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Ivan Brooks Sr
50/M/Norway    I was born in the ghetto of Sonewen,Monrovia , Liberia .I live in Norway with my family.My journey with poetry has been a life long ...
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Abbottabad Pakistan    I am an army officer .I did my MA in English MA TEFL MA EDN and LL.B I am a celebrated poet and published three ...
Mohd Arshad
Pagan Paul
Bristol, England    (I am Unique + I am a Capricorn = I am a Unicorn.). . .© Pagan Paul 2016/2017/2018/2019 . .
25/F/United Kingdom    Passionate but nervous. A writer in heart and spirit. I'm someone who wants to find their way in the world, and try to do what ...
17/F    Relatable.
Peter Balkus
Ron Gavalik
Pittsburgh, PA    Raw. Gritty. Truth. I publish some work here to meet readers. My premium poetry is found in my books and through rewards on Patreon. Together, ...
Kayla Flanders
F/East Coast    this is a gentle reminder. that poetry is not in things. it is within us. all written work is © copyrighted.
67/M/USA    I write words for my enjoyment, for other's to discover, and just for the fun of it. "Follow me" in this journey.
Non-binary    going through life just like anyone else also gay as fuck
Ashly Kocher
35/F/Pennsylvania    I write when I'm inspired. I try my best and hope my poems touch someone's life. ❤ my writings are raw and usually unedited. ©All ...
17/Gender Fluid   
17/F/New York   
Dark n Beautiful
New York    I am who I am that warm and cuddly a lover of poetry and one lovely lady. that me Dark@Beautiful Perhaps some of my poems ...
23/F/Philadelphia    a collection of my innermost thoughts, mostly pertaining to boys & men i love & have loved
The Burgh    “Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence” SB
Ryan O'Leary
Mallow.    I am a vegetarian, I eat bio, Biologique en Francais. Je ne mange pas du viande, poulet, ni poisson.
17/F    Hello fellow humans. I write because it makes me feel alive and i live to write. so enjoy my piece of literature!
17/F    I read to escape my thoughts / I write to embrace my feelings
18/F/USA    I write poetry because it helps me understand me. When words won't fit together properly I form verses hoping to get mind back on track, ...
16/F/Immortal    All poems on my page belong to me, they are all my original work. yee yee
M/Lost    /We're going down/ /And you know that we're doomed/ /My dear/ /We're slow dancing in a burning room.../
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