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 Sep 2019 Benton 254
i put out the lights, but somehow i forgot to close the blinds
so now i've got to see your face when it turns morning time
i made a mistake.
 Sep 2019 Benton 254
Why did you pick the smallest tree?
Because that's the one that grows the most.
Man Naturally loves delay,
And to procrastinate;
Business put off from day to day
Is always done to late.

Let ever hour be in its place
Firm fixed, nor loosely shift,
And well enjoy the vacant space,
As though a birthday gift.

And when the hour arrives, be there,
Where'er that "there" may be;
Uncleanly hands or ruffled hair
Let no one ever see.

If dinner at "half-past" be placed,
At "half-past" then be dressed.
If at a "quarter-past" make haste
To be down with the rest

Better to be before you time,
Than e're to be behind;
To open the door while strikes the chime,
That shows a punctual mind.


Let punctuality and care
Seize every flitting hour,
So shalt thou cull a floweret fair,
E'en from a fading flower
We should remember the Moon
How it never caters to the Sun
burning as bright as it wants to be
Never pandering to the Moon
Just sharing the sky
like they both belong there
Two great phenoms dividing this world
into night and day
and showing us that there is enough
time and space for everyone...
 Sep 2018 Benton 254
Dream Fisher
There's a place in the woods
Only lit by the inhabitants I invade,
Where I swam in the water,
You swam in the water.
We laughed because we'd cry
We cried because we stopped laughing,
Reality swept us away but for a moment
We left that all behind.

Deep in Macalania, only one other saw,
I was afraid of the future,
You were lost in the past, only we didn't know.
Only knowing I put my faith in you,
As the fayth helped guide our hands
If they had not sent you, I don't think I could stand.

Our lips touched for a second,
Our guards dropped for a moment
And the world's calm was put on hold.
The end of the journey as scary as death
Only moving forward in hopes of new breath
"Just whistle and I'll come running"
 Sep 2018 Benton 254
i am so overwhelmed by you
but in a good way?
is that possible?
you make me think about my future
and how i see you in it
you make me feel on top of the world
and then i realize you are my world
and you mean so much to me
and i honestly hope i never lose you
which is odd
because we are new to being together
but you make me so happy
and i told you and showed you parts of my soul
i don't share often
so don't take this as me being clingy
but me telling you i hope this is real

— The End —