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Betty H 2d
We blink in sync
five seconds, he's astray
the Red Head Finch greets me in the morn
in a distinct and inviting play

We cement our friendship
he lands on his perch at dawn
wings flutter, our cryptic wave
he chirps to arouse, as I stretch and yawn
Betty H 5d
Dark world virus, kills those who gasp for air
solitary confinement smacks us all
distressed, we open the window and sob

we wail for those whose spirits have left us
we clap for those who care for our sick cores
and laugh for all of us who stay healthy
Betty H Mar 23
You, the peerless one
who strokes my nose and cuddles
my top pal ever
we're entwined in our love fest
our cores match a knot
we grab each other's giggles
and muse the dream thoughts
we move beside as one

Years pass and we age
but our lures refresh our flesh
life is a tussle
we smack it with coupled srrength
and bond as glue sticks
Betty H Mar 12
Stagnant cow brown eyes
a face of blues
embeds tear droplets  on my cheeks
I strive to boost your spirits
all I sense is a hedge between us
Betty H Mar 9
In darkness we nest
my hands reach to sense her mouth
she stirs to feel mine

Our fingers entwine
as we play with our faces
our lips smack as one

Juicy smooches stick
we can whiff each other's breath
laugh at our weird jokes
Betty H Feb 24
Hazy sun
struggles through a thin layer
of high gray clouds
treeless islands
relentless wind
whips through tall grasses
they sway like a drunkards dance
winters darkness lingers
in the North Atlantic latitude
gusts force slaps the rain sideways
batters all in its path

Undulating green hills
fresh water lakes
salt smell of the sea
sweeps the islands
rugged farmers tend their vegetable plots
and plant stubby trees
which challenge the fierce gales
summer’s sun intrudes cumulous clouds
begets luminous colors on the rocky coastline
flowers sprout, birds engage, fish skip
These are the Orkney Island, part of U.K.
Betty H Feb 17
I slip on the moss covered rocks
lift my droopy hair,
peer at a gentleman's green eyes
the color of a ripe olive.
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