space between wake and sleep

I am in France, countryside, by a river
Ornate chateau, vineyard close by
stocks our bon vivant taste
acres of hillsides covered with
yellow **** and purple grapes
ancient road edges up to the chateau
garden of green, yellow and red vegetables
presents to table
freshly cooked by chef Henri
the pool is cool and refreshing
just as I approach my dive

I wake up!!
what a lovely sojourn
medicine for the arthritis
Aug 18 · 311
Betty H Aug 18
I used to swish about Bear Creek
behind our white clapboard family farm house
I remember the water smelled clean
Not salty or muddy
it squirts over glossy mossy rocks
all shapes ans sizes
slip slide after rain gushes down

When the sky opens its hatch
it belches rain in globs
Bear Creek swells swiftly
rocks fade away
it spins anger
waves emerge, frothy white caps
mimics an incensed ocean

Swollen creeks are bouncy
my inner tube travels fast
my bottom strokes frigid mountain water
but oh I wished it would last
Aug 10 · 45
Betty H Aug 10
Listen, the owl's hoot
a glance at his yellow eyes
wonder if he dreams

A night in the barn
all swallows flutter about
screech, shrills wound my ears

Bats have widespread wings
augmenting their rattling speed
unless they are trapped
Aug 6 · 484
Betty H Aug 6
A touch of sea foam
as it bubbles up the beach
covers my cold feet

A smokey gray sky
assists the calm of the sea
no ripples today

I smell salty air
the sea is so curative
I can float all day
Aug 2 · 34
Betty H Aug 2
Summer storms thrash about
slants the rain
boom clouds, lightning bolts
abstraction in the night skies

When it passes
at the dim light of dawn
rainwater cuts deep ruts
into the hillsides
rocks and mud crash land
to their resting place

The sun all dressed for the day
shrivels and dries the earth
tidies up the setting
bushes and flowers, neatly planted
stand *****, raindrops atop
to enhance color and scents
ahead of the next blast
Jul 28 · 69
Betty H Jul 28
His life hides behind a clown's face
pasty, psychedelic paint, gooey glop
please refrain from the peel
frigid tear drops
trapped into a cold, black stone
Jul 23 · 172
Betty H Jul 23
last exam
edgy, jitters
study in a thick fog
troubled about the breakup
could she wait
one more day?
Jul 12 · 178
Betty H Jul 12
I caught a snapper
belly white as sea foam
puff white clouds above
Jul 6 · 54
Betty H Jul 6
The moon wakens my evening nap
compelling beams of beguiling yellow light
render my eyes to flutter
bespeaks of intensity
captures my focus
spellbinding lust stalks me
cascades at midnight
begets a lecherous mood
scents of burning embers
Jul 6 · 143
Betty H Jul 6
At first, I am vacuous, timorous, still
in the seam of a bewitching web
of intricate fabric
until silky threads enfold me
shroud me with tranquility, repose
shelter me from the cruel abyss

streaks of the afternoon sun
unsettle my eyes
murky views of essence
at dusk, I ignite
my legs creep, cautious steps
not to break a thread
stretch the nest, infinite particles
of flawless patterns
action breeds worth
as I explore my web of intoxication
sure, that I am safe
in time, I will emerge from this sanctuary
into the dark abyss from whence I came
Jun 28 · 77
Betty H Jun 28
Steady chants outside
draws me to my small window
I am an ancient

Large colorful signs
I squint to find just one word
I limp to my chair

Why do they walk, chant?
young people don't trouble me
except a shooting

I think they mean peace
I am told they are harmless
I say let them be
Jun 28 · 456
Betty H Jun 28
Each warm summer eve
When the moon peeks from a cloud
I gaze at his face

When his lips pop up
I'm convinced he views my grin
It causes a giggle

When his lips sink down
I wonder about his mood
Do I change him so?

