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She is Me Dec 2019
Deep inside we're all afraid
Whom of reality, whom of fake
And all our efforts remain unpaid
For the goodness of lies or money's sake

None of us changes road nor lane
Just like workers in an assembly line
Keeping in all our sorrow and pain
Acting as if we were all fine

We're still childish, do not forget
Unsatisfied of being imperfectly perfect
But for others we put aside our regret
Just to show we're always worth it

So, for one night, take off your masks
Show what your pride left unseen
Finally give your heart what it asks
And live, for once, like a king or queen
She is Me Dec 2019
Many days did I wish I died
But I just sat and cried
Although I knew I tried
I still lived out of spite

I am not the girl I was before
This is what scares me to my core
I'm afraid of what I cannot see
Frightened of what's inside me

Different ideas go through my mind
Other ways I could change past events
So many, each one one of a kind
Hoping the flux of stories never ends

And on who's with me it depends
If I die young or old, happy or sad
One day doesn't make a whole life bad
But it still can make me mad

Lost a part of me, gained a new one
I still mourn on what now is gone
What is forgotten or on the run
And at the memory I become undone
She is Me Dec 2019
What do you do when you're sad?
I dance for what I still have
I draw the sorrow inside me
I sing songs that want to be

I count the stars over my head
I smile at kindness being spread
I think of better stories to write
Or maybe I'll just fly a kite

I'll let my tears pump out my pain
And assure there will be no more rain
I do ballet with a ribbon floating
I start the series of self loathing

I pick up a stone and throw it
And hate on my dumb wit
I lock myself up in my room
And think about the world's doom

I nap a bit to calm my nerves
And give my body what I think it deserves
Sometimes I sleep for a long time
Or I commit the worst of all crime

I rob my parents from their child
For others the pain is mild
As into the immense darkness I dive
Taking away my own life

I might leave a letter behind
Filled with stories about being kind
To leave an imprint like Macbeth
Reminding to stay away from death
I hope this poem makes you understand the sorrow of losing someone and it makes you think about your own suicidal thoughts (if you have any). Please, don't hurt yourselves thinking nobody cares, because I am sure that you are valid. I know you are loved. I promise you you are important

— The End —