Eyes shut late at night
I see the moon in my dreams
no clouds to hide him
Jun 18 · 73
Betty H Jun 18
The moon is so bright
I can dance in its shadows
a cloud passes by
Jun 18 · 112
Betty H Jun 18
A bird winks at me
while sitting on a thin branch
I whistle, he flies
Jun 18 · 72
Betty H Jun 18
The lake remains still
until a  bullfrog leaps in
the water is clear
Jun 18 · 49
Betty H Jun 18
Forest greens like rain
I drink the water droplets
watch the sun peek through
Jun 18 · 40
Betty H Jun 18
Love is an invisible creature
hidden, it sees, feels, smells, touches and tastes
it holds the power
to fuse those in its path of timeless existence
Jun 11 · 36
Betty H Jun 11
**** goddess, keeper of the planets
ballerina arms, slightly bent
one at the elbow
hands flare, fingers wispy
like creeping vines
miniature head, twisted, disjointed
slight smirk on her petite face

Knees curve
reveals the soft darkness below
rich as a stemmed glass of deep red wine
thin curvaceous torso
full bosoms
she reaches out for a caress
void of love's fusion

Abstract world of brush strokes
echoes the artist's gift
black lines express her contour
muted hues of pink, yellow
divulge her sumptuous flesh

Goddess of lust, alone, yearns
for her earthly artist
to transform, fulfill her covets
together, as they drift among the planets
melt away into brilliance
a masterpiece to behold
This poem was written from a painting; very ethereal, sci-fi
Jun 5 · 107
Betty H Jun 5
My stress soars beyond the planets
birds' whistles hush
senses daze
ghostly notions
shroud me in heartbreak
one star catches my eye
perceives my torment
sprinkles me with warmth
to ensure a serene plateau
May 31 · 43
Betty H May 31
Rough seas assuage
subtle fog
faces concealed with cloth
awaken to a ghostly city
albeit, hesitant movement, unsteady
as prisoners' death rise
distance demands

One fervor to fly
like cooped up birds of prey
takes priority over all else
flocks of birds' salvation

Emotions unbolted
hurry to taste the rain
soak the sun
sense the buds, smog
sweat of the city

Bizarre is the normal for us
rousing, prior to lockup
as it is, eager, a fresh smell
touch, passion, like strangers anew
May 31 · 50
Betty H May 31
The dark virus upon us
killer of desires
cleaves our tender attachment
hips lock together
our breaths' steam
clouds our love vision

Shadows shroud us
blossoms wilt
as does our cores
reflections on our drift
assures our own nests
endless oceans asunder
rise of the moon
painful farewell
wet lips entwine
spoons us closer

We part with a cup
rich with water droplets
alone we dream
disturbed we slumber
conceals our agony
romantic whispers over rough seas
May 14 · 51
Betty H May 14
I amble along city streets
skin to skin shoppers, fast pace
people watchers, tots wailing
car fumes, taxis swerve, screech, sirens
turmoil of the mind
I bear my moody thoughts with me
my brown cracked leather journal
copious scribbles, sticks to my hip
I jot down slivers of life

Couples smooch
biker delivers food
pregnant woman waddles along
two toddlers ride their bikes
homeless man, face concealed
slumbers on a rickety bench

The city unveils me
my cracked journal preaches
deep in my core
I fetch myself
in a silent universe
begs me to write
upon chaos around me
where I slip in to my inner self
May 14 · 30
Betty H May 14
Ancestry, mystery of one's core
Great-Grandfather, mentor, patriarch
carver of carousel horses
adorned with colors
of an artist's palette
inspiration for generations to flourish

Across torrent waters
of a vast ocean
he begets his progeny
the artist's palette
settles into the hands of my father

He, out of many siblings
inherits the consummate gene
glued to his canvass
like a musician embraces his harp
he brushes landscapes feverishly
rolling green farmland
against a vast turquoise sky
oils of color that stretch to the earth's crust

Ancestry lines smack me in the face
I envy my father's talent
luck and patience speaks as
I unearth my own
painting and poetry
an ancestral reality
grateful for the gentle horse carver
May 14 · 30
Betty H May 14
Red, plump, juicy, sweet, a bit prickly
a wee green flower sits atop
I tiptoe carefully through
tiny earth paths between rows of bright red

I pick strawberries
when school is finished
and the hot sun reaches its peak
trees are heavy with leaves
some branches almost reach the ground

My basket is always full
well, not quite
eat one, throw one in the bucket
I smear my lips and tongue bright red
a mess on my freckled dace
I lick my lips, afraid to lose a morsel

My grandma bakes strawberry pies
I stuff my mouth
globs of whipped cream

okay, ready for more!
Apr 30 · 39
Betty H Apr 30
Your spontaneous obsessions
of which I fall short to acknowledge
will assuredly provoke nightmares
upon my last meager reposes
Apr 24 · 48
Betty H Apr 24
My age creeps
like a ghost, silent, sinful
eyes with bird wing creases
oozes out of its corners
deep crevasses from nose to chin
ruts in between the eyebrows
wrinkle cream slops on
day after day
night masks, stiff,sticky, peel-off
contemplate the mirror
more remedies

Serious reflection
I scrutinize faces of women my age
compare to my own
but who ages gracefully?
someone buries poison in my genes

I mull over my close family photos
smack from both sides
my fate screams
father has worry wrinkles on his forehead
mother has a double chin
grandmother has floppy underarms

I persist to my Hungarian ancestry
beauty experts agree these young women are stunning
I explore older family photos
still I detect the same
creases, wrinkles, ruts, blotches
I weigh my options
surgery? fillers? Botox?
scary notions

I think I'll dream of those pretty young Hungarian women
let nature decide my fate
Apr 16 · 49
Betty H Apr 16
12:25AM, dark, still
at once gentle rumble of the freight train
passes through my village each eve
three horn blasts startle me
as my eyes droop, book in hand
my clue to sip some brandy
view the antique ticking clock
turn the loose switch on my favorite lamp
smooth my silk coverlet
puff my down pillow
ease my drowsy head
muse about my sailor boy
in a distant place
until slumber shrouds me
in perfect bliss
Apr 8 · 35
Betty H Apr 8
The flag-draped wooden box slides down
a cold steel ramp
the drizzle slightly dampens its vision
It is a dark, bleak early morning
my eyes blur, hours of bawling, heaving
dried tears on my face and black suit
my little ones hold tight
looks of fear emanating from their eyes

Soldiers soaking wet, stand like statues
never move, no emotion
carry out their duty
the flag gently folds in perfect form
plants in my shaky hands as a gift
though I pause to receive
whispers of thank you
I stand motionless, rigid, timorous
I am vacuous, no one stirs me
thoughts ramble through my mind
why did he go?
Why him?
I am a widow
Apr 1 · 78
Betty H Apr 1
We blink in sync
five seconds, he's astray
the Red Head Finch greets me in the morn
in a distinct and inviting play

We cement our friendship
he lands on his perch at dawn
wings flutter, our cryptic wave
he chirps to arouse, as I stretch and yawn
Mar 29 · 31
Betty H Mar 29
Dark world virus, kills those who gasp for air
solitary confinement smacks us all
distressed, we open the window and sob

we wail for those whose spirits have left us
we clap for those who care for our sick cores
and laugh for all of us who stay healthy
Mar 23 · 34
Betty H Mar 23
You, the peerless one
who strokes my nose and cuddles
my top pal ever
we're entwined in our love fest
our cores match a knot
we grab each other's giggles
and muse the dream thoughts
we move beside as one

Years pass and we age
but our lures refresh our flesh
life is a tussle
we smack it with coupled srrength
and bond as glue sticks
Mar 12 · 98
Betty H Mar 12
Stagnant cow brown eyes
a face of blues
embeds tear droplets  on my cheeks
I strive to boost your spirits
all I sense is a hedge between us
Mar 9 · 114
Betty H Mar 9
In darkness we nest
my hands reach to sense her mouth
she stirs to feel mine

Our fingers entwine
as we play with our faces
our lips smack as one

Juicy smooches stick
we can whiff each other's breath
laugh at our weird jokes
Feb 24 · 44
Betty H Feb 24
Hazy sun
struggles through a thin layer
of high gray clouds
treeless islands
relentless wind
whips through tall grasses
they sway like a drunkards dance
winters darkness lingers
in the North Atlantic latitude
gusts force slaps the rain sideways
batters all in its path

Undulating green hills
fresh water lakes
salt smell of the sea
sweeps the islands
rugged farmers tend their vegetable plots
and plant stubby trees
which challenge the fierce gales
summer’s sun intrudes cumulous clouds
begets luminous colors on the rocky coastline
flowers sprout, birds engage, fish skip
These are the Orkney Island, part of U.K.
Feb 17 · 170
Betty H Feb 17
I slip on the moss covered rocks
lift my droopy hair,
peer at a gentleman's green eyes
the color of a ripe olive.
Feb 16 · 48
Betty H Feb 16
Gray angry ocean
white caps slap the seaweed beach
one brave surfer falls

Red flags flutter mad
as wind blows off tourists' hats
one lands on the dunes

Dusk calms the cruel sea
beachcombers hunt for shells, *****
sandpipers, gulls peck
Feb 15 · 38
HARD RIDE ((Haiku)
Betty H Feb 15
Gray angry ocean
white caps slap the seaweed beach
one brave surfer falls

Red flags flutter mad
as wind blows off tourists’ hats
one lands on the dunes

Dusk calms the cruel sea
beachcombers hunt for shells, *****
sandpipers, gulls peck
Feb 15 · 37
Betty H Feb 15
Ghostly night creatures
stir in the thick black forest
a high screech echoes

Dawn draws the day star
as chilled night immortals sleep
roosters crow, birds sing
Feb 13 · 178
THE EVE (Haiku)
Betty H Feb 13
Orange sun descends
as red super moon prevails
darkness lures spirits
Feb 9 · 56
Betty H Feb 9
He glides cautiously toe to heel
on slender orange legs.
The Blur Heron renders silent ripples
in the grassy wetlands.
His stature *****, graceful as a ballerina.
A pointy beak projects over a long narrow neck.

Reserved and confident
he dwells beside the Egret,
whose round white frame, curved neck
and skinny legs resemble sticks
from fallen from a dead tree.
The Egret peers with his beady eyes.
Still water snatches his reflection
and mimics his own torso.

In common, they stalk the tide
while they search for their prey
among the muddy waters of the lowlands.
Small fish, tiny shrimp, *****, young mammals
tempt them to satisfy their appetite.

The pair fly, elegant wings flap
slap the thin air, tackle the wind
and soar into a light turquoise sky.
Feb 3 · 40
Betty H Feb 3
One married man's pith severs.
Eyes and desire bestowed on two.
His wife, a previous scullery maid,
his prior lover, a married aristocrat.

His wife suspects trouble, jealousy,
Hearsay soars as he look smitten with "her".
By no means does he touch her bodice.
Yet, she bows and he kisses her hand.
Speaks to her in humble tones.

Thus, the lover gently loosens his capture.
She declares her stature.,
implores him to mend his spirit,
no longer shall it be sliced.
The whole belongs to his spouse.
The lover holds true to her dignified married lifestyle.
Jan 29 · 68
Betty H Jan 29
Winter's eve
fireplace crackles
yellow, blue flames
warm air swathes the house
scent of burning logs
expands my nostrils, breathe.

Crave for soup
bubbles on stove
tomato base
yellow corn
green beans and okra
white turnips
navy beans
touch of red pepper

Steam swells in the kitchen
my mouth pauses to taste.
Alas, I feel the warm liquid
ooze down my throat, belly.
Ideal for a blistery cold night.
Jan 20 · 22
Betty H Jan 20
If I can believe
in a healer, I'm content
but I can't find one.

Let me ****** you
to my moonlit planet Hope
and never leave it.

Her angelic face
traps me in a trance-like calm
yet she is not real
Jan 18 · 34
Betty H Jan 18
Her face, soft as celestial clouds
pink cheeks, golden hair, ballerina torso
all marred within seconds.

One eve, she and her family flee the devil
their house in flames.
Yellow, orange, blue sparks
fling and surge toward the night sky.
Gray, acrid smoke smothers the family, the forest.

Her face turns to black ash
peeled and mottled skin
raw open wounds.

Their cottage, a rubble of charred wood
burnt clothes, furniture, torn photos, memorabilia
scatter like pieces of a puzzle.
A sole chimney stands

Kissed by a guardian's lips, they narrowly survive.
Scars everlasting.
Their lives like fragments of the shattered home.
Minds wander into hollowness.
Only remembrances cling.
Jan 14 · 52
Betty H Jan 14
Sun heats my mood
burns my flesh
dries my eyes
shrivels flora

Drives my thirst for wicked rain
to crash through angry clouds
pummel my body, earth all around me
dwell in forests
sniff damp air
sense water droplets
on velvet leaves
linger, respect, savor
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